Adults also need a “cradle”

  With regard to “how to fall asleep faster? How to sleep better?” These questions, people often treat babies and adults differently. For example, in order to make babies fall asleep quickly, adults will choose to gently shake the baby; adults can only do it by themselves. Count the sheep one by one. In fact, even for adults, shaking can make them fall asleep faster and sleep better. In addition, shaking can improve their memory.
  Researchers from the University of Geneva in Switzerland designed a bed that can gently shake an adult like an adult shakes a baby, and then observed the participants for three nights: the first night they were familiar with sleeping in the experimental environment On the second night, let them sleep in a specially designed bed, and on the third night let them sleep in a traditional, fixed bed, and every night they were asked to learn and remember new words.
  All participants said that the second night’s sleep was more relaxing and pleasant; the memory test of new words also showed that the test results on the second night were much better than the third night.
  Researchers said that shaking gave participants a good deep sleep, and long-term deep sleep allowed the brain’s neural activity to be better synchronized with the memory activity before going to bed, so that the memory was integrated and the memory efficiency became better.
  Try to sleep while shaking! Maybe it will bring you unexpected surprises.

  Search for photos of flying squirrels, and you will find that they are so cute: round eyes, petite figure, and a layer of skin between the limbs, so that they can glide in the air like a paraglider, often showing a cute state. . But in Wisconsin, USA, researchers discovered that some flying squirrels have a very cool secret under their cute and cute appearance: they can emit pink fluorescence.
  When the researchers were exploring the forest at night, they accidentally irradiated a flying squirrel with ultraviolet light, and they were surprised to find that it emits pink fluorescence. In order to verify whether the fluorescence is universal, the researchers irradiated more than 100 flying squirrels from different regions with ultraviolet light and found that almost all flying squirrels emit fluorescence whether they are female or male. This begs the question: “What do flying squirrels do with fluorescence?”
  Studies believe that flying squirrels usually move in low-light environments such as night and twilight, and they are nocturnal animals. Ultraviolet light is very important for the vision of nocturnal animals. Flying squirrels can rely on ultraviolet light and fluorescence to perceive the night environment and avoid approaching predators. At the same time, the effect of these pink fluorescence may be like the feathers of a peacock or the antlers of an elk. A tool used by flying squirrels to attract the opposite sex.
  The discovery of glowing flying squirrels also reveals a possibility: Many mammals may have a mysterious fur that glows under ultraviolet light.

  In December 2018, at the northernmost tip of Norway, scientists launched two sounding rockets with a very clear goal-to find the secret of the earth’s weight loss.
  The “fat” lost by the earth is actually hundreds of tons of atmosphere lost to space every day. When the solar wind approaches the earth, the high-energy electrons it carries will be accelerated by the earth’s electromagnetic field. The accelerated high-energy electrons continuously impact the gas in the earth’s atmosphere, forming bright red, yellow and green rays, the aurora. In addition, these high-energy electrons also heat the upper atmosphere of the earth, and this heating gives the atmosphere the energy to escape. Just as water will escape in the form of gas molecules after being heated to boiling, the heated atmosphere will eventually escape from the atmosphere into space. Studies have shown that about 100 tons to hundreds of tons of atmosphere enter space every day, causing the earth to lose weight and lose weight.
  Then, isn’t the earth’s atmosphere getting thinner and thinner? What shall we do if we become “thin”? Actually don’t worry. Scientists estimate that the earth’s atmosphere will not disappear anytime soon. Even if this kind of atmospheric loss occurs every day, at this rate of loss, the earth’s atmosphere can still be maintained for about 1 billion years. At that time, we humans may have already immigrated to alien planets.

  The gray wolf, also known as the African wild dog, is one of the most efficient predators in Africa. Its hunting success rate is as high as 80%. It mainly kills antelopes. Most predators in the animal kingdom know that they should not be chasing prey that may seriously harm them, but gray wolves don’t seem to care. These wild canids hunt and kill baboons, and baboons retaliate against predators. famous.
  A group of panicked baboons ran from a distance, breaking through the sky with a loud warning bark. Due to the extremely fast running speed of the gray wolf, it sprinted in front of a baboon and quickly bit its ear, making the baboon unable to move. Later, two other gray wolves bit different parts of the baboon, and together they tore the baboon to pieces. However, when hunting, gray wolves occasionally receive fierce revenge from baboons. A gray wolf’s face was severely injured by the baboon’s huge and strong teeth.
  Researchers say that gray wolves kill baboons because the running speed of baboons is slower than that of antelopes. Although there is a danger of retaliation when they are killed, they can reduce their physical exertion. At the same time, after the rainy season, elephants leave a huge amount in the mud. The footprints will dry out and form uneven ground, creating a dangerous obstacle for the gray wolf. If the gray wolf chases the antelope at full speed, it will step on the pit and break its leg accidentally. So the gray wolf slowed down and chose a new prey-the slower baboon.

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