Come on! juvenile

  That autumn came very early. The maple leaves covered the road to school early, dyed the muddy trails red, and stepped on to make a crunchy and crisp sound, which was very pleasant. I was carrying a new schoolbag that my dad bought me, and my mood was rippling like a river, and I embarked on the journey of rising.
  In this journey I thought was easy and pleasant, it was full of thorns that made me walk so hard that I moved forward step by step, but I never saw the dawn of dawn. Fortunately, I did n’t follow the wind and follow the waves, but toward In the direction of the wind, he constantly reshapes himself, and finally breaks through the cage of the night.
  With the results of the top ten in the grade and the top three in the class, I was naturally admitted to the class that everyone recognized as a school bully. I thought that from then on I would be able to sit back and relax and lie down in my past achievements, but when you are sleeping, the people around you are running silently. When the results of the first monthly test came out, I could n’t believe it. I fell to the bottom of the class. The extremely low score was the biggest irony I received in my life.
  At the moment when I got the test paper, I didn’t reflect on it in time, but found a lot of reasons for myself. I didn’t come up with textbooks to check for gaps, but I kept explaining to people around me to show that my failure this time was just a mistake. I thought that only love would make people know how to hold their heads and be comfortable after they broke their heads, and the original results were the same.
  I was at the bottom of the class three times in a row, and I was embarrassed to justify myself. I finally realized deeply that this was not just because of sloppyness and mistakes, but because I had been stagnant, but people who were on the same starting line with me had already launched a 100-meter sprint.
  I have always been unwilling to be weak. How can I fall behind? I started to abandon my bad habits of laziness, and sorted the papers that were previously thrown in the drawer one by one according to the order of the subject examination. I spent half of my pocket money and bought a few. In this notebook, I sorted out my wrong questions, unloaded the books that covered my entire face on the table and piled them up like a mountain, sorted them into my book box, and made a large space for me to write. Homework hands.
  At the end of the final exam, I pulled back one round. Although it was only in the top ten of the class, I saw my changes and was also pleased with my progress. There is a tradition in our school. The science class has only science classes and no liberal arts classes. When I knew that there was a division in high school, I decided to choose liberal arts, which meant that I had to leave the key class at that time. Parental preaching and teacher retention failed to slow down my haste.
  It was very popular at the time: “Learn mathematics, physics and chemistry, and don’t be afraid to go all over the world.” But I still filled in the liberal arts firmly on the division table. Although I do not exclude science, in contrast, I have a stronger interest and passion for politics, history, and geography. I am attracted to every corner of the geographic atlas and am curious about every event of historical celebrities. I like the chapters in political books that introduce every cultural site and traditional culture. I think interest can shape everything.
  But soon I realized that learning by interest alone is not enough.
  I thought I had a good foundation, and I was able to join the liberal arts class from Xueba class. As a result, my first grade in the second year of high school was another Waterloo. In addition to the three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and geography, which were barely excellent Can’t bear to look straight at it, politics and history linger on the edge of passing, and English scores are far from passing scores. I thought that the English difference between science and liberal arts would not be too big, but judging from my score, the difference was very big. At that moment, I suddenly regretted my choice. Because of the partiality of the subjects, I ranked in the middle class of the liberal arts class, and I was still a few tenths away from the total score of the last student on the recognition list at the school entrance.
  I didn’t want to give up, so I clenched the pen in my hand and began to copy the students’ notes seriously. In order to make up for my shortcomings, I gave up the lunch break. These two hours are enough for me to recite a unit of words, sort out the literary knowledge framework, and take a look at the writing skills. Tired, I lie on the table for five minutes.
  At that time, the most difficult thing to overcome was the morning reading rules of the liberal arts class. I was used to being in the science class. In order to avoid falling asleep during morning reading, I insist on washing my face with cold water every morning. Even in the winter close to zero degrees Celsius, this habit is still the same. Listening to the hissing sound of my own painful pain, people are also sober. A lot, and watching my own cooling oil decrease day by day, I felt a sense of accomplishment to overcome difficulties.
  The persistence of day after day has made my set of wrong questions thinner and thinner, the polarization is getting smaller and smaller, and my goal score is getting closer and closer.
  The night after the college entrance examination score came out, I could n’t believe my eyes. My total score was more than a hundred points higher than my ideal score. I divided it into two parts: seven points for hard work and three points for luck.
  In this marathon-style long-distance race, I did not allow myself to drift along the waves in the Dead Sea, but placed myself against the ocean, because I prefer the stimulus of pushing the boat against the current compared to the stability of drifting along the waves.
  Now I am walking on the university campus that I dreamed of, watching the flowers blooming and listening to the song of the wind singing birds. “The sea is wide, the sky is high and the birds are flying”, this is not deceiving, come on! Boy, one day you will thank yourself for those years of hard work and active struggle.