Even swimming in a fish tank

  I like a sentence: Even if you are swimming in a fish tank, you must swim out of the wind and waves.
  In my life, I have swam in the sea, in the rivers, in the lakes, in the swimming pool, and even in the bathhouse when I was a child, but I have never swim in a fish tank. I don’t know what it is like. How big is the fish tank to swim. Of course, this is just an image metaphor, which means that a person with patience and high spirits, even in the most unfavorable, narrow and difficult environment, will be full of pride, complacent, and able to do well, show great momentum, and be better than others. Much better.
  Compared with the grand and majestic court, Sima Qian’s chamber is just a small fish tank. He spent thousands of years thinking about it in the chamber and wrote “The swan song of the historian, the Li Sao without rhyme”. Compared with the prosperous and prosperous city of Bianliang, the remote and desolate Huangzhou of Hubei is an aquarium. In this aquarium, Su Dongpo chopped the waves, overwhelmed the river and overwhelmed the sea. He wrote one word and two fus, famous in the world, and established his position in the literary world in one fell swoop. Compared with the hustle and bustle of Beijing, a small cave in Longchang, Guizhou, is not even a fish tank, but Wang Yangming is here to indulge freely and realize the true meaning of mind learning, commonly known as Longchang Enlightenment. Mandela’s cell in a South African prison is only 3 square meters, not much bigger than a fish tank, but he has lived here for 27 years, studying and studying, writing books, and preparing for the overthrow of dark racism. It can be seen that as long as a person’s momentum and ambition are not extinguished, he will live and be vigorous wherever he is, and he will be full of vigor and talent in everything he does.
  Seiko Noda, who graduated from a prestigious university, enters the Imperial Hotel Tokyo to work. Unexpectedly, she was arranged to be a toilet cleaner, which was a far cry from her original goal. But she is an extremely strong person, and she secretly made up her mind to become the best one even if she washes the toilet all her life. With such a spirit and fierceness, it was only a matter of time before she took off. Sure enough, she quickly emerged from this small fish tank and rose step by step to become the Minister of Post of Japan.
  Due to various conditions, we may have to swim in various “fish tanks” throughout our lives, and we have never stretched alive. For example, living in a small town, trapped in a mountain village, staying in a small factory, and always living in a street. Wait. This is nothing, think about Tolstoy, who wrote the world-famous book “War and Peace” in a remote farm, Thoreau, living in seclusion on a lake far away from people, wrote the famous “Walden” . Although they all live in fish tanks, they don’t still ride the wind and waves, soaring through the clouds.
  Of course, this aura is not a show, nor is it pretended, but a powerful force from the heart. It is involuntarily performing in its own way. Once a person with this quality has a suitable environment, he will surely move the world and make things happen. Fan Weiye. When Zhuge Liang was ploughing in Longzhong, the land was no more than ten miles and eight townships, and people were nothing but relatives and friends, like swimming in a fish tank, but he was still better than Guan Zhong Leyi, pointing the country, planning the world, and showing his ambition as soon as he came out of the mountain. Power. On the contrary, without this kind of heart and courage, even soaking in the sea every day, it will only choke and drown. High in the court, Houzhu Li, Houzhu Chen, Liu Adou, Jin Huidi, Ming Xizong, etc., who are in power and do nothing, are the best examples.
  Others will say that I was just born at an untimely time, trapped in a small fish tank, and a hero is useless. If I were in a big river, I would surely be a blockbuster and soar into the sky. Those who say this are mostly bragging. They haven’t swim in the fish tank. Can you change the place? I see hanging. One person in Greece boasted that if I participated in the Barcelona Olympics, I would definitely be able to beat the world record. Everyone embarrassed him together: As if this is Barcelona, ​​you jump! Jump!