A series of problems caused by the direct use of veterinary drug raw powder

Many farmers and friends have to look at the content of the ingredients in the medicines I choose and recommend when I treat them with pig diseases. They believed that the higher the content, the better the drug. If they can choose 70% or 98%, they think this is the best medicine. One-sided think that the use of raw powder of veterinary drugs, this is the best medicine. In fact, everyone does not know that there are many drawbacks to the use of veterinary raw material powder.

It is very common for veterinarians to directly use veterinary drug raw powder in clinical practice. It is especially serious in some grass-roots farms, which leads to a series of problems, such as serious drug toxicity, increased mortality of livestock and poultry, growth retardation, drug abuse, generation of multi-drug resistant bacteria, drug residues, etc. Food safety and healthy breeding of livestock and poultry bring many hidden dangers.

01 Inaccurate measurement

If the original veterinary drug powder needs to be added directly, if the dosage and quantity need to be added, if the conversion is inaccurate, it often occurs that the dosage is too large, the side effects are increased, and even death from poisoning occurs.

Like sulfa drugs, doxycycline, and florfenicol, these drugs have very serious side effects, and the dose is very strict in clinical practice. If you use too much, you are most likely to be poisoned.

02 uneven mixing

The raw veterinary drug powder is used directly in drinking water or as a mixture, and it is easy to mix unevenly, which will cause drug poisoning.
Like neomycin sulfate and colistin, these intestinal drugs with large toxic and side effects can be poisoned by excessive dosage or a little carelessness.

03 Low bioavailability, leading to waste

There are many ways of administration. Farmers friends, as long as the pig is sick, he will give it an injection immediately, and as long as the pig is sick, he will be vigorously fed with various antibiotics. It is wrongly believed that the more expensive the drug selected, the better, and the higher the purity, the better the effect, which will cause serious drug resistance in pigs and cause waste.

04 Inconvenient to use, most raw powders cannot be administered by drinking water

There are also some very professional veterinary drug manufacturers in the market. When processing veterinary drugs, they have passed coating and drinking water stabilizers, so that they can be dissolved in water, have good palatability, and more comprehensive drug absorption.

Raw material powder that is not made through a special process will not have this effect. This is why the price of the same amoxicillin or doxycycline varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

05 Not absorbed orally

Some medicines are soluble in water, but are not absorbed by mouth. Like gentamicin and cephalosporin powder, although they can dissolve in water, they still have certain limitations in the treatment of intestinal infections by oral administration. Therefore, the raw material powder is dissolved in water, and oral treatment in this way sometimes cannot achieve the desired effect. . It must be administered by injection or other route.

06 poor palatability

Like florfenicol, it is insoluble in water if it has not passed a special process, and its palatability is particularly poor. And the raw powder is very expensive. The florfenicol made by a special process has strong palatability and water solubility, which enhances the absorption of the drug.

So when you buy veterinary drugs, don’t always look at its content, but also at its craftsmanship and production principles.
This is Western medicine. If it is traditional Chinese medicine, such as granules and raw powders, there is still a big difference.

Therefore, the state strictly controls the raw powder of veterinary drugs. It is expressly stipulated that the raw powder of veterinary drugs is not allowed to be used directly by the farm. Through my explanation, do you understand the reason.

In addition, the choice of veterinary drugs should also be based on the clinical symptoms of the pig and its diagnosis results, to select the drug combination of the monarch, ministers, assistants and envoys. Choose medicines scientifically. Spend the least amount of money and use the simplest prescription to cure the most intractable diseases.