Don’t talk to strangers

  Mother was lied to.
  At 10 o’clock in the morning, she hurried back to get her wallet, and she hadn’t come back until lunch. We ate and waited, and finally, my mother came back with a dazed expression. The first sentence she said when she entered the door was: “Finally home.”
  It turned out that when my mother was exercising in the morning, she met a middle-aged woman and took the initiative to chat with her. When the two had a good talk, another middle-aged woman came, claiming to be a good physiognomy, and said that my family had a bloody disaster recently, and she wanted to find Master. When the mother went home to get the money, they told her not to tell the family, otherwise it would not work. As a result, they drove their mother to a nearby community, took her money and ring, and went to discuss with “Master”, while the other waited downstairs with her. Soon, the person who accompanied her also left with an excuse, and the mother waited for more than half an hour before realizing that she had been cheated.
  A very poor scam. In my eyes, my mother has always been a cautious person. She has come through difficult times, is hardworking and thrifty, and will not easily hand over money to others.
  Dad called the police.
  In the afternoon, when I went to work, my father got angry and went to the hospital to see a doctor, so my mother had to go to the police station alone to make notes.
  I was uneasy leaving my timid mother alone to review that nightmarish deception. Barely persisting until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I asked for leave to go back to see my mother.
  After getting off the bus, I hurried home, only to see the familiar figure of my mother in front of me, and a stranger walking beside her. I was curious, so I followed them quietly.
  ”My eldest son is in Shandong, and my second son is in Sichuan…” The mother spoke slowly, with a Shandong accent, and she was always proud when talking about her children.
  At the door of the house, the mother said goodbye to the stranger. I went up and called “Mom”. I wanted to ask her about the recording, but when I said, “Who was that person just now?” My mother said, “I ran into him on the way, I don’t know him.
  ” When strangers talk, go home and say something.” Maybe my tone was too harsh, and my mother’s face turned red.
  The incident of being cheated made my mother sleepless for several weeks. In her opinion, everyone who takes the initiative to talk to her is a good person.
  ”That Xiao Zhang doesn’t smile or talk; the health care product seller never forces me to buy anything, but always teaches me about health care; and Xiao Wang from the fruit shop is from our hometown…” Mother said aggrievedly, and father But he interrupted her impatiently: “Why do you have so much to say?”
  Compared with the mother, the father has a much more cheerful personality and has a wide range of hobbies. In the community, there are chess friends, Ma friends, and fishing friends. My mother has been doing housework all her life, and she has few hobbies except watching TV dramas with rural themes.
  Two months later, the Public Security Bureau called, saying that there was a gang of scammers nearby, and asked my mother to identify them.
  It was the group who lied to the mother who were caught. But when she came back from the Public Security Bureau, my mother was not happy at all. She avoided us as if she had made a big mistake. My father quietly told me that one of the scammers was an “old friend” who often exercised with my mother.
  In our opinion, this is a trivial matter, but my mother suddenly became old because of it. Her father said that she was angry in her heart, and she never swallowed this breath.
  Autumn came in a blink of an eye. This is the best season in Wuhan, but my mother seldom went out, even giving up her morning exercise.
  One day, one of my documents was left at home. When I got home to pick it up, the house was very quiet. I thought no one was there, but I heard my mother talking on the balcony. Her voice was not like usual, but it was a bit like sleep talking. I tiptoed over and saw my mother standing on the balcony, holding a few photos in her hand. The photos showed several old sisters in her hometown. Some of them had passed away, and some had gone to other places with their children. “My eldest son is in Shandong, and my second son is in Sichuan. Is your Xiao Anzi still in Shanghai? Is Shanghai dialect difficult to understand? I don’t even understand Wuhan dialect…” the mother said in a rambling voice.
  In a city without friends, in a quiet corner of the city, the mother’s back looks so lonely.
  I finally understood why my mother, who had been prudent all her life, was deceived. Lonely people are always greedy for that bit of care and warmth, even if it’s just a simple conversation. With tears in my eyes, I quietly locked the door and left.
  In the evening, I said to my mother: “After get off work today, someone asked me, ‘Has your mother returned to her hometown?’. She said that she hadn’t seen you for a long time and wanted to chat with you.” Mother’s eyes were shining, and she asked anxiously The look of my person.
  ”It’s Lao Zhao, we fellow from Shandong, but it could also be Lao Chen.” Mother said.
  ”Mom, look at you, if you don’t go out all day, all the friends in the community miss you.” I said.
  Mother smiled shyly, and said embarrassedly: “I don’t have any friends.” When I got up the
  next morning, my mother was not there, and my father said that she had gone to the fitness equipment.
  Before going to work, I deliberately walked around to the fitness equipment, and saw my mother from a distance spinning her body boredly on the waist turner alone. Her gray hair was like reed flowers in autumn by the river in the morning breeze. On the treadmill next to it, a middle-aged woman is running. After a while, the middle-aged woman put on another lumbar turner. Opposite my mother, the two began to chat with each other. I said silently in my heart: “Mom, you can say whatever you want, even if it’s a liar.”
  When my father and I uprooted my mother from the small city where she had lived all her life, and transplanted her to Wuhan When she was in a big city, she became a sapling without nutrients. However, everyone belongs to society and needs the largest possible world. In communicating with all kinds of people in this world, she felt that she was needed and valued.