Double redemption

  Kardashian is a psychology teacher at a high school in Atlanta. She is 29 years old, beautiful and elegant, and is the mother of a five-year-old girl. In life, Kardashian has suffered the misfortune of losing her lover, but she still maintains an optimistic attitude and believes that life will get better and better.
  During one lunch break, Kardashian turned on the TV as usual. On the screen, the host looked serious and informed the people of an incident that shocked the United States yesterday: the rape suspect Lester attacked a female marshal before going to court, then broke into the court and will preside over the judge who will preside over the trial hearing. Shot and killed on the spot with a court worker. After the assault, Lester wounded a journalist near the scene, seized a green Ford sedan from his hand, and drove away hastily. The host reminded the general public to be careful to avoid being attacked by Lester.
  After school, Kardashian did not go home immediately, but went to a friend’s house to attend a party. The activity lasted until very late, when Kardashian walked out of her friend’s door, it was already late at 11 o’clock. The party was very lively and Kardashian had a great time. There were few traffic on the road and it seemed very quiet. She couldn’t help but think of her five-year-old daughter. The daughter is very smart and lives in her mother’s house. My daughter is very cute and can always comfort her when she is lonely. Thinking of her lovely daughter, Kardashian couldn’t help laughing.
  When the car was driven to the door, Kardashian turned off the fire. She got out of the car and went to the trunk to pick up the daily necessities bought that day. There are so many things that Kardashian can’t take away at once, but can only take it twice. When opening the door with something for the first time, she accidentally caught a glimpse of a small convertible not far away. This is normal, Kardashian didn’t think much about it.
  Putting down what he took the first time, Kardashian went back to the trunk. Her gaze was once again in the direction where the convertible was parked. The convertible was still there, and through the dim street lights, I saw a man sitting faintly inside. Kardashian’s mind suddenly drilled news about the rape suspect Lester. She was a little nervous, and an ominous premonition rose in her heart. She thought: “Just go back to the house, close the doors and windows, then it’s safe.”
  When I was tense, a gust of wind came. In the early spring of North America, it was still very chilly, and Kardashian shivered. Although she speeded up the speed of entering the house, she was still one step late. When Kardashian stepped into the house with one leg, something stiff came under her ribs. Kardashian’s most worried thing happened. Although she didn’t know what was under her ribs, she knew very well that the person who came was not good. Kardashian froze at the door, not knowing whether to enter or exit. When she was at a loss, a low man’s voice came from behind her: “Quickly enter the door!”
  Kardashian walked into the house under the duress of a tough guy. When she returned home before, there was always a sense of security in her heart spreading. This time, she was very scared, not knowing what she would face next. If you only encounter a robbery, just give him valuable things. But what if Lester, the rape and murderer? Kardashian was puzzled, and kept muttering: “God bless, don’t be that talent!” But God didn’t help Kardashian.
  ”Don’t expect to call the police. I don’t want to hurt you now, but you must listen to me obediently!” Behind Kardashian, the low man’s voice rang again. “You look back!”
  Turning back, Kardashian stood in front of a man with a peaked cap, his cold eyes were in her heart. She was familiar with these eyes. They were those of Lester who shot the judge and the clerk. Kardashian’s brain was blank.
  Looking at the bewildered Kardashian, Leist once again warned with a cold face: “You don’t expect to escape from my hands. Otherwise, it is self-inflicted.”
  Leist repeatedly warned, letting Carday. Shan is more aware of the crisis: “Don’t irritate Lester, or he will treat me like a judge.” How would Lester treat himself? Kardashian did not dare to think about it. She knew that the 33-year-old Leist was definitely not a “fuel-saving lamp”: he was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house last year, using strong tape to tie up his ex-girlfriend, and several times in the next three days. Rape it. What shocked the police the most was that when Lester committed the crime, he carried a submachine gun full of bullets with him. At the same time, he also brought a pot so that he could eat hot meals during the crime…
  Recalling Lester’s criminal behavior, Kardashian’s nervous heart gradually calmed down. As a psychology teacher, she knew that Lester’s heart was actually similar to hers at this time, and she was also extremely nervous, but it was precisely because of this extreme tension and a little stimulation that the evil thoughts in his heart might be stimulated. Kardashian understands that the only thing she can do in this situation is to cooperate with Lester. She will do what he orders, and she must not show the slightest resistance.
