Accident of life

  Attending a wedding, we asked a couple to talk about the history of love. The bride was shy and silent, and the bridegroom smiled and said: “We have today, it is purely accidental!” The sentence made everyone laugh. It turned out that the two had met on a train. At that time, the bridegroom had missed a train to meet the bride.
  In fact, which couple came together is not accidental? Who met who was not accidental? Whose life is not made up of too many accidents?
  I have been married to my husband for more than ten years, and now he always says: “If I didn’t transfer my job, I wouldn’t meet you.” On the contrary, I have an opportunity to transfer my job, but I have a chance to transfer my job. The reason gave up, so I met him. Our encounter and acquaintance were full of drama, and there were too many accidents in the whole process. If one of these “accidents” does not happen, we will not come together.
  I have a friend who has been in contact for more than ten years, and he picked it up from the street by accident. That year, I used the summer vacation to work, did a job distributing advertisements on the street, and met this friend at work. Unexpectedly, we hit it off and quickly became good friends, and now we are friends who talk about everything. So far, when we talk about the process of getting acquainted, we are still very emotional and feel that this is a fate that has fallen from the sky.
  A classmate of mine has made great achievements in his career. He is now a celebrity in his city and has been on TV. Talking about his job, he said: “I did this job by accident. If it weren’t for the purpose of sharing a city with my girlfriend, I would not like this job. I didn’t expect to do it. I really fell in love with it. If you want to get your job done, it’s called unintentionally arguing.” I remembered that many celebrities talked about their acting career, saying they used to accompany their friends to take exams. They tried it under the influence of their friends, and they were accepted. Many accidental factors have pushed them to go further and further in their careers and achieve impressive results.
  Life is long, and we will always experience too many accidents. The acquaintance of people, the turning point of personal destiny, the gathering and dispersing of life, the ups and downs of career, the fate and fate, the ups and downs, ups and downs, everything is full of accidental factors. These accidents have made our life like a trip in the middle of the mountain, with many mountains and rivers nowhere to be seen, and another village full of freshness and novelty. The charm of life probably lies here, it’s varied, confusing, and full of fun. It doesn’t matter even if you encounter accidental frustration, because we know that this is also the normal state of life, as long as you continue along the trajectory of life, there will always be a day of peaks and turns.
  Accident is a special kind of fate, it is a kind of god-given chance, which gives countless more possibilities in life. With so many unknowable accidents waiting for us, we feel that life is full of infinite hope.
  Occasionally, it is a flower that meets unexpectedly in the cold winter, bringing beauty and surprises. Occasionally, it is a beacon that suddenly rises during the night flight, bringing warmth and hope. Occasionally is an exciting encounter in a long journey, bringing joy and moving.
  There are so many accidents in life that make us where we are today. Accidental events, or only one in a thousand or even one in ten thousand probability, can happen to us. Everything is the best gift that life bestows on us. What reason do we not cherish the relatives and friends around us? Is there any reason not to cherish everything that belongs to you?
  In fact, is your life not an accident? Then, cherish it! Only by cherishing can we live up to this accidental worldly fate.