Funny Nobel Prize

In September 2019, the 29th “First” Funny Nobel Prize was sacredly announced at Harvard University. Physics awards, biology awards, economics awards… highly imitating the Nobel Prize configuration, but the style is different.

For example, why do wombats have cubes? For example, live Xiaoqiang and dead Xiaoqiang, which one is easier to stick on the refrigerator? For example, which country’s currency is most likely to spread bacteria… The ecstasy of ideas does not hinder rigorous thinking. The winning studies are serious.

“Wombat’s poo is so good” won this year’s Funny Nobel Prize in Physics. Wombats, as marsupials like kangaroos, are also a specialty of Australia. Its biggest “feature” is the poop that can expel the cube-this is the only skill on earth that has never been found in the second animal. In 2018, a group of warriors at the Georgia Institute of Technology, led by captain Patricia Yang, found the source of this mysterious skill: the end of the wombat’s gut is a uniquely elastic organization. When it expands, The cross section will become approximately square. However, there are many ways, and it is also related to the environment in which wombats live. Wombats in the wild are mostly active in dry areas, and the stools are more convenient. However, the wombats in the zoo have a more humid living environment and more hydration, and they are less comfortable.

It is said to be the “first”. The funny Nobel Prize has been held for 29 times so far. Each award ceremony is the “first” and is awarded by the real Nobel Prize winner. Its awards include fixed awards such as biology, medicine, physics, peace, economics, and literature, as well as random awards such as public health, archaeology, and nutrition. All the winning results are actual research. Abraham, the founder, once said that the funny Nobel Prize was established to praise unusual research, promote imagination, and “to arouse people’s interest in science, medicine and technology.”

Winning a funny Nobel Prize is not easy. Every year, Abraham and the judges evaluate thousands of nominations. Some people who were selected refused to accept the award because of fear of embarrassment in front of the public, but most people were very excited and willing to pay the travel expenses for receiving the award in person. According to tradition, each winning team or individual will receive 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars. In fact, in Zimbabwe, due to the amazing inflation, this paper currency has long been out of circulation, and due to huge inflation, 100 trillion Zimbabwean currency is about 2.8 yuan.

Every year the funny Nobel Prize has its highlights, let us review some interesting achievements in the past.

● 2008
Nutrition Award: Good food will be more delicious. The clicks heard when eating potato chips can make people feel that the potato chips are fresher and crisper than the actual ones.

● 2009
Peace Prize: Are beer bottles filled with beer stronger than empty beer bottles? Are their fracture thresholds sufficient to break human skulls? Studying the effects of these two beer bottles on beatings will help the court judge the damage caused by the two.

● 2013
Psychology Award: Xi Shi in the eyes of lovers? People who are drunk think they become more charming.

● 2016
Medical Prize: When your left body is itchy, you can relieve it by looking at yourself in the mirror and vice versa.

● 2017
Anatomy Award: Why do the elderly have big ears? After 30 years of age, male ears grow about 2 mm every 10 years. Compared with females, large ears are more conspicuous.

● 2018
Medical Award: You can accelerate the discharge of kidney stones by riding a roller coaster.