  But after a temporary obedience, what evil will Lester do? Kardashian had no bottom in her heart.
  When Kardashian’s thoughts were fierce, Leister, who had always been cold-faced, suddenly said: “Hurry up and close all the windows and close the curtains!”
  Kardashian did not dare to resist. When closing the window, she repeatedly comforted herself: “Relax, relax. Only in this way can you figure out a good way out of danger.” After
  closing the window, Kardashian thought about a countermeasure. Suddenly, Lester grabbed her hand. Kardashian was very nervous: “What does he want to do?” Lester didn’t say a word, and eagerly pulled the beautiful Kardashian to the bathroom. Lester was arrested for rape. His actions made Kardashian have to worry: “Does he want to rape me!” Thinking of the way Lester raped his ex-girlfriend, Kardashian’s heart that had just calmed down panicked again. Nevertheless, she firmly thought: “If Lester really wants to rape me, I must fight him to the end, and I must not be insulted by this wicked criminal!” After
  Lester pulled Kardashian into the bathroom, No act of rape was made. He found a wire and tied Kardashian’s legs and feet tightly at the same time. Lester seemed to have determined that Kardashian was afraid to call for help, and did not gag her mouth. This gave Kardashian a chance to speak. Before taking a bath, Lester covered Kardashian’s head with a towel.
  The towel blocked Kardashian’s eyes, and there was darkness in front of her. Listening to the sound of water from the sprinklers, Kardashian knew that Lester was taking a shower at this time. In a dangerous situation, she thought: “Use the opportunity of Lester to take a bath to escape, and perhaps there is still a chance.” However, Kardashian gave up the idea of ​​escaping. She understood that if the escape was unsuccessful, the ending would definitely be death. She believed that Lester, who was armed with a gun, would never be merciless. Since being hijacked, Kardashian’s mind has never stopped turning, and has never stopped thinking about how to safely escape from danger.
  Suddenly, Lester’s nausea and vomiting came from the sound of running water. Lester’s vomiting sound was very sad. Kardashian’s heart tightened. It took a long time for Lester to stop vomiting. The kind-hearted Kardashian suddenly moved her compassion. She asked with concern: “Are you feeling well?”
  Lester panted, without saying a word for a long time. Kardashian didn’t know what Lester was thinking at the moment, but she knew that at this moment, he, after more than a day of escape, must be in a high degree of physical and mental exhaustion. Although Lester committed heinous evil, in essence he is very poor.
  After taking a bath, Lester seemed to have recovered a lot of physical fitness, and the face that had been gloomy at first became clearer. Restoring physical strength, Leist regards the Kardashian house as his own. He first went to the bedroom to find a man’s clothes to put on, and then untied Kardashian’s wire to restore her “free body”. When untying Kardashian, Lester said in a warning tone, although his complexion was much softer, “Don’t shout, or I will kill you! I’m very tired, and I don’t want to kill anymore. I need Take a good rest. As long as you cooperate, I will not hurt you, I promise!”

  Lester’s guarantee made Kardashian unable to believe her ears. She did not believe that these words came from a murderer. But this is true.
