Case in point: Missing 13-year-old boy returns as uncle

Late one night in 2017, Kelly, who lives in Texas, USA, was suddenly awakened from her deep sleep by the urgent ringing of a phone

“This is the Madrid Shelter, Spain. Your brother Barclay, who has been missing for three years and four months, is here… ‘

“What?” Kelly was suddenly thrown up, her lost brother Barclay found more than three years!

Carrie steadied herself and quickly told her family the good news. The family has been grieving since Barclay, then 13, disappeared after playing football three years ago. And now the heavens have opened to give back their lovely Barclay!

What the Barclay family couldn’t imagine was that they had been looking for information in the United States, and Barclay was thousands of miles away in Spain? Kelly volunteered to travel to Spain to bring Barclay home. When Kelly finally reached the floor of the Madrid shelter, she was so excited that she called out Barclay’s name

‘Barclay, my love! Sister has come to fetch you home!”

However, in Carrie’s voice, shuffled downstairs, wearing a shabby black scarf, cotton gloves, all wrapped in a torn jacket like zongzi.

Kelly didn’t hesitate for a second. She snatched the man into her arms the moment she saw him

‘Barclay, my brother! My darling, I see you again…”

All around the police were moved by the moving scene of “Wanli kiss”, asylum all several female staff also shed tears on the spot.

After crying with her brother, Kelly asked to use the shelter’s visitor’s room so she could have a word with him.

The request was understood by staff, who kindly warned Kelly to watch the timing because the judge had to give Barclay an IDENTIFICATION test before he could be picked up.

When the door to the reception room was closed, Kelly pulled from her pocket photos of Barclay’s family and childhood friends.

“Dear brother, I know you have suffered memory lapses after so much abuse. Don’t be afraid. Let me help you.”

She pointed to the photos and told Barclay who they were. And now Barclay, looking nervous memory, as if these people really had been forgotten by him for too long.

Kelly finally smiled with satisfaction as she confirmed that the man in the photo could be identified by Barclay. She patted Barclay on the shoulder. “Just relax, honey, and pass the judge’s test and we can go home! Mother and brother are waiting for you at home!”

Kelly’s words made Barclay’s heart tight, but his sister cast a trusting look, but made him feel at ease.

Soon, Barclay is taken to another room for a quarantine test, where he is shown “family photos”!

Barclay heaved a sigh of relief: Kelly had just told him all about her family. Plus, the photo the judge was using for the test was the same one Carrie had just shown him!

Barclay passed the test and was welcomed back on a plane to Texas with his sister Kelly.

Suspicious enough to force an FBI investigation

By the time the plane arrived in the United States, Kelly was happily sharing with her “brother” how the family had changed over the past three years.

“Our mother — poor Beverly — hasn’t gambled any more since you went missing. She blames herself for not being good enough at you… Barclay, you’ve forgiven her, haven’t you? ‘

“Oh, you must wonder about Jason, he’s still the same! Every day ill, very angry, a few words will shake fist at people…” Carrie chattered, and the boy she held in her hand struggled to remember the family messages she had inadvertently delivered.

It is hard to imagine that, just a few days ago, he was Fred, a hardened criminal who roamed children’s shelters across Europe. Originally French, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age and never felt the warmth of home. He’s been living off the con for years, mainly by posing as missing teenagers in children’s shelters across Europe. When he was living in Spain, he decided to do the same thing again to make a living. So he called the police late at night to report seeing a shivering teenager in a phone booth.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and took the poor “boy” to the police station, but no matter what they asked him, he remained silent and the police were going to take him to a children’s shelter at daybreak.

That boy was Fred, and he was the one who made the call to get into the shelter and live comfortably.

Police in Madrid, however, were not so easy to fool. Before entering the shelter, they made sure to find out who the boy was and where he came from, as the dark-stubble man did not look like a teenager by any means.

“If you don’t talk, we will take your picture and fingerprint you to identify you!”

Fred was shocked, but with years of experience as a con artist, he soon recovered his composure.

“I’m from America. I ran away and moved to Spain. I’ll call my family to pick me up tonight. Sir, as you know, there is a time difference between America and Spain, so I can only make phone calls at night… Now, give me something to eat first, I am so hungry!”

In the use of people’s sympathy to deceive the evening, Fred opened everyone, a person to stay in the police office, pretending to be a Spanish police, call the police stations around the United States, said here found a 16 or 17 years old American missing boy, hope the United States police can provide information.

The U.S. police did not suspect the call because it was a police hotline number, but transferred the call to the U.S. Center for Missing Children. Fred gave the person who answered the phone a vague description of himself, so they could sift through more missing children and Fred could pick the one that best suited him.

