It can increase the number of platelets, enhance the aggregation and adhesion of platelets, and promote the release of coagulation active substances, thereby producing hemostasis.
The effect is rapid, and the effect is strongest 1h after intravenous injection, which can generally be maintained for 4 to 6 hours.
Alias :
; hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid – N-ethylethanamine (1 :1)
CAS No.: 2624-44-4
EINECS No.: 220-090-7
Molecular formula: C10H17NO5S
Molecular weight: 263.3107
Content: 99.0%-100.0% (Suzhou Changtong)
InChI: InChI=1/C6H6O5S.C4H11N/c7-4- 1-2-5(8)6(3-4)12(9,10)11;1-3-5-4-2/h1-3,7-8H,(H,9,10,11); 5H,3-4H2,1-2H3
Property: white crystal or crystalline powder; odorless, bitter taste; hygroscopic; easy to deteriorate when exposed to light
Boiling point: 496.4°C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 254°C
Vapor Pressure: 1.13E-10mmHg at 25°C

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