Because care, then change

In the process of creating “Deciphered”, Mai Jia often warned herself that when the world is getting newer and faster every day, you should be an old person, a slow person, a constant person, a person who is persistent for your ideals. However, unfortunately, the Mai family did not keep their vows.

With the success of the TV series “Hunting” and the movie “The Wind”, the Mai family is known as the “father of the spy war.” At that time, the publishers and producers all surrounded and held the Mai family tightly. Therefore, in the three years from 2009 to 2011, Mai Jiaru produced more than 100 episodes of TV series with the same writing machine, and produced 2 novels in scrolls, with a total of nearly 3 million words. In this regard, the Mai family still feels very good about it—”I became super confident and bullish.”

This state lasted until September 2011. At the end of the month, Mai’s father passed away. That night, the Mai family received a call, saying that his father was critically ill. It can be seen that after seeing his father, the Mai family only accompanied him for two hours. “One is because I think my father might not leave, and the other is that I was rushing for a manuscript. The first half of it has been published in Harvest magazine. Half of it was waiting for the rice to be cooked, and I only had one day and a half to submit the paper.” Many years later, the Mai family recalled.

As you can imagine, at that time, the Mai family did not stop writing, or even slow down the speed of writing, “I had to guard my father’s body in the mourning hall to write, and write in the endless cries of my relatives…” Same as you As I think, the Mai family also feels absurd and self-denying—”This is not writing, but a mockery and punishment of me. I think this must be arranged by my father. Only he has such great ability and can be so extreme. He humiliated me and taught me appropriately.”

Since then, for a long time, the Mai family has not written any more. Later, I wrote “The Sea of ​​Life”, 5 years, more than 200,000 words, an average of less than 200 words a day. Mai Jia said: “I saved myself by writing it, healed my old problems, didn’t have a utilitarian heart, and wrote a work hard.”

I couldn’t help but think of the Japanese movie “Tokyo Tower-Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad”. The actor Ya has also been dependent on his mother since childhood. No matter what Ya does, his mother has no complaints against him, just telling him gently ” It takes hard work.” Although Ya was once muddled, but his heart is kind. In the end, her mother’s extraordinary will and unrepentant sacrifice made Ya also feel the best love in the world. In the decadent life, Ya also began to think about her life.

On the day of her mother’s death, Ya also mourned at home with her relatives and friends. At this time, the editor urged the manuscript on the phone, saying that if it is too late, the page will be blank tomorrow. Ya was also very angry, and asked, “If it were you, could you continue to work in front of your deceased mother?” But Dangya also knelt beside her mother’s body, and she heard her mother’s words again in a trance: “How can you add to others? Trouble?” Mother also said, seeing Ya also work and feel very happy. So Ya also calmed down, wrote the most interesting article that no one could match, and completed the illustrations in time. Since then, as an illustrator and columnist, Yaya has become a person who can take responsibility for his life.

It was also a moment of grief, and it was also a reminder, Mai Jia and Ya also had completely different moods. The perception of the two is not right or wrong, although the experience is different, the essence is the same after all-because they care, they change. Without this care, their choices will be much easier and more comfortable.

Some people say that the difference between people’s feelings lies in whether they care about it. Indeed, if you care about it, it means that your feelings have already reached a certain level. If this relationship is tied with blood, the concentration tends to be higher.

When a person cares about another person, that person has already taken a place in his heart. The more you care, the more important and reliable this position is.

It can be said that the synonym for caring is trust. To care about a person is actually to trust a person. Since trust, it is natural to change.