America’s liar and anxiety

  The Unheard Voices: An Assessment of Five Years of “Pro-Western Secret Manipulation of Public Opinion” was released by an “accident”. From July to August this year, Twitter and Facebook sub-brand “Metaverse” deleted two sets of “overlapping accounts that violated the platform’s terms of service” and provided these removed accounts to Stanford University’s Network Observation Office and Data Analysis Company “Prints” for further analysis. Judging from the research objectives, the report is not aimed at exposing the U.S. crime of disseminating false information, but only announced the “research results sent to the door by the two platforms”.
  However, the relevant research results are “expected”. While the report did not provide specific research methods, it pointed out that such fake accounts “have always existed.” The researchers even stated in their report that this was the “largest ‘pro-West’ clandestine campaign” they have encountered since conducting their research.
  The U.S. government’s operation of fake accounts does not appear to be successful. Among the nearly 300,000 tweets from 146 fake Twitter accounts between March 2012 and February 2022, each tweet received an average of only 0.49 likes and 0.02 retweets, and only 19% of the account’s followers more than 1000 people. For these shoddy content, most of the netizens do not buy it.
  To a certain extent, the US network of lies projects the helplessness of the US in the strategic competition between the US and China. Constrained by the fact that the gap between the strengths of the two countries has further narrowed, and considering the mutual cooperation and interdependence between the United States and China, the United States has been unable to easily launch a war on a practical level, and has turned to low-cost “brainwashing” and “pyramid marketing” methods.
  This “Empire of Lies” is seriously hurting the world. The US constantly creates excuses for interference and sanctions, posing a huge threat to the development of the world and mankind. All those who love peace and stability, and pursue security and prosperity today, must be wary of a lying America.
  The United States is also deeply troubled by lies. Under the long-term vicious struggle between the two parties in the United States, false “black materials” in Washington are flying all over the sky, political trust has disappeared, and political rift has risen to a new height. The experience of history constantly proves that any “Empire of Lies” will eventually be buried by its own lies. I hope Americans can understand this simple truth.

  Another hilarious farce of “thief shouting to catch a thief”!
  On August 24, 2022, the Stanford University Network Observatory and the data analysis company “Printmaking” jointly released a report “Unheard Voices: An Evaluation of the “Pro-Western Secret Manipulation of Public Opinion Movement” in the past five years, pointing out that the United States uses social media to influence international Public opinion in an attempt to manipulate Xinjiang-related narratives.
  On the same day, the U.S. State Department’s Center for Global Engagement released a report falsely claiming that China “manipulates global public opinion on Xinjiang”, again hyping fallacies such as “forced labor” and “genocide”, and attacking China’s legitimate countermeasures against these lies. Anyone with a discerning eye will know at a glance that this is another new move by the Americans to play the “Xinjiang card”.
  On September 26, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin shot back at a press conference: “The United States is the biggest disseminator of disinformation, but it keeps labelling and throwing dirty water on other countries… China’s Xinjiang ‘genocide’ (and other rumors) ), destined to become a symbol of the bankruptcy of American credibility.”

  The use of social platforms by the US to spread false information is not new. Recently, there has been new hard evidence that the United States manipulated Xinjiang-related narratives.
  The report titled “Unheard Voices: An Evaluation of the “Pro-Western Secret Manipulation of Public Opinion Movement” in the past five years” pointed out that the United States has set up a large number of fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms in recent years to act as “navy forces”. “. These accounts use artificial intelligence to generate photo avatars, pretend to be “independent” news organizations or fake media organizations, copy and paste “pro-Western” false information, and then create popular hashtags to cause topic discussions, and launch large-scale political propaganda and disinformation campaigns. Russia, China, Iran and other countries attacked.
  Among them, some fake accounts focus on Xinjiang, China. The report pointed out that these accounts published Xinjiang-related false information such as so-called “organ trafficking”, “forced labor”, “sexual crimes against Muslim women” and “suspected disappearances of Muslim ethnic groups”. Regarding the “China threat theory” and “China is responsible for Russia’s ‘invasion’ of Ukraine” and other remarks that smear China, the above accounts will also actively repost them. According to multiple US media reports, these fake accounts are likely to be managed and operated by the US military to carry out secret information warfare.
  In order to make the world’s understanding of Xinjiang deviate from the truth, on the one hand, the US manipulates fake accounts to spread absurd remarks, and on the other hand weakens and blocks real information on social platforms. Some Facebook and Twitter accounts located in Xinjiang have been frozen many times. Their only “original sin” is to publish information that reflects the real life and natural beauty of Xinjiang.

