be whoever you want to be

  The most beautiful state of life is to become what you want.
  The look you want varies from person to person. My ideal in middle school was to be admitted to a university majoring in history, to be an archaeologist after graduation, and to travel all over the country with a tool bag on my back; the dream of a classmate of mine was to be a novelist. For the sake of writing, sometimes he can’t even take care of breakfast; my neighbor Er Gouzi’s most longing is to build a small western-style building with a yard. He started working at the age of 18 and became a boss at the age of 30. Going towards this goal… Although, in the end, not everyone may get what they want, but the kind of pursuit and hard work permeated in it is always worthy of our respect.
  Stripping away all the external differences, we can find that before we can become who we want to be, we must first do some common groundwork. First of all, you have to have a skill. A person is like a lotus in a pond. If you want to stand out, you must have different qualities from others. For example, if you are also blooming, your stalks are taller and your bones are bigger; if you are also fragrant, your fragrance is stronger. Youqing is more elegant. Without special skills, you will not have a solid competitive advantage, and you will not be able to obtain the special luck that life “customizes” for you. At that time, Zuo Zongtang, in terms of background, was just the son of a shabby teacher; in terms of subject name, he failed to pass the examinations for tribute many times, and he was only a juren after becoming a grandfather; At the home of his mother-in-law in Xiangtan, he was the door-to-door son-in-law who was looked down upon at the time. However, Zuo Zongtang’s biggest advantage is that he is good at reading practical books and has real ability to manage affairs. As a result, he was included in the shogunate of Zhang Liangji and Luo Bingzhang. base.
  It takes a long process to become the one you want to be. During this process, you may experience wind and rain, fall off a cliff, fall into the mud, suffer abuse and insults, and call your father and mother if you suffer a little injury. Be ready to back down if you suffer a little bit, not to mention being who you want to be, even being a general useful person is not so easy. How humiliating is castration for a man, but Sima Qian bravely survived in order to write a historical work of “the famous mountain in Tibet, which is passed down to its people”. How important it is to support a family. However, in a special period, someone asked Fu Lei to use a pseudonym for the translator’s name after the translation of Fu Lei’s works that were politically included in a separate volume. In order to cherish the feathers, Fu Lei resolutely refused. I have always felt that those who have made great achievements may not all be geniuses, but they must be the ones who insist on the green hills and never let go.
  People need spiritual support. To be who you want to be is not necessarily to get flowers, wine, money, status, but to feel the happiness and joy of life. Juansheng and Zijun in Lu Xun’s novel “Sorrow for the Past” believed that they could obtain happiness and joy at the beginning of their love, but they did not expect that their married life would be riddled with holes before they went far. The reason is that they felt that the actual Married life is too far from what they imagined, and they disagree with each other from the bottom of their hearts.
  Of course, at a deeper level, the most essential point of becoming who you want to be is to cast aside “lying flat” from your heart. A person is always pushed by life, and the wind blows you two steps, and you still want to take one step forward, and you don’t even want to take this one step, the above-mentioned skills, perseverance, and self-identity will become empty talk. Putting goals ahead and being willing to put in the sweat and brainpower necessary will make a difference, if not all of them. Ai Qing was studying painting back then. As a painter, he was not well-known, but he wrote good poems, and he has his own “seat” in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
  The ancients said: “The merit is not worth the donation”, which means that the effort a person puts in will not be wasted. From the perspective of “becoming whoever one wants to be”, it is quite reasonable.