Come prepared

  When I was young, my teacher always ordered two or three ballpoint pens for exams. Ballpoint pens are durable. No, you still have to have “substitutes.” The intention is simple and decisive, and prepare for the worst: if a sum is broken, there is still a replacement. When accidents happen, you won’t be helpless.
  Later, travel long distances with old friends. In addition to changing clothes and toiletries, old friends will also have enough medicines such as anti-fever medicine, disinfectant alcohol, and cold capsules. In addition to the ID card, bring a driver’s license. Even if mobile payments are unimpeded, cash is still sufficient. So far, I feel that my old friend is going to fight. But I have to admire this kind of preparedness, thinking about everything first, so the journey will be so smooth.
  Before starting, I never prepared with my bare hands. Just like a painter walking towards the drawing paper, there is no blank in front of him. Danqing is already on it. God prefers those who are prepared, but those who set off early, as it should be, go to the other side first.
  Everything is ready, all preventive measures, thinking of the worst, everything is not too bad. The ending can only give people joy.
  Is luck always missed? not necessarily. However, what if bad luck comes early? Since fate is elusive, the flowers and thorns may both be in front of them.
  Of course, not everything can be prepared in advance.
  A poet does not wait until the pen is frightened before he writes a poem; a craftsman does not wait until he is a master of craftsmanship before he strikes a hammer; an actor cannot wait until he is comfortable before he starts. To the stage; when a father couldn’t understand how to be a father, he hugged the crying first baby…because the poet’s poem is slowly completed; the craftsman’s carving is gradually refined; the actor’s realistic acting skills, It’s been a little bit of tempering to and fro the stage over the years; a good father also grows up with his children.
  Happiness is not something you can meet when you are ready when you go out. Beauty is not something that you have already decided, and you can get it on demand. They are not ready to come, but they often encounter them when they have no desires or desires. In fact, it was not accidental. Clear away the haze from time to time, leaving only brightness, happiness and beauty in my heart will come next time.
  Naturally, it is not about preparing a table of gluttonous meals, a few bouquets of delicate roses, and happiness will arrive as scheduled. When love flows between each other, happiness will emerge. But it takes long practice to keep love flowing.
  Everything is ready, only start when the east wind owes you? That is mostly wishful thinking. The truth is often that you start and work hard at the same time: you can’t wait for everything to be ready, or you are not strong enough to have everything ready. Then, always work hard and always prepare.
  Therefore, a person who is prepared, to be precise, is planning for the worst, and at the same time, making the best efforts.