Countries without house numbers

  I read news reports some time ago that in a worldwide survey, Costa Rica is the country with the highest happiness index in the world. Why? I’m always confused. Every time I watch them basking in the sun carefree, setting up stalls in the busy market, and juggling flowers in the traffic? Everything is so natural. Some people may say that the economy here is not developed and the competition is not fierce, and some people may say that the people here are sloppy and lack motivation, but in this small Latin American country, people live leisurely and happily. After a long time, I found that the houses here can hardly see the house number. Except for the occasional number in the rooms of a few apartments, there are almost no official house numbers in other buildings. Although some houses have small or delicate signs with numbers and letters on the exterior walls, this little thing seems to be more like a decoration, quietly adding a little color to the owner’s house.
  I don’t know if Costa Rica is the only country in the world that doesn’t have an accurate house number, or how the postman here delivers letters to every door. After getting lost a few times, I was more impressed by the unpredictable terrain and the clever postman.
  One weekend, I was invited to be a guest at a friend’s house. Since I have been there once under the leadership of a friend, I am confident to go alone. I took a taxi to show the driver the way, and after a while, I fainted. I just remembered that there was a big supermarket next to my friend’s house, but I saw only colorful houses in front of me. At that time, I hadn’t learned to remember the style and color of the houses. habit. I had to ask the driver to call a friend. The drivers here are very easy-going and love to chat. Seeing foreigners like us, despite the great difficulty in communication, they still talk about this and that with enthusiasm. Often the two of them do not understand each other, but it makes people feel fully. The enthusiasm of Latin Americans is unrestrained and fun. A friend told the driver the exact location on the phone, and ten minutes later, I arrived at my friend’s house. Before getting off the bus, I asked the driver what the address here is, and I asked him to write it down for me. The driver looked around and said to me, this is the C area of ​​P Street. The first traffic light intersection is 100 meters south and 50 meters west. The second traffic light turns left for 200 meters, white house with blue roof, yellow house to its left and orange house to its right. I didn’t understand it all at the time, I just wondered why the address was so long. When I went home and checked the dictionary, I found out that it was so, and I was immediately speechless.
  After that, I encountered a similar situation when I asked for the address several times. Gradually, I also got used to writing down the color and style of the house as well as the surrounding reference objects. I used to love to travel alone with a map and drill around in strange streets and alleys. But in this country, it’s hard to imagine finding a small, inconspicuous place on a map alone. Since then, I seem to understand a question that has puzzled me for a long time – why the houses here are all colorful and almost not the same. Despite the striking style and color of the house, and the dedicated postmen, they often find the wrong address and ask for the owner of the letter next to a similar building. Fortunately, all letters must be signed here, otherwise I don’t know how many letters will be sent by mistake.
  There should be no such thing as uniformity in the houses here. Each house is unique in appearance and color. Some are like castles, some are like rainforests, some are even like prisons, but those who can afford to build such houses are relatively wealthy, and those who are poor live in simple bungalows. White, blue, green, pink, yellow… Houses of various colors line the streets, which are also pleasing to the eye. This also seems to represent the character of Latin Americans, which highlights individuality and is unrestrained. If it is an ordinary house, the outer wall will be relatively quiet. If it is a shop, restaurant, or bar, there will be a lot of graffiti on the wall. These or strange or cute pictures are staring at every passerby passing by. At the beginning, I often thought that if it was in China, such a house would have been demolished and rebuilt long ago because it affected the overall planning of the city. But it is precisely because of this obvious style that in this country without house numbers, postmen and drivers can smoothly find every place you want to go.