Four classic UFO events in the United States

[Case 1] Mantel UFO incident in 1948

  Event: The Mantel event was one of the most widely known UFO events in the early days. Mantel, the protagonist of the incident, was called “the first person in the world to die directly from a UFO”.
  Restoration: On January 7, 1948, Goldman Air Force Base in Kentucky, the United States received a report that a UFO had appeared in the sky above Louisville. The object was 76 meters to 90 meters in diameter and was witnessed by Owensboro and Ovington, Kentucky.
  An observer from the Army Aviation Field in Clinton County, Ohio, described the object: “The center is flaming, and the tail emits green mist.” Another Ohio observer pointed out: “The object is close to the ground, held for about 10 seconds, and then very It climbed to an altitude of 3000 meters at a fast speed, and then disappeared again. Its speed was greater than 800 kilometers per hour.” At that time, the 165th Fighter Squadron of the Kentucky Air National Guard was conducting flight training for four P-51 Mustang fighters. Commander Captain Mantel was told to approach the celestial body. At 14:45 that day, six fighters were ordered to take off for observation.
  One of the pilots quickly gave up chasing the object due to lack of fuel. Soon, a total of 5 planes returned home, and only Mantel continued to climb and track alone. He reported to the console: “The UFO is a metal shell with a huge appearance.” Half an hour later, the console received a report: “I am approaching a huge metal object.” Then the communication was interrupted. After 17:00, Mantel and the wreckage of his plane appeared on a farm near Franklin. His watch stopped at 15:1, and no traces of shell attacks were found on the body, and there was no radioactive material.
[Case 2] UFO “invaded” Washington incident

  Incident: On the evening of July 12-19, 1952, a UFO incident occurred over Washington, which caused the White House to go to war. Glenward told reporters that UFO sightings had been reported in important places in the United States such as the White House and the Pentagon. The large number of UFO reports that appeared in 1952 led the then U.S. President Truman to order UFOs to be shot down.
  Restoration: At 11:40 pm on July 19, 1952, seven flashes suddenly appeared on the radar screen of the Washington International Airport control tower, two of which were flying in the air at a super high speed of 11,200 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the radar at Andrews Air Force Base also captured the same situation. Immediately afterwards, the pilots of Qatar Airport Flight 807 and Flight 610 also reported seeing these things.
  The alarm of “invasion” in the airspace of the US capital Washington was issued, and the US Air Force Command immediately ordered F-86 jet fighters to attack. But as soon as the fighter took off, the UFO disappeared. When the F-86 returned, the UFOs appeared over Washington. They are like hide and seek with the U.S. Air Force, tossing until dawn.
  Not only that, in the following 26-27 days, the pilots and flight attendants of the national airline flying into the airspace of Washington observed some strange lights on the plane. Within minutes, more unknown objects appeared on the radars of Washington Airport and Andrews Air Force Base. At the time, a sheriff in Andrews described that these lights did not appear to be caused by meteors. They had no trajectory, and the speed of change was unprecedented.
  The reappearance of unknown objects in Washington worries the nation. According to a report from the International News Service (INS) at the time, then US President Truman ordered the shooting down of UFOs. The pilot is also on a 24-hour alert, and is required to shoot down a UFO if he cannot “persuade” the opponent to land.
[Case 3] Lonnie Zamora incident in 1964

  Event: Glenward told reporters that this case is one of the most noteworthy in the “Blue Book Project.”
  This case is recognized as the most important UFO sighting case recognized by the Global UFO Research Association. At that time, Dr. Hynek, an authoritative UFO expert who participated in the “Blue Book Project”, also considered it a case of considerable research value. Although 50 years have passed since the incident, controversy continues.
  Restoration: At 17:45 on April 24, 1964, 31-year-old Socorro patrol officer Lonny Zamora in Socorro, USA, saw a 17-year-old boy driving a car speeding past while patrolling. Zamora immediately jumped into her police car and chased it. But not far away, he suddenly heard a loud noise, accompanied by the loud noise, blue and orange flames ignited in the air.
  What happened next made Zamora an unforgettable life. He witnessed the landing of an “egg-shaped flying object” that resembled a spaceship. The spaceship was engraved with a strange red symbol, about half a meter in size. This red special sign is like an arrow pointing to an arc that opens downwards. Afterwards, two human-like creatures walked out of the spaceship.
  Zamora described these creatures as small, like “children.” When I approached them, I even startled them. After being discovered, they immediately returned to the spacecraft, and the UFO lifted off the ground and flew away. Zamora looked around and found traces of UFOs on the ground. The tripod supported by the spacecraft also left four oval indentations on the ground. These indentations are 30 to 50 cm wide and 9 to 10 cm deep, and are U-shaped.
  On April 28, Dr. Haynik, an authoritative UFO research expert who was then an adviser to the US Air Force’s Blue Book Project, arrived at the site of the incident to investigate. At first, Hynek thought that what Zamora saw might be the lunar module lander that the American Apollo planned to test in New Mexico.
  But after some investigation, Hynek ruled out this hypothesis and believed that the only valuable clue was the special red mark on the egg-shaped aircraft.
[Case 4] The Hill and his wife were kidnapped by aliens in 1961

  Incident: This incident is the first alien abduction incident that has caused widespread concern. The encounter of the protagonists, the Hill and his wife, is like the plot in a science fiction movie.
  Restoration: On the evening of September 19, 1961, Barney Hill and his wife Betty drove to their home from Niagara Falls, Canada, where they were on vacation. According to his memory, when they arrived south of Lancaster at 22:15, a bright light suddenly appeared in the sky. Barney first noticed a bright light near the moon, and he asked Betty to look up too. At first they thought it was a star, but then they noticed that the light was moving.
  They were convinced that the light in the sky was unusual, so they stopped the car and looked with binoculars. When they drove to a lumber-carrying road to the south, the size of the unidentified object became larger, and at the same time it moved westward from time to time and returned.
  Barney once again stopped the car and looked through the binoculars. Now he can see its dish-like shape and the colored lights from the rows of windows, and even the figure in front of the window. Barney felt scared and fled back into the car, then they started the car and left quickly.
  After that, they no longer saw luminous objects, but they heard a buzzing sound that always accompanied them. After a while, they began to feel confused, and two hours had passed since they woke up. After returning home, Barney found that his shoes were damaged, and Betty’s skirt was torn. There were also some unexplainable marks on their car. They reported what they had seen to a nearby air force base. It is said that the radar of the air force base also detected unknown objects on the 20th.
  On December 14, 1963, the famous Boston psychiatrist Benjamin Simon hypnotized the Hills. During the hypnosis, the two recalled that they were hijacked on an alien spaceship within those two hours. In their description, these aliens were similar in appearance to the creatures in the Roseville UFO crash, with human-like hands and feet, big eyes, and smaller noses and mouths than humans.
  The two also recalled some details about their encounter, such as the aliens inspecting them. According to Betty’s memories, the alien leader showed her a star map, which contained information about the planet where she was. Under hypnosis, Betty drew the star picture. Some astronomy enthusiasts believe that this star map represents the Zeta double star 39 light years away.