Does maternal obesity affect your baby’s health?

A few days ago, a pregnant woman weighing 310 kg (155 kg) gave birth and gave birth to a healthy baby. For a time, how overweight pregnant mothers can give birth to healthy babies has become a topic of discussion. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the pregnant woman’s attending doctor, Han Ning, director of the Second Maternity Ward of Henan Maternal and Child Health Hospital (the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University), and Cheng Chunhua, director of the delivery room.

How does a 310 pound pregnant woman deliver normally?

“This particular parturient is pregnant for the first time. In addition to being obese, she is also a pregnant woman with diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and group B streptococcal infection.” Recalls the parturient Li Na (pseudonym) when she planned to give birth The situation is still fresh in Hanning’s memory.

According to Han Ning’s recollection, when Li Na came to the hospital, the baby in her stomach was normal in size, and the pelvic conditions were also very suitable for vaginal delivery (smooth delivery). Taking into account a series of complications that will occur in obese pregnant women undergoing cesarean section, such as poor healing of abdominal incisions, experts unanimously recommended her to conduct trial delivery of vaginal delivery, and Li Na immediately agreed.

At the same time, the head nurse in the delivery room instructed the midwife to carefully monitor Li Na’s contractions and fetal heart rate during the trial, so as not to ignore the changes in her condition due to excessive weight, vaginal fat accumulation and excessive abdominal fat layer, and to do good life care and care for her. Conduct psychological counseling.

After a two-day planned delivery, when Li Na’s uterine opening was as large as 4 cm, she was consulted by an anesthesiologist in the hospital. With the cooperation of the obstetrician, anesthesiologist, and midwife, Li Na took the method of sitting anesthesia and successfully carried out the delivery town. pain. In less than an hour, Li Nagong opened her mouth and adopted the free position method of delivery, giving birth to a lovely “little princess”.

What are the effects of obesity?

Regarding the safe delivery of overweight mothers, Han Ning said that a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very important for pregnant women. They should not think that eating is one-eating and two-eating during pregnancy, which leads to obesity.

“Obesity is a common nutritional and metabolic disorder. Excessive energy intake and consumption disorders lead to excessive accumulation of body fat and increase the probability of gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension.” Haning said.

Pregnant women and their families lack knowledge of nutrition and always emphasize nutrition and neglect to be modest, which has serious consequences for pregnancy and childbirth. Too much energy will be stored in the abdominal wall of pregnant women in the form of fat, filling the pelvis and vagina, causing the dilatation of the uterine ostium during vaginal delivery to slow down, the total labor duration will be prolonged, and the incidence of abnormal labor will increase significantly, which also increases postpartum hemorrhage And the risk of infection during the puerperium. In addition, obesity during pregnancy is prone to pelvic floor muscle injury during labor.

What to do during pregnancy to avoid obesity?

Regarding what pregnant women should do to avoid the occurrence of obesity during pregnancy, Cheng Chunhua said that obese women preparing for pregnancy should adjust their weight before pregnancy, pay attention to nutritious diets during pregnancy, and properly control the intake of nutrients and high-energy foods, especially In the late pregnancy, it is necessary to closely cooperate with the dietary guidance of the clinician, and it is appropriate to increase the weight by 0.3 kg per week.

“It is not enough to control diet. Moderate diet and moderate exercise are the best match.” Cheng Chunhua said, whether before or after pregnancy, proper aerobic exercise is the first choice, you can choose to walk with your family during pregnancy , Walking, etc.

Cheng Chunhua suggested that reasonable diet and moderate exercise are compulsory courses during pregnancy. Once you are overweight, you should seek professional guidance from a doctor in time, and a professional obstetrician will make a reasonable birth plan.