Chatting with virtual people, Baidu input method AI Kankan experience

The new fusion of input method and AI

  After ChatGPT opened its application, AI and terminal applications are merging at an unprecedented speed. And Microsoft integrated BingAI into the iOS and Android versions of the SwiftKey input method, allowing people to see a new round of AI entry competition. As a representative of Chinese input methods, Baidu has also been practicing on the road of AI integration for a long time.
  Relying on the Baidu Wenxin PLATO model, Baidu Input Method not only brings two virtual characters “Lin Kaikai” and “Ye Youyou” to users, but also adds various AI functions such as AI character creation and AI voice, and various AI functions The addition of Baidu input method not only allows Baidu input method to bring users a better user experience, but also captures a large number of young users in terms of interaction and customization.
  With the formation of an ecosystem of software and hardware technologies such as IOT and AI, the input method helps users to achieve barrier-free chatting in the virtual world, and the refinement of data learning, edge computing and continuous improvement of lifelong learning technology also make the AI ​​input method The functions are more diverse and anthropomorphic.
The virtual human hidden in the input method

  Chatting with the input method, a very tool-like application? This idea that sounds a bit fanciful has been realized on Baidu input method.
  The new version of Baidu input method has added two virtual characters “Lin Kaikai” and “Ye Youyou”. The warmth that others cannot give, once released, has become the perfect goddess in the minds of the majority of otaku. The character of “Lin Kaikai” is a 22-year-old sunny boy with deep black eyes and a charming color, allowing users to have close contact with “idol” (Figure 1).
  After installing and starting the Baidu input method, you can see the “AI Kankan” option on the “My” page in the lower right corner. After entering, users can choose to chat with “Lin Kaikai” or “Ye Youyou” according to their personal preferences. The author here Select “Meet Her”.
  After clicking “Meet her”, a dynamic video appeared immediately, and the handsome “Ye Youyou” was shooting tropical fish with a single electric camera. When she took down the camera, how many people would feel heartbeat and electric shock? After entering the chat interface of “Ye Youyou”, the system will prompt to start with “What should I call you?”.
  During the chat, I found that “Ye Youyou” can not only pass the time with simple conversations, but also transform into an omnipotent “Miss Confidant Sister” with the support of Baidu Wenxin PLATO model. She can not only teach me how to cook boiled fish, but also You can teach me how to make ice cream (as shown in Figure 2).
  It should be noted that “Ye Youyou” is more of a dialogue mode in the presentation of answers. When users find that the answer is not complete, they can directly ask “Ye Youyou” “And then? What should I do next?” and other similar words, and then lead to the following . In addition to basic dialogue, “Ye Youyou” also has built-in “call morning” and “sleep sleep” functions. Take the “Call for Morning” function as an example, the user can set the time freely, and when the set time is reached, “Ye Youyou” will remind you that it is time to get up in a coquettish tone, or at night, it will use a more intimate The tone reminds you to go to sleep.
  After a period of experience, it is found that “Ye Youyou” not only meets the needs of 24-hour companionship in terms of functions, but also meets the emotional needs of users to a certain extent with the user-centered chat mode.
Not just an AI-assisted chat that helps you chat

  AI Chat is one of the AI ​​functions of Baidu mobile phone input method. Its specific location is on the right side between the virtual keyboard and the input box. There is an icon of a villain head. After clicking, the AI ​​Chat function can be called out. The first ability of Baidu input method AI-assisted chat AI creation can intelligently rewrite and expand according to user input content. Through AI creation, it can help you intelligently create the sentences you may want to type, and you can also click “Change” to perform random replacements until you select a satisfactory sentence (as shown in Figure 3).
  In addition to AI creation, AI chat has the AI ​​correction ability, which can intelligently identify input typos in combination with AI technology, and can quickly mark them out during the user input process and prompt the user to correct them to correct words and sentences, helping users express more rigorous words. At the same time improve the input efficiency. Such a proofreading function is very practical for white-collar office workers who like to use mobile software to record inspiration and ideas anytime, anywhere, or elementary and middle school students who like to use mobile phones/tablets to outline before writing essays.
  In fact, text content optimization is only one of the functions of Baidu input method AI chat. “There is no disadvantage, but this function is only supported when typing on social software such as WeChat and QQ.
  Baidu input method’s pursuit of personality is not only reflected in the “sentence with pictures”, but also the two functions of “Huayangwen” and “special effect characters” are also designed to optimize the individual elements of the input content.
  After using it for a period of time, I found that the AI ​​chatting function of the Baidu input method can not only provide highly differentiated subdivision functions according to the needs of users in different scenarios, but also integrate well with AI itself, and can be used on the basis of only inputting a few words. Automatically complete the complete statement for the user. For example, if you input “can you” in a conversation with customer service in a shopping scene, the intelligent prediction function will complete the sentence as “can you help me change the address” for users to choose, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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