Don’t judge a Barbie doll by science

  Recently, Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie dolls, launched a new series of “anti-epidemic model” dolls. The six dolls are based on female heroes fighting the epidemic such as emergency room nurses, anti-epidemic first-line doctors, and vaccine developers. Moreover, the Barbie dolls in this series are all dressed up in their professional colors. Masks, stethoscopes, medical uniforms, flat shoes, combined with light makeup, reproduce the image of women in the profession with a high degree of reduction, and are intended to inspire the next generation. Young girls are engaged in scientific careers that benefit mankind.
  In the 62nd year of Barbie’s birth, I looked back at the Barbie dolls in my childhood cupboard. I was surprised to find that the anti-epidemic Barbie doll and the blond, blue-eyed, red cheeks, wavy curly hair, and gorgeous dresses that I collected when I was a child The doll is completely different in appearance. The anti-epidemic Barbie has walked out of the limited dream huts and romantic beaches in the childhood impression, separated from the dance party and exquisite refreshments, and penetrated into the vast world. From a sexy and fashionable young idol to an outstanding woman with special contributions. In the middle, what exactly did Barbie go through?
  In fact, the transformation experiment on this legendary pink doll began with the “Dawn Project” in 2016. Barbie was born in 1959. As one of the oldest dolls in the world, it was controversial before 2016. It is generally believed that this kind of doll has influenced young women’s perception of themselves. Due to the overly perfect figure and makeup of Barbie dolls, parents even worry that young girls will be more and more easily swallowed by unrealistic aesthetic standards.
  This makes Barbie a target of public criticism in educational topics. Some scientific researchers even accurately measured the body data of different series and styles of Barbie dolls, and then combined with the health standards of the World Health Organization, they came to the terrible conclusion that Barbie dolls are seriously underweight and almost reach the standard of anorexia. Mattel issued a condemnation, questioning their true motives for producing Barbie dolls.
  In addition, in the context of the increasingly visualized culture, the assembly line-like dolls with heavy makeup, the exquisite clothes in the entire closet, the racial positioning of women above the white middle class, the dreamy dance party and the superior living environment, also let In addition to body anxiety, parents worry that their children tend to become materialized.
  For children, are Barbie dolls pros or cons?
  The “Dawn Project” confronted people’s doubts about Barbie’s figure. In 2016, Mattel did not produce a single model of Barbie as in previous years, but launched three new body types: petite, slender and plump, and set 7 skin tones, 22 pupil colors and 24 hairstyles. The new plump Barbie doll has fat on its belly when viewed from the side. The famous Time magazine even uses it as the cover, with the striking headline “Can you stop discussing my figure now?” “Opened a new chapter in the transformation of Barbie dolls.
  In fact, Barbie is not an upper-class woman who is addicted to glamorous materials. She has worked in more than 200 occupations, including veterinarians, police, inventors and other industries where most men are male. Therefore, they are diversified independent women who dare to innovate and experiment. At the 2017 Barbie Doll Annual Conference, Barbie even became an astronaut who landed on the moon, realizing the aerospace dream of leading his enthusiasts to the sky.
  However, after launching three Barbie dolls that are closer to the normal proportions of women in reality, researchers still criticized the “Dawn Project” known as the “Barbie Experiment”. They pointed out that there is no real Barbie figure in reality, and even the plump Barbie is seriously out of health standards.
  I was puzzled. When did science begin to participate in the warm and romantic Barbie doll? On the childhood wish list, girls always have a lovely Barbie doll in their heart gifts. Is such a wish really a precursor to a favorite material or to pursue a figure? I recalled the days when I was with Barbie doll when I was a child. I saw her as a real friend who could be touched. I was obsessed with chatting with her, changing her dance skirts or simple dresses in different weather and occasions, and even I cared whether she would be tired from standing for a long time, and moved her joints and limbs repeatedly to let her sit with me. In these experiences, I handed Barbie a kind and agile childlike innocence. What was surging was natural care and imagination, but I almost never realized her figure and age problems, let alone regarded it as us. Barriers between.
  The childhood content of Barbie dolls can never be calculated by science. The child never wanted to ask for a figure secret book on Barbie, nor did he compare the external difference between it and himself. For me, Barbie is by no means a role model to learn. She will always be equal to me, because she has more dazzling personal values ​​in addition to external body concerns. She has her own business. During the game, she fulfilled my future career aspirations for me. No matter if she is a capable lawyer or a traveler, she can do it perfectly. These aspects have really affected my growth, and I am even proud of her.
  People are angry and disappointed at the many external elements of Barbie dolls, but they don’t realize that those things that really make women feel anxious about their bodies and are more harmful to women’s self-consciousness have always been around us.
  Learning to tolerate a Barbie doll is like releasing those naive but beautiful childhood memories. Every Barbie doll has saved a period of time for you. They should not be an unhealthy body image and should not be misunderstood. Barbie bravely broke into the age of digital information and made more progress in order to keep up with your footsteps and to hand over those precious childhood memories at any time when you are fragile.