Frog at the bottom of the well

On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Gengzi Year of the Rat, thousands of households should have adorned their lanterns with joy, sharing the joy of reunion. But who knows, there is a new type of coronavirus that is raging and swept across the land of China in just a few days. Visiting relatives and friends became a bubble, the company stopped working, and the whole country was shrouded in an uneasy atmosphere.

While showing the speed of China and actively promoting the deployment of anti-epidemic, with the call, almost all the streets of China have become deserted, as if overnight, China has added tens of millions of “Nite” and ” “Otaku”, people are at home, and the bustling city has become an empty city.

I am a high school student. This year is my 12-year win in the cold window. It is even more worthless. There is an old saying: “Kamma is diligent and diligent, and imagination is ruined.” Happiness is all struggling, and students should not lag behind others. Our studies are soon on the agenda.

We use a software called “Infinite Treasure” for online classes, which should be the first in the history of education in New China. The biggest feature of this software is: as long as you install the camera and microphone, the teacher can master your dynamics anytime, anywhere. So just a few days before I got into the online class, I was so upset that I always had a strong curiosity for new things and religious piety (because I’m not yet familiar with how teachers monitor us through microphones and cameras, so Be careful), log in on time, check in on time, and keep a clean and tidy image-I don’t want to act like a decadent person in front of the classmates and teachers.

Online courses are not like ordinary classrooms. Everyone can’t have in-depth communication together. Participants in the online class are separated by a layer of electronic screens. In the past, the teachers “danced” in the school classroom. The eye contact between the students who could only be expected to be unexplained was gone, and there was slowly a sense of burnout.

After more than half a month of online classes, some teachers have almost thoroughly understood the “ordering of people”, such as which teacher does not ask questions, which teacher often orders who’s wheat, who often opens their camera, we basically Get used to it. However, there are special occasions that may happen occasionally. For example, a certain day and time, a teacher who is quiet will turn on the camera of an unusual student, and the student is caught off guard by surprise.

It was a bright and sunny morning. I was sitting at the computer desk, squinting at the beautiful spring light of a peach blossom and apricot rain cloud outside the window, feeling the flutter that merged with the spring day, and suddenly felt like there was an abnormal noise on the table. At a glance, the camera was suddenly turned on, which instantly shocked my tiger body. Three seconds left, what should I do? I was so anxious that I picked up the lazy “glaze”, threw it into the drawer at once, and immediately sat upright. At the same time that the camera was turned on, I happened to be ready. When the teacher saw me on the computer, I showed that it was quite good, not only neatly dressed, but also accompanied by aloud reading. After she satisfactorily finished monitoring me, my heart was still beating very fast, for fear she would kill another “back carbine”.

However, no matter how exhausted the teachers are, they try to supervise us. After all, online courses are online courses. The supervision scope of teachers is really limited. The seriousness of online courses basically depends on the self-discipline of students. It is impossible for even the restless teacher to get out of the computer when he meets the students who do not listen to the class seriously. He grabs his ears like he did on the campus and has an expression of hate and iron. Slang has a cloud: the road is one foot tall, the devil is one foot tall. It is precisely because of the irreparable flaws of online courses that I have had the opportunity to play cell phones, intimately with “Lili”, and distracted by inattentive behaviors. However, the hole I dug up every day, such as sneaking and slipping, finally tripped me.

After a month of online classes, we organized a segment test, but did not feel particularly nervous at home. After the exam, on the evening self-study where no tasks were scheduled, I picked up my phone and played happily. In the joyous atmosphere of the night, I have long forgotten the daytime exam.

By the time the test results came out, it felt like the whole world was gray. Compared with my original score, my score fell very seriously, but the one that hit me the most was that my classmates who did not have good grades surpassed me. In the days after the exam, I have been drifting with the waves, but the students have been working hard, all these changes make me feel at a loss.

The start date of the school has not been finalized. The online class has lasted for nearly two months. I wake up every morning and stare at the computer screen until ten o’clock in the evening, and I must restrain my desire to play mobile phones. Not easy. Daily online classes not only cause great fatigue in eyesight, but also a great psychological challenge. Sitting long in front of the computer, day after day, the body’s load is almost approaching its limit.

I started to feel more and more irritable, and there was always a flame of no name in my chest. These accumulated emotions finally erupted like a volcano in one day.

That afternoon, when my cat left my desk to drink water and rest, I conducted a “mouse-trapping exercise” in front of my computer and scattered my papers and books all over the floor. I was burning with anger, and my chest was violently turbulent, like a steam furnace about to explode! Looking at the dim street lamp outside the window, his fists shivered uncontrollably. Then I turned my eyes back to the computer screen-looking at the messy exercises, I sat in front of a pile of glowing picture tubes like a wooden man! “Enough!” I can’t help but growl. “Don’t stop me! I’m going out!” I rushed out of the door, rushed to the entrance, quickly put on my shoes, grabbed a coat, grabbed a mask and grabbed the door. Out, rushed into the boundless night.

