Festival is the tail of the gecko

  Festivals are rewards for hardworking people, chocolates given to each other by lovers, wicker chairs for old people to sit and rest, and a glimmer of dawn after hard work.
  The festival is the tail of the gecko. After we eat it, it will grow again.
  One festival after another, not too far apart, just like oasis everywhere in the boundless desert.
  In the station going home, many people are crowded together like trees. It is not terrible. It is not terrible how crowded. What is afraid is crowded together like wood, because the trees are alive and the wood is dead.
  The carnival in the festival, the crowd is trees, not wood.
  The festivals are big and small, all full of joy. Large festivals are big lanterns, and small festivals are small lanterns. They all shine brightly and warmly.
  The yard of Uncle Wu next door was suddenly revitalized. Every day I saw him get up early to do morning exercises, humming some distant tunes from time to time. It has been more than a year since his wife died. He was alone, and there was no sound all day long, which made people wonder if he had died in that room. When asked why he was so happy all of a sudden, he said that his son, who was far away in the United States, had called and he would be back this year for the New Year. He wants to take care of his body and cook a lot of delicious food for his son!
  A lonely old man, no matter how thick the dust on the bottom of his heart is, a gloomy heart is only illuminated by the news that a child is going home.
  That night, Uncle Wu drank some wine, and the light in the room was on for a long time. He put the leftover wine in the cupboard, and hid the rest of himself in the quilt, waiting for a distant and warm holiday.
  On Valentine’s Day, in the junior high school class taught by his wife, several children who fell in love with each other presented chocolates and flowers to each other. The wife said to them, this is not your holiday, and you have no right to consume for the time being.
  Yes, that is just the fireworks in the illusion, full of the scent of sulfur in the splendor, and the short revelry can’t conceal the paleness of youth in the end.
  The girl who was in love at first fell in love with a boy, and the boy happened to like her too, so they took a peek at each other and changed the world. That is their holiday.
  After 20 years, facing the former lover again, I can’t help but feel like a world away. Silent each other, and said nothing about the scenery of the past.
  It’s just that I caught her hand, showed her my palm, and let her see how thick the cocoon she missed.
  I asked her why she disappeared suddenly?
  She said that a person would not be forever like a jade, a spring heart like a jade, and when he is old, he would rather not meet again.
  I just want to give each other a young thought. She said that it is also a holiday when there is longing.
  The old people tirelessly said to the younger generation, set a fertile field, marry a wife who can live a life, and give birth to a chubby baby. In their view, this is all of life, all of a good life.
  Had a good dream, performed a good deed; brewed a pot of fragrant glutinous rice, drank a cup of tea; read a masterpiece, wrote a beautiful essay… It is a holiday worth celebrating.
  Even if the body is suffering from overtime work, even if it repeats the posture of facing the loess and back to the sky day after day, it is necessary to brighten and moisturize a heart.
  Follow the scars of the pain and caress the world.
  The world gave me a bitter template, but I wanted to replicate the sweet holiday.
  Live the life well, every day is a holiday.