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Chicago’s city-monitoring electronic eye

  At the Chicago train station, a person flashed by carrying a handbag in a panic. The atmosphere suddenly became tense, and the eyes of the two policemen were fixed on the bag in the man’s hand. How is this going? It turned out that the nearby camera surveillance system kept up with the man’s whereabouts.
  The man was the thief who stole a woman’s handbag in a crowded area of ​​the station. The woman immediately called the police on her cell phone. Meanwhile, the camera surveillance system has been tracking the thief. The thief fled quickly through the crowd in the station. The police followed closely and finally caught the thief.
  Police in Chicago use the display system to see what’s going on in the area covered by the camera surveillance system. The camera surveillance system has a bird’s-eye view of every corner of the surveillance area. An electronic eye system has been established in the big city of Chicago, which monitors every corner of every public facility, street, shopping mall and entertainment venue in the city. If you go to Chicago, wherever you go, you will find that the electronic eyes of the camera surveillance system are always following you and protecting you. Because the city has established a relatively complete surveillance system, it is known as the most secure city in the United States.
  The lens of the surveillance camera scans from the roof to the foundation, from the road to the office and the wall of the residence. Even for buses, the camera surveillance system will scan and record the license plate number. For buses, the camera surveillance system is monitoring its speed in crowded areas and violating traffic rules to avoid traffic accidents. In addition, the surveillance system can also detect beggars wandering on the streets, lost travelers and tourists who wander around a certain area for a long time. Once the situation occurs, the police will be dispatched to point out the maze and provide assistance.
  The operators of the Chicago City Camera Surveillance System must undergo strict education and training on professional knowledge skills and professional ethics before taking up their posts. Because of their high sense of responsibility and conscious moral values, 70% of the citizens have absolutely recognized them in the work of urban monitoring. Although some people secretly oppose it, they dare not reveal it publicly.
  Facts have proved that after the formation of the urban surveillance system, the incidence of street robbery has dropped significantly, and thieves dare not openly commit crimes, which effectively guarantees the safety of citizens’ personal and property. Also, the urban homicide rate has dropped to its lowest level in 40 years. Of course, thieves’ burglary and other crimes have shifted from overt to covert. The city of Chicago is considering the development and development of an electronic eye to track covert burglary and other crimes. Chicago’s camera surveillance system has become the city’s surveillance management center. It is the eyes of policing everywhere, and all misdeeds and actions cannot escape its surveillance. People say that in Chicago, the good guys are proud and the bad guys are pretending to be good guys, and his mysterious whereabouts can’t escape the electronic eyes of each one.
  In a sense, the urban camera surveillance system is a multi-functional monitoring method, which can not only detect the rampage of individual people in the crowded crowd on the street, but also transmit traffic information, and more importantly, make some difficult Discriminated criminal activity exposed. For example, criminals wear large coats, which contain stolen stolen goods and drugs, which are tracked and monitored by electronic eyes.
  Environmental protection is also under the surveillance of the camera monitoring system. Last year, a van carrying 800 pounds of toilet waste crossed the busy streets to the Chicago River and dumped the waste into the river. The toilet waste quickly drifted around a tourist boat, where the contaminated water entered the hull. The drinking water was polluted again. Some passengers became ill after drinking the drinking water, and 5 people were sent to the hospital, which confirmed that the reconnaissance of the monitoring electronic eye was accurate.
  The environmental violation was brought to court. Under the evidence of the video surveillance records and the hospital’s medical records of poisoning treatment of 5 people, the owner of the car who transported garbage into the river had to bow his head and accept the penalty.

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