Choice of love

I saw a very interesting question a few days ago: if you can choose, the looks of you and your subjects are 98 points and 2 points respectively, who do you want 98 points and 2 points?

This is really a dilemma!

I had a different idea with a senior psychologist friend. I chose to make the subject 98 points, so I looked happy and said, 98 points can be compared with 2 points, indicating that I must have other outstanding points. A friend said she chose to give herself 98 points. The reason is that he hopes to be a beauty in the eyes of the public, and as long as the object is what he likes in his heart, then no matter what he sees in the eyes of others, he is beautiful in his own eyes.

It’s very interesting, right? Any choice has its benefits, and you have to accept the less beautiful places that it brings at the same time.

This is the same as most choices in life, and there are few perfect options. If you want to choose a new brand-name bag, you must bear its extremely high price; if you value the price more affordable, then its design and style may be relatively inferior. If you want to work free, then the income cannot be too high; if you want to earn more, then you will pay more. Legend has it that the good things with less money and less near home are now almost gone.

This is the case with small things, and the same with lifelong events.

When choosing a partner, it is even better to look at the advantages and disadvantages. If you choose someone who is honest and honest and can treat you well and enjoy the benefits in this regard, then you can’t ask him to have high social communication skills and high ambitions for his career; you like career success, Duo Jin’s man, he may not have so much time to accompany you Qingqing, me…

Everyone knows the truth, but many people think clearly before choosing, and once they succeed, they start to look forward to long.

Forcing Mune’s husband to go to the sea, the Mr. President is everywhere at home with him. “Look at the old king next door…” At this time, the old king next door is most useful.

In fact, people are different from each other, and we cannot take into account all the advantages. Therefore, when choosing a partner, we must first figure out what we value most. This is like the domineering president who has appeared in the idol drama in the past two years. How many girls have been turned over by these handsome fish ponds, but they are really put into real life. Do you want fish ponds or other things? There are a few.

He will not be nearly perfect as in a TV series, rich and gentle, cold to the world, only passionate about you. At the same time, he will also have shortcomings such as stubbornness, perseverance, and you must listen to him. This is a complete living person.

This is true no matter which type you choose. So the most important thing about marriage and feelings is that you choose this person and find an acceptable communication method that suits you. This is to choose what you like and adapt to what you choose.

It is impossible to find a perfect partner. We can work hard to find the perfect communication method as possible.