In the deserted night, street lamps accompanied the moonless night, adding a touch of mist to the dark sky. The night wind stirred me with thick air, as if to freeze people, it made me feel boneless Chill. I quickly walked on the streets with few pedestrians, wandering lonely between the reinforced concrete forests, under the dark black dome covered with a layer of fuzzy clouds, making the otherwise dull sky even darker.

I leaned against the railing blankly, looking at the silent city under the overpass. After a moment of quiet thinking, I have a destination in my heart. I am back here again, back to the camp in this memory. The huge red five-pointed star hangs above the majestic towering gate, and the two mighty lions at the gate are still faithfully performing their sacred duties. The guard box and the security line marked “Holy and Inviolable” are still the solemn appearance of those days. The large characters on the side of the thick marble column form a series of unblemished plaques, showing the once proud glory.

Before I came to high school to live on campus, I lived here and lived among these lovely defenders. This is my real home. The troops transferred four years ago, leaving only this empty camp. I circumvented the cordon with ease, plucked away the piles of weeds, and gently entered the empty training ground.

I took out my phone, dialed a number, and then sat cross-legged, staring at the far night sky on the open training ground.

The phone was connected, and a familiar voice clanged forcefully: “What’s the matter, brother?” I muttered to him: “It’s beautiful, our starry sky.” There was a pause over the phone, saying: “Yes Ah, I really miss the starry sky there!” He was my friend who grew up playing, and we grew up together in this military camp. Three years ago, he chose to join the army and I chose to go to high school. Although we have taken different paths, we are still the best friends.

“Brother, are you free now? Talk to me.”

“You really will choose the time. We just came back from the training session, and our legs are soft. I still listen to you!” he replied roughly. “I’m going crazy on Internet classes and really want to talk to someone.”

“How good is the online class, sitting in an air-conditioned house, you don’t have to train every day, unlike us, training is like a puddle of mud all day,” he complained. “You don’t need to do at least questions! We do it every day at eleven!” I said back and raised the bar with him. “Who said, the three major rules, and the housekeeping system all need to be learned! How can it be difficult for me to bring new recruits to your questions!” he yelled. “You haven’t taken online classes again, how do you know!” I reluctantly responded. After all, we all laughed embarrassedly.

“You listen to me, I’m under a lot of pressure now, and I seem to feel no courage to continue.” I said in a low voice. The phone stopped laughing lightly, and solemnly said: “Do you remember why you chose this path?” I said, “I remember, I want to pass the college entrance examination through my own efforts. There is a bright future.” He continued: “Since you have a reason to rush to the battlefield, what are you still wandering about?”

“But online classes at home are too uncomfortable. Watching the computer screen from morning to night, and guarding against parents’ temporary spot checks at any time. The test scores are not good this time. I am anxious but overwhelmed. I know that I can’t play mobile phones. Live yourself and regret it after playing. Alas, in short, we are both physically and mentally exhausted!”

“What kind of things you do at what age, and now your main task is to learn, you must be clear about your goals. Escape cannot solve any problems, try to find out the problems one by one, break each one, and parents, With the help of the teacher, what do you have to worry about? When the sky gets thicker and there will always be clear, I know you are a strong person. Believe in yourself, you can do it!” The phone, like his style as always.

I looked up at the sky and looked back at his starlight, and when I thought back to his words, I seemed to understand. I smiled firmly and got up and walked out of the camp.

On my return trip, I actually turned into an alley that I don’t usually walk on. Stopped slightly, leaning against the wall, staring at the boundless sky. There is a lot of stars in the night sky, the starlight penetrates through the clouds, and the light mist is filled in the lanes that have not been valued, and the alleys that are not noticed during the day are dressed up very beautiful. It was in this alleyway like the wall of the well that the starlight shot down directly, illuminating my frog at the bottom of the well.

Starlight circulates, in this old alleyway, a kind of heartbreaking guilt strikes me.

What am I doing…what…

Stumbled back home and found that the lights in the window were still bright. I slowly moved up the stairs and knocked on the door, my parents were waiting for me. Looking at the eager eyes of my parents, I felt ashamed.

Since then, my concentration in online classes has been more serious than ever. Read and sign in early every day, and insist on sorting out the wrong questions at the end of the evening self-study. The attitude is more correct than before. Kobe had a famous saying: “Have you seen Los Angeles at four o’clock in the morning?” My answer to this question was “No”, but I can proudly say: “I have seen Qingzhou at four in the morning.” The four-point sky is as deep as blue ink, the ground is quiet, and the cold air is everywhere, like an oil painting on the canvas.

After much deliberation, I still decided to face all this, so that my years of hard work would not be wasted. “If you don’t throw your fist, you never know where you can hit yourself.” The frog at the bottom of the well can become an armored knight for dreams, just as the frog can become a prince for a princess. Concealing sharp teeth does not mean concealing the brain and vitality at the same time. Although training can only be done in the form of online courses, it is also an opportunity to hone the enemy’s skills. The college entrance examination is like a battlefield, if you don’t try your best, how can you make sense!

I think that at this very moment, it is time to say that sentence: College entrance examination, although there are tens of thousands of people, I want to go!