  Kardashian knew that she would not have any life concerns for the time being. To ease the tension in the room, she said to Lester, “Sir, can I read?” Looking at Kardashian, Lester thought for a while and nodded softly. Kardashian casually picked up a self-help manual from the shelf and read it slowly. She slowed down to make Lester hear more clearly. This self-help manual talks a lot about ways to seek self-forgiveness. Choosing this book, Kardashian was deliberate: she hoped that after hearing everything written in the book, Lester could deeply reflect on what he had done. At first, Kardashian was afraid that Lester didn’t like to hear this. Therefore, she must always pay attention to the expression on Lester’s face, otherwise it will be difficult for her as a weak person to have good fruit. While reading, Kardashian watched Lester’s reaction. When she saw that Lester, who was lying on the sofa, did not dislike the book, the psychology teacher realized that the little stories in the book had touched the heart of the murderer! Although Lester was fierce and merciless when he committed a crime, this does not mean that he is an absolute violent exerciser. The use of violence is nothing more than his inability to restrain the evil thoughts in his heart for a while. And the evil thoughts that suddenly broke out after the crime occurred, the longer the time, the more the criminals will think in their hearts. In the past two days, in order to avoid being tracked by the police, Lester tensed his nerves. Therefore, when he desires to be quiet, if he can tap and dial sideways, he may be able to awaken his inner benevolence.
  As Kardashian’s reading time extended, Lester’s face became softer and softer. Later, Kardashian was unable to connect the peaceful and quiet Leist with the rapist and murderer. Kardashian even had doubts about the host’s briefing: “Is everything true on TV?” When
  Kardashian’s thoughts were overwhelming, Lester suddenly looked up and looked at her and said: “Is it me Is it really wrong?”
  Kardashian, who was interrupted, also raised her head and looked at Lester with gentle eyes. Kardashian’s eyes were full of concern, as if she was not facing a rape or murderer, but a person who had just taken a detour and came to seek help.
  Lester seemed to be talking to herself again: “I love her so much, why should she betray me and come with other men?”
  Kardashian knew who “she” was in Lester’s words. That is the ex-girlfriend who was raped by him. Kardashian looked at Lester with bright eyes, not knowing how to answer. Answering “You are wrong” will induce evil thoughts of dissatisfaction in his heart; answering “You did it right” will not allow his crimes to be extended again and again.
  Kardashian was stumped. Suddenly her daughter’s lovely face dazzled before her eyes. She understands that facing Lester, who shot the judge, she must answer appropriately. Otherwise, a daughter who has already lost a father may lose a mother.
  Facing Lester’s question or talking to himself, Kardashian insisted on not answering. Because she was worried, if she answered slightly inadvertently, Lester might be irritated and all the credit for reading the Book of Forgiveness was wasted.
  Thinking of this, Kardashian decided to use another subtle way to infect Lester, that is, to tell the misfortune that happened to him. The narrator tells something outside of himself, which is not enough for the perpetrator. In the years since her husband passed away, Kardashian slowly calmed down, and she was very reluctant to return to the sad past. But on this dangerous night, in order to influence the murderer Lester and keep herself and her daughter safe, she chose to confide in the past.
  Looking at Lester, Kardashian’s bright eyes suddenly filled with sadness. She said softly, “Would you like to hear my story?”
  Lester nodded quickly.
  Facing Lester holding a gun, Kardashian, who remembered back to the past, was suddenly no longer afraid. She told Lester that she and her husband had a habit of going for a walk at night. One night five years ago, on the way home from a walk, they met several gangsters. The gangsters not only want to rob them, but also want to insult her. At the time, she was pregnant. In order to protect his wife from gangsters, the husband fights with several gangsters alone. However, the husband alone is the opponent of a few gangsters, but his not afraid of death has deterred those gangsters. The gangster finally chose to escape. However, the husband also fell in a pool of blood. During the fight, he suffered a total of nine knives. The death of her husband made Kardashian feel that this world is about to end, the sky is about to collapse, and she really wants to follow her husband. But she knew that she couldn’t just leave the world like this, because she was still pregnant with her husband’s flesh and blood in her belly.
  Speaking of this, Kardashian burst into tears. Looking at the tearful Kardashian, Lester suddenly handed the tissue to her. After receiving the tissue, Kardashian continued to tell Lester how she and her daughter have lived together since the death of her husband, and walked through the gloomy and difficult days together. A few years have passed, and her daughter has become her only spiritual sustenance. At the moment, she is very worried about her daughter.
