Enjoy nature with the bill

  Austria and Germany have a one-third border adjacent to each other and have a long history. The people of the two countries can talk in the same language… The strange thing is that we can distinguish them all at once by their eyes. The German eyes are sharp, stern, concentrated, and focused, like a small piece of broken glass. This piece of broken glass crossed the border and melted in the sunken and soft eye sockets of the Austrians, as if scooping a small spoonful of water from the Danube, crystal clear and gentle, calm and scattered.
  When you take a turn in Austria, a small, poetic mountain country, you will find that diffuseness is like a magical gas permeating everywhere. Those undulating green hills are all like sleeping men, lazily stretching their bodies; those red and white spires and small buildings are also settling in, freely scattered among the mountains and rivers; those big cows with neck bells are standing on the hillside, I often stop for half an hour, as if waiting for a photo…
  If you invite the female secretaries who are walking on the streets of New York to Vienna for a walk, they will scare the Viennese into a panic, thinking that there is a fire. I always feel that at least half of the people in Vienna sit in street cafes or tea houses all day long. In some shops, half of the aisle is enclosed by various fences and flower pots outside the door. There are a few small tables, bright flowers, and some comfortable chairs. During leisure time, sit alone, or drink wine or tea, drink slowly, think and think, be stunned, and carefree regardless of the length of time; or two or three friends often spend a few hours sitting generously under the bottom of their buttocks when they gossiping. .
  Time seems to be used for enjoyment, so the Austrians are neither stingy nor strict with time. Austrians are not on time. If they are late, they will say: “I’m sorry, I’m late.” I paid attention to their expressions, and apologized little, like a catch phrase when they met.
  Is time too little or too much for them?
  In Austria, the legal working day is 96 days a year (8 days a month), which does not include the National Day, New Year and various customs and holidays. In addition, 96% of Austrians believe in religion, and there are many religious festivals, such as Pentecost, Eucharist, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and Pregnancy of the Virgin Mary… There is a saying: Austrians have Half of the time on vacation.
  Many small shop owners often give themselves holidays. They sell things to make money on weekdays, and as long as they save enough for one trip, they close the shop and go out on a trip. I saw a 17th-century stone goddess statue in a small antique shop near the Library of Congress. Although it is very weathered, it is of high taste. The price was negotiated, and when I came back to buy, I ate behind closed doors three times. The original boss went on vacation in Switzerland.
  ”Everyone wants to be rich, but what is the relationship between being rich and happiness? For example, how much money do you need in your life? Three million shillings? Well, if you earn three million shillings, you can earn one more shilling. It’s superfluous. Why don’t you stop and enjoy the enough money?”
  An Austrian friend of mine said that this is a life concept they all agree with. He pointed to the people basking on the grass to show me. These people are dressed casually, sloppy, some talk and laugh, some close their eyes to rest their minds, let the sun caress, some are already asleep. My friend said to me: “Can you think of it? Some people enjoy nature with a bill in their hands!”
  Oh, these Austrians can do it!