Be a warrior

  A young friend wrote to me and asked, “What kind of person should I be?” I answered him: “Be a soldier.”
  Another friend asked me, “How to deal with life?” I still answered: “Be a soldier “”
  In this era, fighters are most needed. However, a soldier does not have to hold a gun on the battlefield, and his weapon is not necessarily a bullet. It can be knowledge, faith, and strong will. He doesn’t have to let the enemy bleed, but he can put the enemy to death with more certainty.
  Warriors always seek light. He did not lie in the clear sky to enjoy the sun, but lit the torch in the dark night, illuminating the road to the people and making them go to dawn. It is the warrior ’s task to disperse the darkness. He does not avoid the darkness, but faces the darkness and fights with the ghosts and sprites hiding in the shadows. He wants to destroy them and gain light. The warrior does not know the compromise, he will not stop fighting if he does not get the light.
  The warrior is always young, he does not hesitate, does not rest, he goes deep into the crowd, looking for flies, poisonous mosquitoes and other things that harm humans. He will continue to attack them and refuse to live with them under a sky. For fighters, life is fighting nonstop. He either survived with light, or died with scars. In the battle, strength only grows, and faith only strengthens. It is the “future” that guides the soldiers during the battle, which gives hope and encouragement. The soldier will never lose the vitality of youth.
  The warrior did not know the frustration and despair. He even piled broken bricks and stones on the failed ruins to rebuild the nine-level pagoda. No blow can break the will of the warrior. Only when he is dead will he close his eyes.
  The fighter didn’t know how to wince. His footsteps were firm. He fixed his goal and walked forward. He is not afraid of being tripped over by a stumbling block, and there is no obstacle that can change his mind. The illusion must not captivate the eyes of the soldier, it is the faith that governs the soldier’s actions. He was able to endure all hardships and pains and reach the goal he chose. Unless he dies, no one can make him give up his job.
  This is the soldier we need now. Such a fighter does not necessarily have superhuman abilities, everyone can become a fighter, as long as he is determined. Therefore, I use the words “be a warrior” to inspire young friends who are in a state of hesitation.