Don’t take recklessness as bravery

  What you think is often not what you think
  Huang Yumeng, a 24-year-old girl who is about to graduate from college, decides to take an adventure and cross the Hoh Xil no man’s land. The scenery in this place is very beautiful, but the night here is extremely cold, and some wild animals such as wild wolves often come and go for food. This is also known as the “death zone”. In recent years, more and more wild hikers want to challenge themselves, so they come to Hoh Xil. Huang Yumeng was alone and had no outdoor experience. As a result, he lost contact after entering. After that, the Qinghai Golmud police conducted a carpet search, and also used the Blue Sky Rescue Team and some other civilian rescue forces, and finally found her remains.
  Remember that when children watch cartoons, they often admire heroes who are brave and tenacious when facing danger. Therefore, some children will imitate the behavior of heroes and often make some dangerous actions. The host Wang Han was very naughty when he was a child. One time a kid bet, “Who would dare to jump from the second floor, we call him the king.” Wang Han really jumped from the second floor, and then shouted: “Call me the king!” After Wang Han couldn’t stand, he knelt down, and he suffered a fracture. Although many of us seem bold and brave in doing things, we are not afraid of anything and never consider the consequences. This is actually a reckless performance.
  Many young people always regard recklessness as bravery. For example, many students go to unexplored caves, go hiking in the virgin forest, and pursue excitement, but their physical fitness is not good enough, they are not fully prepared before leaving, they have not received professional skills training, they do not fully understand its dangers, and there is no corresponding response. Self-rescue safety knowledge, relying on curiosity and impulse to go deep into some no-man’s land. These are reckless and extremely irresponsible selfish behaviors that make tragedies happen again and again.
  Recklessness often appears in the name of bravery, which makes people excited, but bravery is not reckless, so what is bravery? Confucius said: “The benevolent are not worried, the wise are not confused, and the brave are not afraid.” That is, wisdom, benevolence and courage are an inseparable unity. Bravery must include the purpose of justice, and stand up for the faith in the heart, the search for truth and social justice. It starts from the sense of responsibility, not from other motives, such as vanity, curiosity, and greed, to make life dangerous. Blind and ignorant courage is equivalent to stupidity. It is the courage of the wise, not the courage of the common man, to speak methods and strategies. Being brave makes people think clearly about the causes and consequences, considers whether there is danger, and responds to challenges wisely and carefully, and does not act rashly. The philosopher said: “The greatest kind of bravery is’to be brave or not’.” With a heart of awe, “not dare” to commit crimes against mankind and nature, guarding ideals, beliefs and the bottom line of principles. Su Zizhan also said, “Being courageous but cowardly”, bravery is a way of protecting oneself. Being bravery not only means not being afraid of death and seeing death as home, but also knowing not to do unworthy or unrighteous things, to be able to discipline yourself, stop losses, and take good care of yourself. Live, live bravely.
  There is a fundamental difference between bravery and recklessness. The foundation of bravery is courage. First there is “knowledge”, which produces unique insights into people, things, and life; recklessness is not boldness, but heartlessness and lack of brains. It is reckless if you credulously believe in human words, do not distinguish between black and white, and show the courage of one man! Courage requires a strong physique, a sound mind, a strong sense of responsibility, tenacious perseverance, superb skills, and good character. It is a courageous action under high intelligence, rather than unprepared and hot-headed.
  Recklessness is an instinctive impulse. Courage is choice, recklessness is impulse; bravery is human nature, recklessness is animal nature; bravery is action after weighing, recklessness is rashness and impatience without the brain, and the conditions are not mature to act rashly, and it is useless to act rashly regardless of the consequences. Calmness, tact, and attentiveness are brave, boldness, recklessness, and volition are reckless. “The Lion King” in the old Lion said to the little Simba: “Brave does not mean looking for trouble.” Recklessness would cause great harm to the family and society, there is a saying:. “The event will go bankrupt when climbing accident”
  as Therefore, we must have awe of nature and life. As one writer said: “Don’t treat ignorance as seeking knowledge, don’t use temptation as opportunity; don’t regard naivety as passion, don’t regard extreme as persistence; don’t regard fearlessness as wisdom, and don’t regard self-willedness as courage.” Put an end to reckless behavior, In order to become a true brave.