Boat trip of a lifetime: Aini — Colon

Wearing a thick life jacket, I was alternately hot and cold, dazed by the fierce wind and sun. Occasionally open eyes to see, all around deep in the vast black blue, not a piece of Saturn island.
During our trip to the Philippines in 2014, we only stayed in Aini island for 5 days. In the second half of our trip, we sailed from Aini Island to Colon Island, which can be described as unforgettable. It was a nightmare day of purgatory, a journey I wish I had simply erased.
The air route from Aini at the southern end of Palawan province to Cologne at the northern end was reopened after being suspended for two days. We were among the first to arrive at the departure point an hour early and spent more than two hours in a long and senseless wait. The only good memory of this period was the interest and reluctance of Patrick, the best trike driver on Aini Island.
The first night I met Patrick, I asked him to take us to one of the restaurants on the guidebook, and he suggested another. When I hesitated for a second, he said that the two restaurants were across the hall, and if I looked at the menu and didn’t like it, I could go back to the one I wanted. I immediately patted him and said, “No problem, I believe you!” Since then, the power of these words has been endless.
He waited for us every morning at the Greenview Beach Resort, gathered his brothers to help us when we were in trouble, drove very carefully on bumpy roads, and even stopped to ask if there were any pregnant mothers among us.
I discussed people’s livelihood and politics, travel and life with him. He said I was the best Chinese he had ever met, and the reason was that I believed in him 100%. The Chinese he sees, he says, have little contact with locals, are fiercely defensive and suspicious of what others say. Yeah! I looked at the other two Chinese I had just met at the dock. They were carrying bags and only talked to us. Then, carrying bags, they went on their own. Probably like me every day like pulling local people to ask east to ask west, also belong to the Chinese in the alternative.
Since the dock, my homemade flowers, birds, fish and insects hat in the second half of the way, won a 100% turn back rate. Thankfully, through the dark days that followed, I still remember putting it on my head before getting off the boat.
If the helpless wait was a harbinger of this difficult voyage, the lack of research and preparation before I boarded the ship aggravated the difficulty index.
For one thing, I’ve only read one or two travel guides before departure, and they don’t highlight the extreme discomfort of the voyage. I would have thought, given our bodies and our travel experience, that such a minor reaction would not matter.
Secondly, I spent more than 200 RMB to buy the ship ticket, which is undoubtedly a large sum of money for the local bus. I thought the ship would be in good condition, so my psychological expectation was too high. In the guide, the estimated sailing time was more than 7 hours, so I directly omitted the word “above” in my mind. Before sailing, I also told my companions with laughter that with the usual local procrastination efficiency, the waiting time of two hours in the guide was probably included in the sailing time, so the psychological preparation was obviously insufficient.
Third, when waiting for the ship bored, they tried to eat breakfast, the previous night packed pizza to a variety of cookies, salty, sweet, sour and hot are all together, for the later vomiting to prepare a “solid material basis”. Before the trip, the only time to buy seasickness medicine, seasickness paste, there is a serious shortage in the companion. We comfort ourselves with the idea that there’s nothing wrong with cooling oil and “rat dross” (a sweet and sour snack) as an alternative. But they proved too weak to withstand high winds and rough sailing. For the first time, the old donkey friends “donkey line” material ready to appear short board. Finally, our boat experience can be imagined, it is a defeat “vomit” ground, all courage waste!
There were two things I had never felt before on this trip. The first was that the physical structure of the yellow and white people was absolutely different. All the white people with their tablets and their books, their lunch boxes and their bread, they’re walking on flat ground. An hour after the boat left, I felt completely dead. I had six hours to go before I could reach land. I felt both the desire and fear of death. I thought, “I’m going to die like this for another six hours.”
My daughter lay flat on my lap and vomited in silence. I didn’t even realize my pants were wet until she told me about her first vomiting. Helpless I was forced to find things to wipe, in the ups and downs of the cabin shaking blind touch, holding a plastic bag to sit for a few seconds, suddenly smell next door someone shouted “I can not!” The delivery of the plastic bag was accompanied by a screeching sound, and from that moment until the boat reached the shore, the man made no sound, except that he looked up and leaned back in his chair. Poor me endure vertigo, bow for the girl wipe, but each bow, pull open oneself a new round of vomit. Wearing a thick life jacket, I was alternately hot and cold, dazed by the fierce wind and sun. Occasionally open eyes to see, all around deep in the vast black blue, not a piece of Saturn island.
The second shock is that beneath the ocean lies an immensity of fear. The sea, no longer dark blue, seemed dark black, and rolled up to the sides of the boat like the ends of a parabola, trying to suck the boat into its enormous walls as it sank to the bottom. The first thing I did when I came back was to change the signature of “Daughter of the Sea” on the social media platform — I couldn’t bear the weight of the signature. During the drowsy ride, we counted down desperately to landing on our fingers. Finally, after more than eight hours of torture, we arrived on the island of Cologne.
Looking back one more time at the monster that did us concentration-camp torture, I suddenly understood why the ship was called the Overcomer (” The Overcomer “). On land, we are the victors of the sea voyage back from the dead!
Earth, sweet earth! Thank god for bringing us back to earth and life again! Long live! At last we have won… Hero return!