Beware: 6 carcinogens lurking around us

underground garage

  The most serious environmental pollution is gas pollution. Industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust gas, tobacco smoke, the gas volatilized after heating the asphalt road, and some chemical cleaning agents are all toxic, and some are even carcinogenic. Therefore, parents should first avoid letting their children smoke “second-hand smoke”; secondly, try to avoid places with high concentrations of car exhaust, such as not staying in an underground garage for a long time.
  In addition, private cars, especially new cars, are also prone to pollution problems. It is recommended that young children should avoid taking new cars.
Artificial board

  Indoor environmental pollution may be one of the main risk factors for acute leukemia in children. It also increases the incidence of childhood asthma and reduces children’s intelligence. According to relevant statistics, more than 90% of children with leukemia have their families renovated within six months.
  Indoor environmental pollution mainly includes substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene and some radioactive radon. They come from laminates, paints, coatings, adhesives, and floor tiles.
  Therefore, home decoration should first purchase qualified decoration materials, use less artificial boards, and do not use too many single materials; the furniture of children’s rooms should be mainly solid wood. After renovation, let it ventilate for a month before moving in. Before moving in, it is best to find a qualified authority for testing. After moving in, you can grow iron trees, spider plants and other plants to absorb toxic gases.
plastic products

  While watching out for plastic bottles, don’t forget to watch out for other plastic products used by children.
  Before buying, you should observe the triangular recycling symbol at the bottom of the plastic product and see the number in the triangle. Usually there are 1-7, which represent plastic products made of different types of ingredients. Most of them are not resistant to high temperature. Among them, the code-named 5 is mostly used to make microwave lunch boxes, which can withstand high temperatures of 130 degrees, but the lids are usually made of transparent texture. , The plastic code-named 7, that is, the “dangerous goods” used to make milk bottles, is most afraid of heat, and should try to avoid containing hot water, hot food or being heated.
electric blanket

  Do not put TVs, computers, or use electric blankets for children in the children’s room. The refrigerator and microwave oven should be as far away from the living room and bedroom as possible, and it is best to use a wall to separate them. When using the microwave, keep children out of the vicinity. The back of the computer screen has strong radiation, do not let children stand near the screen for a long time. When watching TV, it should be more than 3 meters away from the TV.

new clothes

  The problems of children’s clothing mainly focus on excessive formaldehyde and unqualified pH value. Therefore, choose children’s clothing, do not buy anti-wrinkle and bleaching treatment, plain color and no printing pattern are appropriate, and the pattern printing should not be too hard. Smell it first when you buy it, and don’t buy it if there is a pungent smell similar to furniture in the city. After buying new clothes, soak them in water for 10 minutes, rinse them thoroughly, and then hang them in the sun to dry for 3 days.


  The problem of cadmium and lead in children’s toys has always existed. On the one hand, intentional addition of such substances can make plastic objects stronger. On the other hand, metal toys, building blocks coated with colored pigments, patterned balloons, books and pictures, etc., often use spray paint, and some paints contain lead. Yan Chonghuai pointed out that lead is currently recognized as one of the environmental toxins that affect the development of the central nervous system, which can cause damage to multiple organs and systems.
  To avoid the problem of excessive lead in toys, first of all, ensure that you go to a regular and reputable shopping mall to buy toys, look for the 3C qualified mark, pay attention to the warnings, and see the appropriate age marked on the toy. Don’t buy too brightly colored.
  Experts suggest that domestic lead poisoning in children is mainly related to industrial pollution and domestic pollution. Parents should also pay attention to related aspects.