  Kardashian noticed that the corners of Lester’s eyes were a little moist. She said: “It’s nothing if you kill me. Since my husband died, I don’t think it makes any sense to live. If it’s not that my daughter is too young, I really don’t want to live. But if you kill me now, I will be five years old. Didn’t his daughter become an orphan!”
  When the word “orphan” was spoken, Kardashian noticed Lester’s body trembling. From the trembling of Lester’s body, Kardashian understood that her sincere narrative had infected the murderer who had once been vicious in front of her. Lester suddenly took Kardashian’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, your daughter will never be an orphan.”
  Kardashian thought the time had come, and she nodded and continued: “Leister, actually You are still young, and you have enough time and space to change yourself. I feel lucky for you, but my husband has no such opportunity, and will never be gone! The most you need to do now is to convince yourself not to go into the abyss Go! You know there are many people in this world who love you and care about you, such as me.”
  Looking at Kardashian, Leist suddenly said, “Can I hug you?”
  Kardashian did not hesitate and walked up to Lester decisively. Lester stood up, put the gun unsuspectingly within Kardashian’s reach, and then hugged Kardashian tightly with both hands. Between the abductor and the abducted, a warm feeling filled the room, and the room was suddenly very warm. After a moment, Lester released his hand and returned to his seat, but did not take the gun again.
  Kardashian thought: “Although I am not in danger now, if Lester continues to escape and his evil thoughts swell again, wouldn’t it be possible that more people will encounter accidents.” She suddenly wanted to save herself, but also Put Lester in the hands of the police to save other innocent people.
  At this time Lester had already begun to regret his actions. Kardashian’s story deeply infected him, how could he hurt such a woman? Lester suddenly had a strong desire to talk. He couldn’t help telling Kardashian about his past, saying that he used to be a very gentle man, never thought of abusing others, let alone killing, but then he changed!
  The two talked face to face like this, unknowingly dawn came. After several hours of free talk, Kardashian is no longer afraid of the murderer in front of the police offering a reward. Kardashian expressed that she wanted to visit her daughter who was in her mother’s house. At around 4 in the morning, Kardashian had made such a request to Lester, but he refused without hesitation when he was worried. This time, Lester agreed to Kardashian’s request!
  In fact, Kardashian said that she wanted to see her daughter, entirely to seek the opportunity to report to the police. When she was about to leave home, Lester stopped her suddenly. Kardashian was almost scared to death. She thought Lester had discovered her real motives, and she was ready to die. Kardashian never expected that Lester stopped her to give her money. With two hundred dollars in his hand, Lester smiled and said, “Take them and use them to buy a gift for your lovely daughter. I don’t need it anymore!” Holding the two hundred dollars tightly
  , Kardashian ran away Out of the house, I called the police. When the police arrived at Kardashian’s residence, Lester made no resistance, waving a white T-shirt, and walked to the police with ease. In the end, the raid that lasted for a day and alarmed Georgia and surrounding states came to a successful conclusion. Kardashian standing in the crowd was also very relieved, she knew that God had forgiven Lester!
  The police interrogated Lester and asked him why he did not mutilate Kardashian as before. Lester said that she was an angel, and she saved his soul with her pain. In the meantime, when Lester asked to hold Kardashian, he deliberately put the gun next to her, to test her, to see if she would attack him. Fortunately, Kardashian did not take the gun, the bullet in the gun has been unloaded by Lester. In fact, Kardashian is not only a psychology teacher in high school, but also a small well-known playwright in Georgia. Part of the experience she tells did happen to her, and part of it originated from her latest script.
  It doesn’t matter whether the personal experience is true or not. The important thing is that Kardashian resurrected the humanity of the rape and murderer Lester with the love of gurgling spring water, thus saving herself and a fallen soul at the same time.