Bloom every choice

  To the south of the east gate of the school cafeteria, two magnolia trees are planted. When magnolia blooms, when viewed from a distance, it looks like snow covering the branches, and like a lamp standing on a tree.
  But when you get close, careful viewers will find that these two magnolia trees have a lot of mystery. The magnolia tree to the south faces the sun, with huge flowers, which is particularly stunning. Not only is the magnolia tree to the north just perfectly shaded from the sun by the restaurant’s shadow, it is also shorter than the magnolia tree to the south, and because it is blocked, it receives less light. This magnolia tree is only partially blooming, and the blooms are also discreet, not enthusiastic enough. Some of the flowers below are even tightly wrapped and budding.
  If the magnolia flower in the south is already as delicate as a girl’s smile, then the magnolia flower in the north is as innocent as a baby sleeping soundly.
  I can’t help feeling that different positions will have different opportunities, and the position of receiving energy will directly affect the results. Growing in the south or the north, magnolias may not have the right to choose, but people’s right to choose is in their own hands.
  Recently I have often heard a saying: “Choices are greater than efforts.” Obviously, people are living in an era of massive information, with more options and more room for mediation. Just open an Inspirational Chicken Soup WeChat official account, and there seem to be many cases that seized the air of the traffic era, decisively changed the track, and turned around life with the help of short videos and live broadcasts. Their point of view is: you are not successful in life and you cannot make money, it is because your pattern is too small, you can have a successful life by setting up a big pattern and keeping up with the trend of the times.
  I do not deny this view. However, just like the magnolia flowers blooming in the south, the space of a tree is limited. There are “sunlight” flowers that grow south, and there must also be “backlight” flowers that grow north. When people over-respect opportunities and outlets, and are all vying for the position to the south, they will always feel that they have regrets about their choices, as if the missed road will definitely have a better scenery.
  In fact, many people make that choice not because of “no pattern” or “can’t catch the wind”, but because of the room for choice and personal control. I have an elder whose family conditions were very poor when she was young. In the early days of reform and opening up, some fellow villagers went out to work, but she gave up this opportunity in order to take care of the family. The classmates who went out to work at the time have now become famous, and my elder, although she lives a dull life, she is down-to-earth. While taking care of her frail parents, she learns the craftsmanship and takes the accountant certificate with her own hard work, and realizes the logistics from the kitchen. , The leap from the female worker of the textile factory to the accountant and financial director of the financial office.
  Fate did not give this elder the sunshine and nourishment to grow southward. As a busy woman, every choice she made was not perfect and she stumbled, but after every choice, she tried to do her best. Even if the achievements are not earth-shattering, there is always hope and hope in life.
  The trend will indeed help you and make you grow quickly, but if you miss it for various reasons, don’t be discouraged, and don’t complain about the north side of the backlight, because budding does not mean that it will not bloom.
  We can also rely on small turnarounds one by one to achieve a qualitative leap in the process of slow growth. You will find that magnolias facing north can bloom beautifully as long as you make full use of the tiny resources you can grab.

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