As a freelancer, first you have to be a professional

  In the summer two years ago, I met Xia Mo in a coffee shop. At that time, there was a buy one get one free coffee coupon event in the store, and we both agreed to make a single order. After adding friends, the two of us chatted for a while. I knew that Xia Mo was six years older than me and was an unknown screenwriter. Judging from the status of her circle of friends, script writing is her main source of income, and she doesn’t seem to have to go to work on weekdays. At that time, not long after I took over the company at home, there were few colleagues who could chat with me in my daily work. In a coffee shop that sounds very romantic, I met a “comrade in the same way” and I was so excited.
  In the days that followed, we went to the coffee shop together, and we were busy face to face. The feeling was the same as when we went to the library with our girlfriends to study in college, happy and practical. But after not knowing him for long, Xia Mo asked me to borrow 30,000 yuan, saying that he was anxious to pay back the credit card. I refused her almost without hesitation, because we had only met for a short time, and her behavior of borrowing money exceeded the social distance we should maintain. After being rejected by me, Xia Mo didn’t show any displeasure, saying that she would think of a solution by herself. I thought this was just an exception, but I didn’t expect that in the next six months, Xia Mo asked me to borrow money three times, but I refused twice and borrowed once.
  Maybe it’s been a long time, and the reservations I had when I first met no longer existed. When Xia Moming knew that I would refuse with a high probability, she still asked me to borrow money, and without a specific amount, she actually said, “How many borrowed? “Such words.
  In fact, as a peer, I know Xia Mo’s current situation too well. By my side, there are too many people squatting at home in the name of “freelancers”. They may be a little talented or very thoughtful, but most of them are escaping from society, and in the end they refuse one job opportunity after another on the grounds of “social terror”. From her words, I judged that Xia Mo should be owed a sum of money to the credit card. For the past six months, she moved around with two credit cards. This way, she has survived month after month of “difficulties”.
  One night, I edited a WeChat account to Xia Mo: Miss Sister, now you are in a state that is not suitable for being a freelancer at home. You must find a way out to find a job. At present, writing novels at home is a free profession, but the most important thing about this profession is not “freedom”, but you must first regard it as a profession, and besides ideals, a profession must be able to support yourself.
  Xia Mo didn’t reply to me, she was silent for a while, and I knew that my words stabbed her. I thought that the fate of our chance encounter could only stay this summer. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long before Xia Mo’s circle of friends began to update the dynamics. At first glance, it was the circle of friends that the company requested to forward. I knew that Xia Mo was really looking for a job.
  It is also very interesting. With Xia Mo’s qualifications and contacts, she shouldn’t be a problem to be an editor, but Xia Mo chose to work in the coffee shop we knew. Seeing her showing her photos of making coffee, I knew that she had found herself again in this job, and paying off the credit card is just around the corner.
  The only regret is that Xia Mo and I may no longer be friends. Before this regretful emotion lingered in my heart for too long, I received Xia Mo’s WeChat: Come to the store, I will invite you to have coffee, and I made a special adjustment for you.
  A week later, Xia Mo and I sat face-to-face again in this coffee shop we knew each other. Xia Mo told me that after receiving my WeChat that day, she was very uncomfortable. She thought for a long time. During the two years when she resigned as a freelancer, her income has been high and low, and her income has been unstable. Due to the economy Pressured that she chooses to come to this coffee shop she likes. “I am a barista in the afternoon and a screenwriter in the evening. As for the morning…I use it to make up for sleep and do housework.” After saying this, Xia Mo also made a special coffee specially tailored for me. She gave This special coffee has a name called “accident”.
  Because we are all unexpected surprises in each other’s lives.