A Russian student’s Twitter account has been frozen for posting real information about Xinjiang.

The personal Twitter accounts of two Chinese journalists were tagged with an official label after they reported on “U.S. false propaganda related to Xinjiang.”

  Examples abound. A Uyghur girl in Xinjiang wrote on Twitter: “Eating the sweetest fruit with beauty in your eyes.” This is obviously different from the “misery-filled Xinjiang” described by the US “navy”. A few days later, her account was frozen for no reason. A Russian student tweeted a photo of Kashgar she took. In the photo, several Uyghur youths were all smiles, with the caption “This is Xinjiang I saw with my own eyes.” Unsurprisingly, the account was subsequently frozen as well. The Russian girl has not received any official reply after her complaint. She said angrily on her newly registered account: “Is this what the West calls ‘freedom of speech’?” Chinese media people were also targeted. A few days ago, after two reporters from China Daily reported on the “U.S. false propaganda related to Xinjiang,” their personal Twitter accounts were quickly labeled as “China’s state-affiliated media.” Regarding the operation of Twitter, the two reporters expressed their “puzzled”, and many netizens left messages mocking Twitter: “This label shows that someone has exposed their lies.”
  Wang Wenbin said at the press conference: “It is clear that the United States has set up a large number of Fake accounts, but push social media to ban Chinese netizens’ personal social accounts. Obviously the United States manipulates public opinion, but labels Chinese media with official labels.” The United States has made unreasonable accusations, slandered and slandered China on Xinjiang-related issues, and even refused to allow China to clarify the facts , to fight back. This blatant “double standard” has fallen below the bottom line of human morality.

  According to a report released on the official website of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. government has spent 300 million U.S. dollars (about 2.1 billion yuan) every year in order to create a disinformation propaganda network for five consecutive years. But this is only a part of the US manipulation of Xinjiang-related narratives.
  Relevant agencies of the U.S. State Department are the source of disinformation. Shen Yi, director of Fudan University’s Cyberspace International Governance Research Base, analyzed to a reporter from Global People: “In order to find a ‘reasonable reason’ to sanction China, the US played the so-called ‘Xinjiang card’. They tried to spread ‘genocide’ and ‘forced labor’ in vain. Such false remarks incite the dissatisfaction of the people in Xinjiang internally, and externally by creating the so-called ‘human rights issue’ in China, providing an excuse for the United States to coordinate the concerted actions of Western countries against China.”
  ”The institutions and individuals who wrote the ‘playbook’ for the US government ‘It came into being’.” Shen Yi said. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, an “anti-China think tank” funded by NATO, the US State Department, and Western arms dealers, is a “rumor-making machine in academic guise.” “Research findings” published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and its researchers have been proven to be disinformation on multiple occasions. In September 2020, the so-called “Xinjiang-related report” published by the agency claimed that researchers used satellite imagery to map more than 380 suspected “concentration camps” in Xinjiang. However, after verification one by one, these “concentration camps” are mostly public and civil buildings such as schools, hospitals, residences, and shops.
  ”The notorious German ‘Xinjiang expert’ Zheng Guoen is one of the representative ‘scholars’ who came forward to fabricate lies for the US,” Shen Yi said. This person has fabricated several anti-China “Xinjiang-related reports” since 2018, throwing out alarmist fallacies. He once lied that “70% of Xinjiang’s cotton still relies on manual picking”, which is completely contrary to the actual situation that Xinjiang’s cotton picking rate has exceeded 85%. Many media have claimed that Zheng Guoen colluded with US intelligence agencies. Facts have shown that this so-called “Xinjiang expert” is just a pseudo-scholar with no academic integrity and full of selfish interests.
  There are also some liars who are packaged as “victims”, “witnesses” or “witnesses”. In recent years, some international anti-China forces have concocted the so-called “Xinjiang Victim Database”, etc., and collected a batch of so-called “witness testimony”. Sayragul Shautiba, who called herself a “victim”, said that she had seen “torture” in the training center, then insisted that she had not seen any violence; and then claimed that “detainees” were forced to Eat pork, and then say that you can’t eat meat at all. His contradictory “testimony” revealed that this person was a third-rate “actor” who became more and more revealing.