That’s how he chose the boy, Barclay, who had gone missing three years and four months earlier.

Fred looked at Barclay’s black and white photograph on the missing leaflet faxed from America and thought he might be able to get away with something similar. After all, it is not unusual for an adolescent boy to change his appearance after three or four years.

But to Fred’s surprise, when he told the police he was Barclay, the National Center for Missing Children e-mailed Barclay’s identity documents, including color photos of Barclay’s life. The picture clearly shows Barclay as a blond boy with blue eyes!

Fred was instantly desperate! He was twenty-three years old, and his face, worn from years of wandering, was older than his years, and the appearance of a teenager of sixteen or seventeen was full of flaws. What’s more, he had black hair and brown pupils, so no matter how hard he tried to disguise himself, he couldn’t be fooled!

But what makes a person surprised is, the elder sister Kelly that comes far away to recognize relatives, however one eye affirms him to be his missing long already younger brother! The uncontrollable tears of emotion made Fred, who thought he was about to be exposed for his lies, almost believe himself to be Barclay!

Fred hesitated as the plane landed, but Carrie had already taken his hand in hers and walked with her family to meet him.

Her tearful mother, Beverly, kept rubbing Fred’s gnarled cheek. “Barclay, my boy, I never thought my mother would live to see you! Thank God!”

But there’s something different about brother Jason. He was wheeled to Fred in his wheelchair, very ill. Fred crouched down, ready for his brother’s embrace. Jason simply tapped him on the shoulder and said “good luck.” Then, with an eerie smile, he turned his head and instructed his family to push him away.

The smile made Fred shudder, but luckily no one seemed to notice Jason’s reaction.

When they got home, they crowded around Fred, asking him about the years he had been missing. “I was taken by an overseas military force, kidnapped, drugged, transported several times with a couple of other kids, and ended up somewhere I had no idea…”

Fred recounted brutal details, including sexual abuse, intimidation, beatings, hair coloring to hide identity, and injections to change pupil color.

So his and Barclay’s very different hair color and pupil color seemed to explain everything. Fred spoke emotionally and showed signs of abuse, including burns from cigarettes, untreated injuries from a broken hand, a limp, and numerous beatings.

After so many years of being homeless and being chased and beaten, it finally came in handy.

To allay the suspicions of his neighbors, Fred said this to everyone he met. His high profile attracted media attention, and several media outlets approached him to cover the Barclay saga. Fred is happy to be covered by the media. He thinks that the more people know about his “misfortune”, the more people will love and protect him, so that no one will doubt his true identity.

However, what makes him unexpected is that his ostentation attracted the attention of parker, a famous private detective in the United States.

In the case of thousands of miles is talked about with relish, Parker felt suspicious. At one point, parker saw Barclay talking on TV and felt his hair stand on end as he compared the Internet photos of Barclay before he disappeared. “That’s weird! That’s two people! Is it possible to change so much in three years?”

Parker took out the phone and called his friend at the television station. “Take a picture of this guy’s ear while he’s not looking!”

Capturing the overall shape of a person’s ear, encoding different parts and comparing them with database information is also a way to identify people with 99.2 percent accuracy, even better than face recognition.

Parker gasped after making a precise comparison: These two people have completely different ears! This man is definitely not Barclay!

Parker immediately called the FBI to reopen the investigation into Barclay’s disappearance, but the FBI refused: “Barclay’s family has identified him, and you can’t know him better than his family!”

Parker quickly changed his mind. “Even if Barclay is found, those who kidnapped him should be severely punished. He said there were multiple children being abused, so maybe you can get a clue and help more families!”

The FBI takes this advice and contacts Fred again, seeking more information about the kidnapping. But the information Fred gave was vague, with no time, place or who, just details of his abuse.

The FBI decides to take Fred to a psychiatrist in hopes of finding some clues to the case. But when Fred sat down with the psychiatrist and repeated the abuse, the doctor saw something was wrong: “He doesn’t look traumatized at all! Those horrible memories of abuse didn’t make any difference to his pupils or heart rate!”

Also, Fred’s awkward English made the doctor suspicious. Barclay was 13 at the time of his disappearance. He grew up speaking English and could not have been so unfamiliar with his native language after more than three years away from the United States. There was only one truth, then — this “uncle” with his clever eyes and eloquent brown eyes was not Barclay at all!

The FBI had no idea. They called Kelly and told her she didn’t need to pick up the guy, he was a fake, and they were going to find out who he was.

However, Kelly still came smiling when she got the call and took Fred home as if nothing had happened.

