French government criticizes “less work and less”

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy once encouraged the public to “work more and earn more” to boost the economy. However, due to the epidemic affecting the GDP, the Macron government recently unexpectedly proposed a “less work and less gain” initiative. Opponents believe that behind the seemingly logical slogan is “to indulge companies to threaten dismissal and blackmail employees to accept salary reductions.”

According to the French LCI TV report on the 3rd, the French Labor Minister Penigo frequently tweeted in the media: “In the current difficult period, companies and employees should be united, and collective performance agreements can allow employees to reduce working hours and reduce wages accordingly. “Penigo feels that “less labor is better than letting 20% ​​of employees lose their jobs.”

In 2017, the French government launched a “collective performance agreement”, the purpose of the agreement is to protect employment. At the same time, the law also allows companies to adjust the working hours of employees and change wage levels. The agreement is valid for 5 years. If the employee refuses to change, the company can dismiss the employee. So far, most of the adjustments made under the agreement have only involved working hours. After the epidemic, the government’s tone was clearly biased towards wages. Although some economists believe that this can make the company flexible to adapt to future development, it is a “good tool”. But in the eyes of the union, this is “blackmail.” In the end, Penigo’s initiative did not receive 100% support from the cabinet. State Secretary Panier-Runacher of the Ministry of Economy and Finance also believes that the “less work and less gain” model may be able to cope with the crisis, but it is also difficult to deal with the epidemic, and you can also consider reducing the salary of corporate leaders.

“Mr. President, please solve the problem of overcrowding in prisons! Because the’surprise is only a moment of breathing.” According to the French “Express” on the 3rd, about 1,000 French judicial personnel, politicians and celebrities jointly “letter” French President Mark on Wednesday Long, asked him to seize the “opportunity for epidemic situation” to find the “prescription” for the decompression of the prison.

Before the new crown epidemic, the average rate of admission in French prisons was as high as 118%. There are 6,1080 “actual accommodation seats” in prisons nationwide, but a total of 72,500 inmates are imprisoned. Because of the long-term overcrowding of prisoners in prisons, France was criticized by the European Court of Human Rights in January this year. Unexpectedly, the unprecedented health crisis unexpectedly reduced France’s collection rate to 96%, the first “unsaturated” (less than 100%) in 20 years. There are two main reasons: the number of crimes decreased during the epidemic; in order to avoid infection, minor offenders were released in advance during the epidemic.

More than 1,000 “librarians” said in an open letter that France must seize the opportunity now to cure the root cause of “overcrowding in prisons” in one fell swoop. They called on Macron “to do everything in their power to prevent the prison from overloading again”. The French prison inspector-general Azan said that in her recommendations, she emphasized that “prisoners must be provided with vocational education and training”.