Be responsible for your face

A classmate of mine works as a vice president in a foreign trade company in Hangzhou, and his work is very stressful. Once I went to his office and found him with a sullen face, reprimanding an employee. Seeing me coming, he motioned for me to sit down, but still did not stop his anger.

Later, when I came out of his office and passed a large open office, I heard several employees discussing their bosses. One said: “He is so sullen all day long. It’s really ugly.” Another said: “Every day I see his gloomy face, and the good mood of the day is gone.”

I laughed blankly. I don’t know what my classmate should think if he hears such comments.

My classmate’s wife knows me well, and the two houses occasionally move around. I remember that when his wife came to my house, when she talked about classmates, she kept talking about classmates’ bad temper. His wife said that he was not like this before and was happy all day long, but since he became a leader, his temperament has changed, he is prone to anger, and often cares about trivial things. Every day when he comes home from get off work, he doesn’t have a good face, and when he sees him, he feels panicked. Of course, the classmate’s wife also knows that her husband became like this because of the pressure of work, but he did not know how to adjust, but banished his bad emotions. This black emotion not only affects himself, but also affects others.

A few days ago, my classmates and I were drinking in a pub in Hangzhou. Our classmates kept answering the phone and giving orders. I said: “You really do everything, but don’t affect your life because of your work.” He sighed and said that the company is under a lot of pressure. He only sleeps for five hours a day, and it is common to work overtime.

The classmate drank a few more glasses that day, and I also said to him with a slightly drunken feeling: “I don’t know if you feel it, because your work pressure has affected your happy mood, and then you put this gloomy mood The resentment has been transmitted to others. In the work unit, you are the main leader, at home, you are the head of the family, you are shameless every day, your subordinates, your wife and children, where can you have a good work and life? surroundings?”

My classmate looked at me and was very surprised. He asked: “I really affected them?” Then, he was silent.

Late that night, I received a text message from a classmate. He said, “Thank you for your reminder. I have not noticed the problem you mentioned.”

A person’s inner world is always clearly written on his face. A sunny face will always touch many people, and a gloomy face will always make people feel like a cold autumn. We cannot choose the beauty and ugliness of a face, but whether a face is sunny or not can be chosen. A person’s literacy, character, temperament, and other things that can be acquired are actually reflected on the person’s face.