Canteen ecology

  My friend A Wei studied in the United States for 6 years and decided to return to China after 3 years of work. The reason was that it was too difficult to solve lunch. In the United States, no matter how famous a company is, there is no decent canteen. Although a well-established company provides a wide range of coffees, sandwiches with similar differences, and gorgeous berries that can be eaten with yogurt and cereals, is this the canteen that the Chinese stomach desires? Does it have chewy Lanzhou ramen? Do you have a variety of porridge products? Do you have steaming wontons? Do you have sweet and sour pork ribs and salt and pepper small yellow croaker? The high-hat chef looked at Ah Wei with a smile and strongly recommended “Garlic Sauce Ice Cream” to him in Turkish accent. Our wanderer unavoidably lost his appetite.
  Ah Wei gave up the green card at his fingertips and returned to China to apply for a job. My father was pleased to find out, but he just told him: “When you arrive at the new unit, don’t hide in a small corner to eat takeaways. You must go to the cafeteria, and you must bravely sit next to the big leader.” Father told him from his own experience. Ah Wei, the leader is also very lonely. Once he reaches his age, he retreats to the second line and often eats alone. Don’t look at the cafeteria. The table of the top leader is often full, but the people who can sit close to you are not likely to want the leader to have a good meal. They abruptly turn the dining scene into a debriefing meeting, a seminar, and a brainstorming session. Awei’s father also served as a leader before he retired. He dared not eat fish in the cafeteria at that time, because there were too many people eager to let him give advice, and he was afraid that he would be caught by the fishbone.
  Awei is a little confused: “I’m sitting at the same table with the leader. What
  can I talk about if we don’t talk about work?” His father taught Jiyi: “You can talk about variety shows, criminal investigation dramas, the US election, and what the leaders’ sons and daughters can now go to school to earn a living. Plan. Remember Jack Welch’s famous saying that people who talk about opera with the chairman have a lot of room for promotion.”
  In the work canteen, the most moving scene appears every Wednesday, when retired old colleagues join the choir of the union. Training, group meals in the cafeteria. This is a small highlight in their later life. For training, the old ladies curled up white hair, applied lipstick, and put on velvet red skirts; the old gentlemen wore linen suits, white shirts, and small silk bow ties as usual. Everyone held loose-leaf music under their armpits, and when they walked into the cafeteria, they involuntarily slanted their shoulders.
  One day, when the old urchins with national flags painted on their cheeks and small red flags in their hands were performing flash activities in the cafeteria, all the working colleagues, from “post-60s” to “post-95s”, stood up for They applaud. Their hoarse, vicissitudes, and tender and affectionate singing voices sounded in three distinct voices and blended with each other, like an old eagle once again hovering over its homeland. It was those 5 minutes that reminded everyone that it was the Party Building Day, that it was the National Day, and that was the New Year. At every important time, the spiritual gains of the older generation were higher than ours.
  At the end of the 5-minute concert, everyone still lined up for dinner. At this moment, I have witnessed the two old ladies hugging each other, telling each other about the sisterhood of 40 years ago, as well as the current pain and incompetence. I can’t help but have mixed feelings. Half of the older generations who came to participate in the chorus event brought a three-tiered lunch box. After they finished their meal, they had to take another copy to take home. 70-year-olds, mothers in their 90s to take care of, and grandchildren less than 10 years old to take care of, burdens and responsibilities are like heavy clouds, weighing heavily between their eyebrows. And this meal that I eat in the unit canteen every week is a piece of sunlight that leaks between two thick clouds. It is so short, but it also illuminates the faces of these old ages.