Zhengzhou Chemry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a sales company based on the original Shangqiu Chemry Chemical Co., Ltd, with a office in Zhengzhou city. Zhengzhou Chemry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2004, with an area of 25,334.6 square meters, a beautiful environment and complete departments, including 1,500 square meters of standard plants that can meet the production process, 500 square meters of storage facilities, 500 square meters of office space, quality control room, laboratory, production management department, and new product research and development department. There are independent water supply, power supply, heating system, cooling system, fire protection, safety and three waste treatment facilities. At present, our company has an annual production capacity of 1,000 tons of feed additives; all our production equipment is complete and in good condition, thus our apparatus can meet the needs of product production. Moreover, our company is equipped with synthetic tanks, centrifuges, drying boxes, pulverizers, mixers, dust removal equipment, metering equipment, packaging equipment, etc., whose specifications and performance are matched with the production process. Our production process flow layout is arranged reasonably and will not lead to cross-contamination. The installation of production equipment meets the requirements of the technological process, which is convenient for maintenances. There are complete craft documents. Our company can control the important process in the production. The production equipment has safety protection measures, and the accessories are managed in an orderly manner.

Zhengzhou Chemry has an experienced leader team with excellent quality, technology, knowledge and management skills. All our 4 senior management personnel have college education or above; there is a highly educated product research and development team, and there are 6 staff, all of whom have university degrees, including 4 engineers. Our company has always attached great importance to the construction of the workforce; through strengthening on-the-job training, we now have 68 skilled production and operation workers, including 2 feed operators, 2 feed laboratory workers, and 1 feed maintenance worker; all of them have obtained vocational qualification certificates after training. At the same time, our company pays attention to product quality management, strengthens quality control, and has the basic laboratory equipment, including 5 qualified quality control personnel and inspection workers who have received professional training. Our company also has an independent quality assurance system, and our instrument room, inspection operation room and the site can meet the inspection requirements. Our sample observation room and the sample observation cabinet can meet the storage requirements of various finished products and raw materials. The responsibilities of each section are clear, the system is perfect, and there are standardized operating procedures. Various records and reports are complete. The information feedback system is smooth and there is a product recall system.

Focusing on internal management, Chemry works hard to make a good external image. Focusing on safety, efficiency and environmental protection, we strive to seek benefits from energy saving, management and product quality. Chemry is striving to be a large-scale, standard, civilizing and modern company.


Product Name CAS No.
  Piroxicam 36322-90-4
  Tranexamic Acid 1197-18-8
  Fenofibrate 49562-28-9
  Flutamide 13311-84-7
  Povidone iodine 25655-41-8
  Etamsylate 2624-44-4
  Sodium camp 34850-66-3
  Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7
  Bromisoval 496-67-3
  Chondroitin 9007-28-7
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt 9067-32-7
  Metoclopramide 364-62-5
  Metoclopramide hydrochloride 54143-57-6
  Pralidoxime Chloride 51-15-0
  Pralidoxime Iodid 94-63-3
  Dibazolum 621-72-7
  Tiopronin 1953/2/2
  Norfloxacin 70458-96-7
  Chromium picolinate 14639-25-9
  Choline fenofibrate 856676-23-8
  Dihydroxypropyl theophylline 479-18-5
  4-Chloro-4′-hydroxybenzophenone 42019-78-3
  2-[4-(4-chlorobenzoyl)phenoxy]-2-methylpropionic acid 42017-89-0
  4-Nitro-3-(trifluoromethyl)aniline 393-11-3

Zhengzhou Chemry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address: Industrial Park, Zhecheng County, Henan, China
Tel: +86-370-3258668

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