Casting nets on the east coast from sunrise to sunset

  Walk from Singapore’s East Coast Park to East Coast Road to eat and eat, and then visit the famous attractions in the East Coast GRC. Is 12 hours enough? The reporter designed a full-day East Coast tour itinerary, using sunrise to sunset time to enjoy the beautiful East Coast, catching the natural beauty, food, shopping and one of the latest local attractions: Changi Jurassic Trail.
  The island country is summer all year round, and the hot and humid weather somewhat affects the pleasure of playing. So the 12-hour itinerary on the East Coast had to start in the dark while the weather was cool.
  Bedok jetty sunrise tour
  suggestion 6:30 arrival Bedok jetty; If traveling by taxi, be asked to get off at East Coast Park F1 car park. The parking lot is currently closed and the reopening date is to be determined, but as long as you get off near the entrance and walk in the direction of the waves, you will see Bedok Pier in less than 10 minutes.
  The 250-meter-long Bedok Wharf was once an exercise base for the Ministry of National Defense. It also witnessed the historical event of Vietnamese refugees coming ashore to receive medical services in 1975. After the incident has moved, Bedok Wharf has become a good place for nearby residents to relax. Before dawn, many people have been fishing here, morning transport, and how many memories are still noisy in the tide of time.
  The sunrise time is uncertain, but you can generally feel the warmth before 7 o’clock; the ideal weather for watching the sunrise is up to fate, so you might as well check the weather forecast the day before and look forward to the clear sky in the morning. The sun is blocked by clouds? It doesn’t matter, just blowing the sea breeze makes you feel refreshed. What’s more is to chat with friendly anglers and morning walkers. Learn about the history of Bedok Pier and the East Coast from their mouths. The most true and exciting stories have always been with you and me.
  Walk along the beach
  met the sunrise, followed by a dialogue with seawater. Walking along the walkway of the East Coast Park to the west, there are morning walkers, tall casuarinas, and waves that never leave.
  It’s too early, there is no movement in the cable water skiing park. The vendors in the East Coast Artificial Lake Food Village and the restaurants in the East Coast Seafood Center are quiet, without the noise and bustle, and it is easier to focus on the surrounding grass and trees, the peaceful atmosphere Let the air smell very fresh.
  During this period of walking, the temperature and humidity are moderate. The faster the people around you run, the better it might be to slow down.
  The temperature is starting to rise, sit down and have breakfast.
  Walk from Bedok Pier to Marine Cove, a leisure eating area in the park, about 4km/50 minutes. Breakfast options include local Indian restaurant My Briyani House, and Western fast food such as McDonald’s and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Another option is to continue walking for about 10 minutes and you will arrive at the Parkland Green catering and retail area that was originally the Bailing Golf Driving Range. Parkland Green and Marine Cove were refurbished and put into operation in 2014 and 2016. On weekends, there are crowds of people and they are relatively quiet on weekdays.
  Parkland Green’s breakfast options are limited to Starbucks. The biggest selling point is that you can drink coffee while looking at the sea in a building with a cafe on the West Coast. There is also The Yoga Space, a well-lit yoga studio. If you are interested, you can book a yoga class online ($25 per class).
  There is a more free choice for breakfast: bring your own lunch. Beach, grass, stools, there must be picnic corners that make you feel comfortable.
  Walk East Coast Road, shopping, eating
  Chiliaozaocan feet rested, then another covered area shopping.
  Behind Parkland Green, you can see the Marine Parade underpass entrance, and the Marine Parade Center is at the end. Go through the center of the neighborhood, cross Marine Parade Road, and then walk along Brook Road or Joo Chiat Road for about 3 minutes, which is East Coast Road.
  Don’t walk too fast, keep a little distance to appreciate the beauty of the rows of shophouses. Most of the shophouses in this area were listed as protected buildings in 1993. It is recommended to walk on the footbridge outside Les Plaza and look into the distance. You can feel the difference in nature from different angles.
  The most iconic is the red house in Katong, also known as “Jiadong Bakery”. It has been more than 100 years since the East Coast Road in the early 20th century, and it is said to be the oldest red brick building in this area. This red house was originally a folk house until the bakery was opened by the Jewish Jim Baker in the 1920s. The business was sold to a Hainanese seaman due to the death of Jim Baker in 1925, and later became the most common Peranakan Chinese. One of the coffee shops I went to was a place where many “Baba” and “Nyonya” were specially selected for the first date. Over the past few decades, it has changed hands and changed several times. In 2016, the Nanyang coffee chain Wang Cafe entered, and now it is Micro Bakery & Kitchen, which specializes in sourdough bread. Many people come for the beautiful storefront. Come here on a date with your partner, no matter how you can’t find the nostalgic atmosphere of the year, but you can let the red house continue to pull the red line to witness the growth and renewal of love.
