A strange baby with a mystery

  Tamara, an old woman in a small village in Chelyabinsk, Russia, is very old. One summer in 1996, she went for a walk outside the village as usual. When she passed the cemetery near the village, she saw a small blanket wrapped in something under a tree, and the contents of the blanket were still moving. She courageously stepped forward and found a baby with dark gray skin and brown spots on her head! But he is not like an ordinary baby: his body length is only about 20 cm, there is no hair on his head, no ears, two small holes in the skull, big eyes protruding, pupils are erect like snakes, under the eyes It is a small flat nose, hands and feet are not the appearance of ordinary people, but claws, this baby does not have genitals.

  Out of kindness, she stood by the baby and waited for his mother with him, during which the baby occasionally made strange squeaking noises. However, when it was getting dark, Tamara did not wait for the baby’s mother, so she wrapped the baby and took it home. On the way back to the village, Tamara held the blanket tightly in her arms. Whenever she met people, she said that she had a child named Alyoshinka. Everyone didn’t care at all, thinking that the old man was talking nonsense, maybe he had hallucinations, or he was demented.
  Since then, Tamara never went out for a walk. She took care of her Alyushinka at home every day. Someone came to visit her home. She did not let people come in easily. Everyone thought she was crazy. However, there were still a few people who came into her home and really saw Alyushka in her mouth. One of them said that she had seen her feed Alyoshka with milk and sugar in Tamara’s house. The appearance of that strange baby was very different from that of a human baby. It kept emitting a strange smell. The sweat, urine and feces are not excreted, and the pupils will be big and small like cats.
Mysterious disappearance

  There is no impermeable wall, and a few weeks later, Tamara raised a strange baby like wildfire. One day, Tamara was taken away by several people. It is said that someone contacted the relevant department, saying that Tamara was mad and asked to be sent to a lunatic asylum. A few days later, a thief visited her house and took away Alyoshenka, who had died and turned into a corpse. Later, the thief was caught and the mummy finally reached the police.
  The police didn’t think the mini mummy was any strange, they thought it was a statue or something, and only one policeman named Bendlin was interested in it. He took away all the objects that he had contacted with the mummy, such as blankets, sweat-wiping towels, etc., and put the mummy in the refrigerator, took video and photographed it, and consulted experts everywhere to try to clarify the mystery What exactly is this thing. The answers he received vary. Some experts believe that this is a deformed child; some experts believe that this is a deformed fetus taken out of the womb prematurely; and some experts believe that this creature is not a human being. As for it What it is, but no one can be sure.

The corpse of the strange baby called “Alyshenka”

  Bendlin was not satisfied with these explanations. He thought that the strange baby might be an alien, so he found an institution that researched UFOs, and handed Aleshanka’s body to the institution for research. But since then, the strange corpse has never appeared in the public eye again. The photos and videos that Benderin took of the corpse became the only evidence that the public knew about Alyshenka. These evidences aroused the curiosity of many people, and people put forward their own views on the identity of Alyshenka.
Deformities caused by nuclear radiation

  Some people think that Alyshenka is a deformity caused by nuclear pollution. The former Soviet Union built a factory called Mayak in the small town of Kestem. One day in September 1957, the cooling system of the liquid nuclear waste storage tank failed, causing the storage tank to explode and a large amount of radioactive materials were released , The land and water sources within a range of more than 20,000 square kilometers have been polluted, and Chelyabinsk is within the contaminated area. This is the third worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world. Moreover, people did not know enough about the dangers of nuclear radiation at that time. After the explosion, many residents within the scope of nuclear contamination did not evacuate, and still lived on contaminated water and food. Therefore, some people think that Alyshenka’s parents may have lived in a nuclear contaminated area for a long time, and due to genetic mutations, Alyshenka’s deformity was caused.
  DNA determines the various characteristics of our body, from the color of the hair, to the height, and even the susceptibility to certain diseases. A certain intensity of nuclear radiation will damage and change our DNA, which will damage the instructions that control cell function and reproduction. If the cells do not die because of this and continue to multiply, then new mutant cells will be produced. Mutations in this gene may cause cancer, and when radiation causes genetic or chromosomal mutations in germ cells, it may cause abnormalities in offspring. A study showed that 20% of young people on the Ukrainian border suffered from birth defects due to the impact of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. This is because the fetus is more sensitive to radiation. Exposure to radiation during the formation of fetal organs may cause the fetus to be deformed.
  From this point of view, it seems plausible that Alyshenka is a deformed child born under the influence of a nuclear disaster.

Chernobyl after the accident. The accident led to a nuclear leak, which is suspected to be related to the formation of strange babies.
Unidentified creature

  However, someone later provided another important clue. This was the residents living near the village of Tamara. They said that they had seen several creatures similar in appearance and size to Alyshenka wandering in the nearby wilderness. Others claimed to have found the same creatures in their own vegetable gardens and gardens. They can walk upright and move quickly. Because they don’t know what kind of creature it is, local residents usually use sticks and stones to drive them away. In terms of time, they saw the creatures earlier than when Tamara discovered Alyshenka.
  If Alyshenka is deformed, then the creatures that people see should also be deformed. However, genetic mutations caused by radiation should be random, so the deformity of the children born should not be exactly the same. In addition, deformed children usually require careful care due to their own defects, and are unlikely to wander in the wilderness by themselves. So some people speculated that Alyshenka might be one of them, and was only discovered by Tamara after being injured in contact with humans.
  At this time, Vendlin also remembered the blankets that had wrapped Alyshenka and the towels containing his sweat. These items should have Alyshenka’s DNA. Perhaps the DNA can determine whether he is a human or another creature. . So he sent these items to the Moscow Institute of Forensic Medicine for preservation and analysis. After analysis, the researchers concluded that Alyshenka’s DNA molecule is very long, and the gene found in the DNA sample does not match that of humans or apes. There is no genetic sample that matches the gene in the laboratory. . This seems to mean that Alyshenka may not be human.
  Today, the mummy is nowhere to be found, and DNA research seems to have failed to give a definitive answer. The identity of Alyshenka is still a mystery.