The FBI had to come back again and ask the family for a blood sample, only to be strongly refused by Beverly!

“You madmen! Barclay has been abused for so long, and you still suspect him and psychologically torture him! This is my son, and we don’t need to provide anything to the FBI!”

When the FBI insisted on taking Fred’s blood, Beverly threw herself on the ground and said anyone who touched her son would have to step over her body!

The FBI found something suspicious about the family: in the face of solid evidence, they insisted on believing a liar, something must be wrong!

No matter how much Barclay’s family resisted, the FBI investigation continued. They scrambled for a search warrant, collected Fred’s fingerprints and palm prints, sent them to Interpol and embassies, and ran them through a large database.

Soon after, an embassy official in Madrid, Spain, called. “We have identified him. He is not Barclay at all!”

Case in case, recognize the son behind the shocking

All the lies collapsed and Fred finally gave up. But as he stepped into the police car, he grabbed the officer and shouted, “Sir, get Beverly. She and Jason killed Barclay!”

Everyone was shocked! A flash of panic flashed through Beverly’s eyes and she cried wildly, “Liar! You pretend to be Barclay to deceive us, and to slander us! ‘

Kelly burst into tears. Jason had died a few days earlier of a serious illness, and now, cold as a bone, he was facing murder charges.

Beverly rushes forward and tries to hit Fred, but Carrie cries and grabs her. All hell breaks out.

Noisy crowd, out of a calm figure. He walked straight up to the policeman, showed his ID and said, “I’m Private Detective Parker and the first person to suspect the identity of the fake Barclay.” Parker said, showing off his research papers.

“After being rejected by the FBI, I conducted my own investigation. I found out that Barclay was happily living with his mother Beverly before he disappeared, until his gambling addict brother Jason moved in and everything changed!”

Beverly’s face grew worse, but she couldn’t stop Parker from telling the truth.

Jason taught Beverly to gamble, and over time, Beverly became an even bigger gambler than he was. But Barclay’s father died early, and there is no too much savings in the home, Jason is because of gambling owe a lot of money, many times by people beat, already scarred. Mother and son sold all the valuable things in the home, but also unable to support their growing gambling addiction. At this time, Jason offered to sell Barclay, who had repeatedly obstructed them from going to the casino!

Barclay, returning from the game, overheard their conversation. The teenage Barclay rushed at Jason in a rage and wrestled with him. The weak Jason where is his opponent, in the Barclay hit the eyes of Venus, Jason evil from the gallbladder, hand grabbed the table fruit knife, mercilessly stabbed to his own brother…

Parker’s description drew gasps from the room. No one could have imagined that Barclay, who had been missing for three years, had died at the hands of his own brother! But Beverly had been there when Barclay was killed, so how could she have mistaken Fred for her son?

“It’s not just Jason, it’s Beverly, It’s Kelly, you’re all executioners!” Fred yelled, accusing the mother and daughter who had provided warmth to his family. “I wondered at first, how could Kelly not recognize her own brother? And as soon as we met, she showed me family photos and helped me pass the judge’s test. Later I realized that it was all a conspiracy from beginning to end!”

Originally, after The death of Barclay, Beverly in order to save Jason, persuaded Kelly, together to protect Jason. They lied about Barclay’s disappearance and moved quickly. Jason went to the police a few months after the incident, falsely claiming that Barclay had been back to confuse the scene.

The Missing Children’s Center calls Barclay’s family every once in a while, hoping for new clues that could lead them to the child. It’s just rubbing salt into Beverly’s wounds. In the middle of the night, she remembered the plaintive, angry look in Barclay’s eyes at the end of his life… So when Fred pretended to be Barclay and came to claim her, Beverly thought it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the nightmare — to hide the evil in the dark forever, and to let it go. So she arranged for Kelly to rush off to Spain and, in a thoughtful way, asked her daughter to bring family photos to help Fred pass the test.

After Fred “returned to the family,” the Beverly family’s tacit hypocrisy always made him feel something was wrong. In particular, when Jason was dying, Beverly kissed him on the cheek and, with tears in her eyes, shocked Fred by saying, “Jason, Barclay must have forgiven you long ago. May you still love each other…”

Because of Fred’s accusations, the FBI takes Beverly away, but she insists that she was homesick and mistaken for Fred. And since Jason is dead, the police have so far failed to dig up more new clues.

The flamboyant Fred is still serving a six-year sentence for stealing an American passport. And the missing Barclay, because no one is alive, dead, still on the United States missing persons list. This case, one of the strangest cases in American history, is deeply thought-provoking.