Ghost Story

 One day when I drove back to Fuzhou from Dongxiang and passed Qiligang, I saw graves on both sides of the road. This is a moony night, and the verse of “Bright Moon Night, Short Matsuoka” suddenly appeared in my heart. I was a little scared, so I didn’t dare to look either way, just staring at the front of the road. After a while, I saw two people standing on the side of the road ahead, a man and a woman. As the car got closer, the man beckoned me to stop. I saw that they were two people, so I stopped the car, then looked at them and said, “Where are you two going?” The
  man was taken aback and said, “Two people, how can there be two people?”
  I said “You are two people.” The
  man said, “Nonsense, isn’t it me alone?” The
  woman next to the man waved to me constantly. I probably understand what I mean. The woman told me not to mention it. she was. So I stopped struggling with men whether they were one or two, and let them get in the car, so the man opened the front door and sat next to me. The woman opened the back door and sat behind. After they were seated, I asked the man: “It’s so late, why are you in this wilderness?” The
  man said, “Don’t mention it, I drove here, and somehow the car turned into the ditch. The phone is dead, so it’s good to run into you.”
  I looked to the side of the road, and sure enough, a small car turned over on the side of the road.
  I said nothing, and drove away from there.
  Fuzhou is not too far away. Ten minutes later, when I arrived, in front of a tall building, the man said to me, “Stop.”
  I stopped the car.
  The man got out of the car and looked into the car after getting out of the car, and then said in a loud voice: “Where are two people? I am obviously alone.”
  I want to say that another woman is sitting in the back. Why are you not? See, are you blind, but at this time the woman was waving to me again, so I swallowed this sentence back and said, “Okay, you are alone.” The
  man said, “You will scare people to such nonsense.
  Yes .” The man walked away angrily.
  When the man left, I looked at the woman behind and said, “You are obviously sitting here, but the man can’t see you. Are you a human or a ghost?” The
  woman said, “I am a human in front of you. I am a ghost.”
  I said: “Are you really a ghost?” The
  woman said: “Don’t be afraid, we have no grievances and I will not harm you.”
  I asked, “Where are you going?” The
  woman said, “Send me Go back.”
  I said: “Qiligang?” The
  woman replied: “Yes.”
  It would be impossible if I didn’t send it, because there was a ghost sitting in my car. I dare to offend people, but I dare not offend ghosts. Having said that, the woman really doesn’t look like a ghost. She is very young and looks beautiful in white clothes, which makes me less scared. Not only that, the woman talked to me like a normal person. The woman said: “My name is Xiaoqian.”
  I said: “At this time, your name reminds me that there is also a Xiaoqian in “Liao Zhai”.” The
  woman said “The same.”
  I said, “I didn’t expect there to be ghosts in the world, and I even touched them.” The
  woman said, “I said, I am not a ghost in front of you. Don’t be afraid. In front of that person, I It’s a ghost.”
  I said, “Why are you a ghost in front of that person?” The
  woman said, “Because he is not a good person.”
  I asked, “Is he bad to you?” The
  woman said, “He is an official He can’t be nice to ordinary people like us.”
  I said, “You have a feast with him?” The
  woman said, “Let me tell you in detail. I used to be a typist at the Water Affairs Bureau, and Director Li of our bureau is a Bastard, he always wanted to get me, but I didn’t agree with it all the time. One day, Director Li got drunk and raped me.”
  I said, “You didn’t sue him?”
  The woman said: “Sue, that person just now is the bigger leader. I went to find him and sue the bastard, but he didn’t call the shots for me at all. They looked after the officials. I couldn’t swallow the breath, so I went to petition. Director Li was afraid that my petition would not affect him well, and he was also afraid that I would stubbornly sue him and bring him down. One day, he asked two people to push me down from the eighth floor, and then said I committed suicide.”
  I scolded: “Is there such a thing?” The
  woman said: “It’s true, I didn’t lie to you a word, I died wronged, I want revenge, can you help me?”
  I said: “How can I help you?”
  Woman Say: “You can tell the person in your car what you saw and heard tonight. His surname is Zhong, and you can call him the leader.” The
  woman said, handing over a piece of paper and saying: ” This is the phone number of Mr. Zhong. You can call this number. ”
  I took the note.
  At that time, it was already at Qiligang, and the woman called to stop, and then got off the car and disappeared into the bright moon night, short Songgang.
  One night, I thought it was ridiculous. I suspected that it was not true. But looking at the note, I really felt that it had existed. The next morning, I dialed by number. After the call was connected, I said, “Leader, I am the one who sent you back from Qiligang last night.” The
  other party said, “Why do you have my number? ”
  I said: “The person who got in my car with you last night told me that she is a woman, and her name is Xiaoqian, do you know her?” The
  other party said, “Nonsense, I was alone last night. What’s Xiaoqian?”
  I said: “It was really two people last night. She stood beside you and got into my car together. You opened the front door and sat in the front, and she opened the back door and sat in the back. Think about it, no Two people, why would I say where you two are going?” The
  other person said: “I haven’t seen her, then she is definitely not a human, but a ghost.”
  I said, “Yes, she is a ghost, there is no ghost. , How did you turn the car into the road ditch?”
  The other party said, “So, did I really meet a ghost?”
  I said, “Yes, you have encountered a ghost. This ghost is Xiaoqian, the typist Xiaoqian from the Water Authority. She was raped by the Director of the Water Authority. complain to you there, but you Guanguanxianghu, do not call the shots for her. not only that, in order to prevent Xiaoqian petition, Mr Lee also makes the Water Authority Xiaoqian pushed down from the eighth floor, then said people commit suicide. ”
  the other side I said, “Is there such a thing?”
  I said, “It is true, I hope you will be the master of Xiaoqian, otherwise, if she meets you one day, you will not be as simple as a car rollover.” The
  other party said, “You scared me? ”
  I said: “Did you scare you to know whether Xiaoqian died unjustly? You also know that if you don’t appeal to her, she will definitely not let you go.” The
  other party did not say anything for a long time, and then he cursed. “Bad son”, I don’t know whether it is scolding me or others.
  In the next half a month, Director Li of the Water Affairs Bureau was arrested, and he was arrested together, and there were two others who pushed Xiao Qian down from the eighth floor.
  By this time, Xiaoqian finally got revenge. Later, I still wanted to see Xiaoqian or that ghost. I even drove to the place called Qiligang. Looking at the moonlit night and short Songgang there, I thought Xiaoqian would come out again, but no , Xiaoqian did not come out.
  One day later, I had a dream, as if I had dreamed of Xiao Qian, she said thank me