Chinese medicine of this nation

  I am grateful to TCM, who has rescued the weak and helpless me. Neither my family nor my family knew the name of the middle man, but the piece of “plastered hand rejuvenation” was hung in my heart in this life.
  My parents love and combine freely and love their daughters, but they are less than one year old. The baby is suffering from an emergency. The child was twitching in pain, foaming in his mouth, and his condition was critical. My parents were all “new school” characters, and immediately took me to the French-American Kami Hospital opened in Kunming. And I, on the verge of death, was sentenced to “Hopeless” by Ganmei Hospital and gave up treatment.
  My father invited the craftsman to come home and tailor-made a small coffin for me, in order to make the last love for this little life.
  The sound of the carpenter’s work was sounded in the “ding” at home, and the dying me was lying in the back room. Suddenly there was a ringing bell outside the door: “Who is the child who is in the wind, I have the secret recipe for ancestors…” This moment is just like the scene in “Dream of Red Mansions”. Grandma rushed out of the house and stopped the middle of You Fang Lang.
  How many times have I imagined the situation at that time: a poorly dressed, vicissitudes of life in the middle of the lake and lake walked to the dormitory of Fu Dian Bank on Huanggong East Street by Cuihu Lake, and in front of a magnificent French-style building, he shouted with confidence. “, and then walked into my house in a cautious manner, went to the crib to see the dying baby. He took four large black pills from his suitcase and ordered each to be divided into four portions, which were taken under warm water.
  Grandma feeds me, and my parents let me do it, but I have no hope. Prying open the mouth and swallowing for the first time, I stopped twitching. The mother said that at the time she thought it was “finished”. Upon closer inspection, it was calm. On time, I took the second serving, and I opened my eyes and looked around. I have been able to identify my loved ones without finishing the four pills. The father picked up the small coffin and went out to the pediatrics of a hospital, where he donated.
  In those days, anyone with a little knowledge and family background was the best policy to go to the Western Medical Hospital. And I tried to test the authenticity of Chinese medicine.
  Since the May Fourth Movement, there has been some radicalism in Chinese society, and it has been particularly prominent in its attitude towards its traditional medicine. The pioneers we regarded as supreme, Hu Shi and Lu Xun, rejected traditional Chinese medicine. The reason for this is that there is hatred because of personal experience, but also because the desire to reform the “old culture” is too urgent. Chinese medicine was obviously injured by mistake.
  I don’t know when, the middle of You Fang’s Langzhong is gone, and the “ancestral secret recipe” becomes a joke. In modern history, the figure of traditional Chinese medicine is scattered. In textbooks, only “Bian Que sees Cai Huan Gong” is probably related to Chinese medicine, but people’s focus is mostly on “government” rather than “medicine.”
  Dehong, who I lined up, was a famous “land of malaria” in history. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang’s “seven captures Meng Huo” suffered a great loss from the “bleeding spirit”. Malaria was not controlled until quinine was extracted from the cinchona tree. My educated youth used to be the “antimalarial worker” of Zhaizi. After receiving work every day, I sent the pills to the Dai’s table.
  When the song “Toasting Song” had not yet sung across the country, I joined the medical team in the countryside and went to Shiping County in southern Yunnan to learn Chinese medicine: go to the mountains to pick medicines, come back to dry, cure and manage the pharmacy. I have a precise grasp of the “pulse phenomenon”, and have been appreciated by the Chinese medicine team. “Hongmai”, “Huamai” and “Xianmai” are all connected with the imagery in literature, so you must learn Chinese well to learn Chinese medicine. “Pulsing the pulse” is a very important part of traditional Chinese medicine, and some patients are not allowed to be sick. When I took a pulse, I also found two pregnant women. Rural women are ashamed to tell the truth. If they don’t adjust their prescriptions, it will easily lead to miscarriage.
  In the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism, man is never higher than nature, and man must cooperate and obey nature. For example, the four seasons of diet and work, spring launch, winter collection, talk about qi, but also the law of everything. These thoughts continue to deepen and affect my life.
  In the spring of 2000, I went to Beijing to interview Mr. Li Zhengdao. I brought a box of Tianma and Panax notoginseng from Yunnan. Someone warned me: “The scholars who have been studying abroad for many years will not want you to have unsterilized things in the soil.” Mr. Shen Keqi, a classmate of Li Zhengdao, said: “Mr. Li believes this. He came here specifically to Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Go to the doctor.” Sure enough, Li Zhengdao accepted it with great pleasure.
  When I visited the expeditionary military village in the “Golden Triangle”, I saw that the people of Southeast Asia and the Chinese still respect Chinese medicine and regard Chinese patent medicines from China as treasures. In the most famous university in Thailand, there is a Chinese medicine course. However, in our case, the TCM school always feels like it is in a separate volume. Yunnan is the kingdom of Chinese herbal medicine. I once lectured at Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The dean told me that they recruited mostly poor students and peasant children, and most of them were girls.
  In fact, no matter what social class, Chinese people have long regarded traditional Chinese medicine as a necessity. Who doesn’t have a few boxes of cheap Chinese patent medicines in the drawer? Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, Tongxuanli Fei Pills, and more quick-acting rescue Xin Pills, which can be said to have unlimited merit. Because of simplicity, because of reliability, it is despised.
  In the city, there seems to be a “snobbish” thinking, as if only the bottom people will go to the Chinese medicine to eat Chinese medicine, and the Chinese medicine retreats to a remote corner and struggles to survive. In fact, after receiving the ruthless “sentencing” of Western medicine, many patients will always return to the people and go to the alleys and mountains to seek the treatment of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has never abandoned patients because of hopeless diagnosis. Even for the least likely patients, Chinese medicine will let him take the medicine for conditioning and comfort to show “don’t give up”. From this point of view, the belief of Chinese medicine “hanging the pot to help the world” is very noble, because it is a medicine created and used by people, which can accompany people’s life and death.
  TCM and this nation share a common affiliation. In the biographies of famous TCM doctors, there is always a story: when an unnamed plague broke out, TCM doctors were in imminent order-this “order” does not necessarily come from the emperor or the official family, but more from their inner calling. They picked up a medicine burden and took their disciples to the epidemic area. In those villages and towns, they set up a stove-top pot and boil medicine to rescue them. The people drink the medicine in a bowl, and the doctors observe the effect and continue to improve the formula, thus leaving many different prescriptions prepared according to time and place. The so-called “retrograde” is the generation of traditional Chinese medicine.
  From “Shen Nong Taste Baicao” to those of our countable treasures-“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, etc., Chinese medicine has been protecting this nation for thousands of years. In many parts of the world, the plague and escape have caused a once highly developed city to be gradually annihilated by deserts, but there is no place on the land of China that was abandoned because of the plague.
  Just a few days ago, the World Health Organization said in a press conference: “80% of patients with new coronary pneumonia have mild symptoms and can heal or cure, and will not develop into severe cases.” Mild patients’ self-healing “” and “cure” are actually the “detoxification” process that Chinese medicine calls. Without the intervention of traditional Chinese medicine, “self-healing” is difficult for many people with poor basic fitness-viruses damage people’s physiological functions and make life very fragile. The Chinese and Western medical workers are people-oriented and jointly fight against the epidemic to form a “self-healing” safety track.
  ”The righteousness stays inside, and evil cannot be done.” This sentence was originally the medical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can also become the motto of our self-improvement and righteousness in the epidemic.