Don’t use “can’t do it” to disguise laziness

  That day, my mother asked me to go to Moline Farm to help. Because Mr. Morin is not at home, and his wife, Ms. Jenny, needs to pick out the eggs in the greenhouse that cannot hatch the chicks, otherwise they will rot and breed germs.
  I am not happy to do this, because I have just returned from school. “Mother, I won’t recognize the eggs that can’t hatch chicks.” I said.
  ”Mrs. Jenny will teach you.” Mother said to me while cutting the grass.
  ”But… the sun is so fierce, I really can’t walk so far under this kind of sun, I might get stunned on the road.” Morin Farm is actually only a mile away, but I have to try my best It’s very far away.
  ”Child, there is another thing I may need to tell you, Mrs. Jenny’s niece Sophia will also arrive at Moline Farm today.” The mother said with a smile.
  ”Sophia will come too?” I asked loudly. Sophia is my best friend. We met when we were about five years old. Her home is in a nearby town, but she comes to Moline Farm every holiday.
  ”Perhaps she has arrived now.” Mother said.
  ”Great!” I shouted loudly, and then ran to Moline Farm. I quickly met Sophia, and while we were learning how to pick eggs with Mrs. Jenny, we talked about a lot of interesting things that happened in our respective schools.
  That night, when I was sitting with my parents for dinner, my mother suddenly asked me, “Did you help Mrs. Jenny pick eggs?”
  ”Of course, it’s not a difficult task. Just hold the eggs. With a flashlight, you can tell whether the egg can hatch a chick, the egg that can hatch the chick has a black mass in it, and the egg that can’t hatch the chick is a gray…” I was excited. The ground showed my new knowledge to my mother.
  ”In fact, since you set off, I have been worried about whether you will get stunned on the road.” Mother said with a smile.
  ”Your worries are unnecessary, I am not so vulnerable!” I said with a laugh.
  After thinking about it for a while, the mother said seriously: “But, my child, why did you say that you don’t pick eggs before, and that the sun might stun you?”
  ”Because…” I don’t know what to do. It is good to explain, my heart is very ashamed because of the lie I have told.
  ”Child, all the words you say’can’t do’ are just excuses to cover up laziness, and others can see through all this clearly!” said the mother, “If one gets used to using’can’t do’, Covering up your laziness will not only make others look down on you more and more, but you will also become more and more lazy. In the end, you will really’cannot do’ anything.” Then
  I realized that what I had fabricated before The reason is that nothing can be concealed in front of the mother.
  From then on, I never allowed myself to continue to be a person who would make excuses for laziness. Now, I am also a mother, and my child Aubrey often uses “I can’t do it” to avoid certain things. Every time I tell him: “Child, all the disguise in the world can only be used Deceive yourself, but you cannot deceive others; if your cover is not exposed by others, maybe it does not mean that you have deceived others. It is more likely that you have just deceived yourself.”
  Of course, he is only six years old, he It will not change immediately because of my words, but I think he will understand one day—just like me.