  After a few steps, there is another ice cream shop that is also photogenic: Birds of Paradise. The ice cream is as fresh and pleasant as the store decoration. The flavor of ice cream is inspired by plants, including chrysanthemum and pandan with local characteristics. Hold a cup or a tube of ice cream and continue shopping. It feels cold on a hot day. I am grateful that the ice cream will not melt too quickly on a cold day. It is enjoyable anyway.
  How far can I go holding ice cream? Although the East Coast Road is only 2.7 kilometers long and it takes less than 40 minutes to walk from start to end, there are so many delicious and interesting things along the way, from Katong Laksa to Nyonya rice dumplings, from fine chocolates to hand-made coffee, and there are surprises. For the street murals, time and stomach space seem to be insufficient.
  Fengshan Food Center continued to spread
  further and further vigorously? In fact, you can continue to the east coast road section. If you are tired, you can also take bus No. 14 on East Coast Road or East Coast Road, and get off at the opposite of Fengshan Food Center on Bedok North Road. The journey takes less than half an hour.
  Fengshan Cooked Food Center has numerous food choices, not to mention the famous minced meat noodles, as well as peanut glutinous rice balls and pork porridge. The advantage of patronizing after lunch time is to avoid the crowds. Unfortunately, before the evening, stalls such as satay rice noodles and grilled chicken wings are not open. But because of this, perhaps you will pay attention to food that you don’t usually pay attention to.
  Outlet shopping
  Take bus No. 14 from the station outside Fengshan Hawker Center, get off at Tanah Merah Subway Station after 10 minutes (four stops), transfer to East-West Line, go to Expo Subway Station, walk from Exit G to Zhangcheng Square (Changi City Point).
  Many Chinese go abroad to include outlet malls in their itineraries to search for discounted brand-name items. There are very few local outlet malls, and it may be difficult to compare with foreign countries in terms of brand types and discounts. Zhangchengfang is not the largest outlet mall in the country (the western IMM is more large-scale), but it is still possible to find a heartbeat. Remember to pay attention to the weight when shopping, because there is the last highlight of the itinerary today, too heavy a bag may affect the pleasure of playing.
  New Encounters – New Changi Airport Link Road
  convergence Changi Airport Changi Airport Link Road and East Coast Park officially opened, is the latest East Coast area attractions.
  It is recommended to walk back to the Expo MRT station from Changchengfang, take the MRT to Changi Airport Terminal 2 (T2), and pay attention to the signs to Hub & Spoke and Changi Jurassic Mile. Hub & Spoke has a cafe (dining options include local and Western food), shower facilities, water dispensers and a GoCycling bicycle rental shop. GoCycling has nine other branches across the island. After renting a car at the airport, you can return the car at other branches, such as the branch in East Coast Park.
  The connecting road is 3.5 kilometers long, and you can see beautiful scenery whether you walk or ride a bicycle. Walk along the link to East Coast Park and you will pass the Changi Jurassic Trail. This 1 km long outdoor attraction adjacent to Tanah Merah Country Club exhibits more than 20 dinosaur statues. The largest dinosaur Brontosaurus is 17 meters long and 4.5 meters high. The Changi Jurassic Trail is open all day, but if you plan to visit from 9am to 12 midnight on Fridays or weekends, you must make an appointment online (
  After seeing the dinosaurs, you can turn into the park link and proceed to Bedok Pier to return to the original starting point today. If you don’t want to walk too tired, you might as well have dinner at the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre (NSRCC Sea Sports Centre). There are several restaurants, including stir-fried, Indonesian and Western food. The most attractive one is While dining while blowing the sea breeze, it has the atmosphere of a small island holiday in Southeast Asia.
  However, it is not easy for mobile phones to connect to the Internet here, and it may be difficult to call a private car, and there is no bus stop nearby. It is recommended to call a taxi when leaving, or take a walk to the East Coast Park parking lot after dinner and then call for a taxi. After nightfall, the East Coast Park has a unique atmosphere, and you can experience the preciousness of the sunrise in the morning.