  ”Western mainstream media has become another ‘force’ behind Xinjiang-related lies.” Shen Yi said, “In order to gain traffic, gain social influence, and gain a condescending moral satisfaction, some Western mainstream media reporters use the name ‘ Under the guise of press freedom’, a large amount of false information has been concocted and spread.” The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) used the “underworld filter” to create an “anti-China narrative” when reporting on the epidemic in China, and kept spreading the blatant lies of the so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang. Now it is ridiculed as a “Bad-mouthing Broadcasting Corporation”. ). As for the New York Times and CNN, they have always been prejudiced against China, and it has been a long time to smear them. “Don’t be a man without CNN” once became a buzzword in China.
  Some commentary pointed out that in this chain of lies, the US government and so-called “think tanks”, “scholars”, media, and the Internet are suppliers and consumers of lies and “scripts” for each other, and the false information products produced have become An excuse for the U.S. government to impose sanctions and pressure on China.

  ”Weaving and spreading rumors online and creating riots offline have become the standard model for the United States to promote color revolutions,” Shen Yi said.
  The United States has a long history of manipulating international public opinion. From launching the “Mockingbird Project” to bribe the media and manipulating public opinion during the Cold War, to using a tube of “washing powder” to accuse Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction and wage war against it, the United States has been making up lies and beautifying its aggression and intervention. Successfully promoted democracy, disguised plunder as upholding justice, and painted life as a protection of human rights.
  On January 7, 2010, at a dinner hosted by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, several major social platforms “began to become puppets of American diplomacy”. That night, Hillary hosted a dinner at the U.S. State Department, including Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt, and a number of New York University professors. The topic they discussed was: how to send messages directly to the world through the Internet – especially to countries that do not share “American values” so much – and to further promote follow-up activities. After the dinner, Clinton emailed State Department staffers, declaring that “we are using every tool at our disposal to exert 21st century diplomacy… the power of technology.”
  The next day, Jason Lieberman, one of the dinner participants and the founder of the “Youth Sports League”, published a signed article “Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Tools of American Foreign Policy” in the “Huffington Post”, revealing The secret of this rich family dinner has caused an international public outcry. Two weeks later, Hillary threw out the slogan of “Internet freedom”, a concept that was later interpreted as “using the Internet to drive color revolutions.”
  At the end of that year, the cover article “Revolution Against You” of the American “Foreign Policy” magazine stated that several major social platforms played a very important role in the “Arab Spring” movement in North Africa, West Asia and other regions. The US government “strongly advocates and defends” the right of demonstrators to use social networking sites, while mass dissemination and indoctrination of “unverified information”.
  In July 2018, the American think tank RAND Corporation elaborated a new strategic concept proposed by the United States in “An American Way of Political Warfare”: rebuilding the capability system of American political warfare during the Cold War, developing political warfare capabilities that adapt to the technical characteristics of the 21st century, Set up a national-level political warfare center, etc. “Now the United States has targeted its opponents as China, Russia and other countries, trying to revive the Cold War-era public opinion killer by supporting and cultivating false information producers and disseminators that are in line with the U.S. national interests, and carry out all-round public opinion attacks.” Shen Yi said.
  Issues related to Xinjiang have become one of the main contents of the US attack on China. The United States has repeatedly exposed its scheming in this regard. Some former senior officials of the U.S. government and diplomats in China have admitted that the U.S. “actually doesn’t care about ethnic minorities in Xinjiang at all”, they “know that there is no problem in Xinjiang”, “It’s just to use the hype of the Xinjiang issue to create turmoil, from the Bringing down China internally.”
  More and more people of insight in the world are also exposing the fact that the US and the West have fabricated lies and smeared China. French writer Maxime Vivas, who has traveled to Xinjiang twice, wrote what he saw into the book “The End of Uyghur Fake News” to refute Western lies: “This campaign exploits lies and false reports about Xinjiang. To oppose China’s international public opinion activities, all of which were originally fabricated by the United States. What I saw in Xinjiang in 2016 and 2018 was completely different from what the Western media reported.” Australian scholar Jacqueline James told Australia After researching the Xinjiang-related anti-China propaganda conducted by the Strategic Policy Institute and other institutions, a recent report pointed out that these Xinjiang-related propaganda are full of lies and loopholes. She also questioned these international anti-China organizations: “Is the money master paying them to defend human rights or to smear China?”

Maxim Vivas wrote about what he saw in Xinjiang as “The End of Uyghur Fake News”.

  No matter how many lies the U.S. fabricates, it cannot blind the eyes of the world, and will only continue to assert the U.S. identity as a “lie maker” and “disseminator of false information.” As Wang Wenbin said: “The various types of false information spread by the United States are being seen by more and more people in the world, and they will surely be rejected by the world just like the hegemony of the United States.”

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