Before the arrival of Hong Feng

  In the rainy season, the village was threatened by floods. Late at night, the soldiers who had fought for several days were preparing for war on the embankment again. A short time later, a new Hong Feng will arrive. Suddenly, recruit Jie Xiao rolls on the embankment, covering his ears and grinning his teeth.
  Xiao Jie had only been in the army for more than half a year. This time he resisted the floods, and he took the initiative to invite them to fight in the field.
  Soon, the regimental commander Xiao Zhou rushed over to check it out. It turned out that a bug had got into Xiao Jie’s ear. I saw Xiao Jie’s face pale and sweaty, and his small face was wrinkled like a walnut. Two muddy hands, clutching his right ear tightly, twitched violently.
  The commander took a breath, squatted down, supported Xiao Jie’s head, took the laser flashlight from Xiao Zhou’s hand, and looked into Xiao Jie’s ear. He said, “The most effective way is for bugs to drill into their ears.” Just take a flashlight to illuminate your ears and eyes, and the bugs will crawl out along the light source.” Who knows, the group leader took photos, his arms were sore, and the bugs would not come out.
  Xiao Jie almost cried because of the pain, and shouted again and again: “Head, this trick is not easy, the bug does not crawl outward, as if crawling inward…” The head of the head began to sweat, and he let Xiao Jie held on for a while, but after ten minutes passed, the bug hadn’t crawled out yet.
  At this time, the commander was anxious, and the soldiers did not know what to do. In a hurry, the regiment had another plan, took the military kettle, unscrewed the lid, and poured it into Xiao Jie’s ear.
  ”This is called the Flooded Seven Army!” Xiao Zhou understood the leader’s strategy. “The leader will pour water into Xiao Xiao’s ears to let the insects float up.” However, it was a few minutes later, and the insects did not Raised Xiao Jie’s ear.
  The commander put down the kettle and asked Xiao Zhou to call the health team immediately. Xiao Zhou was full of sadness and said that the captain of the health team had been busy for several days. After getting tired in the morning, the two health workers were injured and both were transferred to the rear.
  The commander raised his eyebrows and said, “It doesn’t work to fight laser wars; it doesn’t work to attack with water. Isn’t it just a bug? Why is it so difficult to deal with?”
  Xiao Zhou’s eyes lit up and asked, “So let’s use Fire attack!”
  ”Bullshit!” said the commander, “why don’t you need a mortar? No mind!”
  Xiao Zhou shrank, and said nothing. The regiment glanced at the soldiers in front of him: “Who has the means to get the bug out, and I will praise who!” But no one said anything.
  After a while, the fact that a bug got drilled in Xiao Jie’s ear spread quickly.
  Not long after, a gray-haired fellow on the dike provided a terrible message-the bug that got into Xiao Jie’s ear was not a normal bug, but a small local beetle, slightly larger than the grain of rice, on the head She had sharp corners, had strong penetrating power, could pierce the eardrums, and got into people’s brains… The
  head of the group and the soldiers were startled, and urged their fellows to quickly come up with a solution. The fellow told a local method: In the early years, their village had a home remedy, but it was simple. As long as a few drops of cat urine were poured into the ears, the bug could crawl out by itself.
  Simple is simple, but the regiment and the soldiers are in trouble again. This is the anti-flood levee. Not to mention cat urine, it is difficult to find a cat!
  The fellow volunteered and decided to mobilize the whole village to find a cat. The head of the delegation was very moved and asked the two soldiers to accompany their fellow villagers. At the same time, they asked: first, pay attention to the safety of the villagers; second, if the villagers are unwilling to bring their own cats, don’t force them. Then think of other ways.
  That is to say, the two packs of cigarettes, under the leadership of the signal soldiers, more than 50 local people “hula” on the embankment, like a reinforced platoon, there are adults, children, shirtless big men, white-bearded old men There are also women in skirts, each holding a cat in their hands, and even more, two in their arms.
  Xiao Zhou counted carefully, good guys, a total of fifty-nine cats! On the embankment under the night, fifty-nine kittens were staring round and staring at Xiao Jie, who was curled up on the ground, and consciously remained silent, without making a cry.
  The signal soldier reported to the regiment leader that there were more folks rushing to grab their cat. The head of the group was shocked and closed his mouth: “Enough, enough! A cat pissed urine, we must drown our Xiao Xiao! By the way, be sure to say thank you to the folks, thank you all for midnight I couldn’t rest, and bothered to contribute so many cats-urine…”
  Next, this matter is really not easy to solve. So many cats got on the dike, but almost half an hour later, and no cat urinate. Xiao Jie collapsed in the arms of the regiment, squeezing his body like a prawn, and even had no strength to yell.
  A fellow believes that these cats are timid, and seeing the torrential flood, there are so many people, it is estimated that they can’t urinate.
  Xiao Jie covered her ears and was angry like a gossip: “Head, that bug is still alive, as if crawling inward again…” At this moment, a local old Chinese medicine surgeon walked up the embankment breathlessly, clutching it in his hand. Put garlic.
  The old Chinese doctor made a suggestion. If you want the cat to urinate, you can try to use the cut garlic cloves and apply a few coats on the cat’s nose so that the cat may urinate. At this time, a six or seven year old boy hugged the cat and squeezed forward, saying, “My cat is very good, let my cat try.”
  I saw the old Chinese doctor peeling garlic and cutting a piece with a knife, in the boy’s arms The kitten’s nose was lightly wiped a few times.
  In the blink of an eye, the boy couldn’t help but chuckled, and he shouted repeatedly: “The cat is peeing, the cat is peeing, haha…” The
  head of the group and the soldiers watched the old Chinese doctor Three drops of cat urine dripped into Xiao Jie’s ear. About half a minute later, Xiao Jie’s ear crawled out of a rice-grained beetle!
  ”Yeah, it doesn’t hurt anymore!” Xiao Jie threw up a carp, stood up, rubbed his ears a few times, and then raised his right arm to salute a standard military salute to the fellows on the embankment.
  ”Prepare to fight! Let’s move the masses first… Don’t forget cats, no one is missing… Hurry up and Hong Feng is coming!” The head of the group squeezed the worms and gave orders.
  The soldiers swiftly rushed forward, Xiao Jie smiled sweetly at the little boy and the kitten, turned and rushed to the front…