A pure soul

  When Wang Xiaocong entered the freshman classroom of Harbin University of Science and Technology, almost everyone thought he was the grandfather of cleaning. I saw him with a thin figure, a beard on his face, a slight camel back, an old blue T-shirt casually tucked into his pants, and a pair of plastic sandals on his feet. Everyone is wondering how this cleaning grandfather was doing cleaning during class time, he was already walking on the podium. “My name is Wang Xiaocong, your linear algebra teacher … please turn to the first chapter of the third page of the textbook.” “What? This man is our teacher?” “He didn’t even bring the teaching materials, he came to fool us Is that right? “” This teacher is too earthy? I don’t know what to say … “The class hasn’t started yet, everyone has been talking about it countless times.

  Wang Xiaocong seemed strange to everyone’s strange vision, and began to lecture calmly. Everyone realized that although Teacher Wang did not take the teaching materials, he knew the contents of the book well. He is sometimes agitated, sometimes low, deduced layer by layer, and has a strict logic. He has explained those obscure and difficult topics in a simple way. He can calculate all the calculations in a short time, and the whole lesson is smooth and smooth. “Wow, is this the gap between the image and the talent? Isn’t it just a god!” After one class, all the students changed from vomiting to full of excitement.
  Over time, many freshmen gradually learned that Mr. Wang Xiaocong really is a real “great god”. He was admitted to the Peking University Junior Class at the age of 14 and a graduate student at Zhejiang University at the age of 18. He is the only judge of the National Mathematical Modeling Competition in Heilongjiang Province and has led teams to participate in the world ’s only large-scale, international United States The mathematical modeling competition for college students, and the students he directs, can win the international first prize almost every time. If it ’s just a math bull, he ca n’t fully demonstrate his “great god” traits. He used to teach students a class in full English. When he went to the United States to participate in a modeling contest, he was the only one who did n’t need to translate. American fluent in conversation.
  Many people do not understand that since Wang Xiaocong is so excellent, many of the students he has taught have been rated as professors and associate professors. Why is he still a lecturer and still lives in a staff dormitory? Wang Xiaocong never explained. Perhaps, from the school’s official text, you can learn a little truth: “In the face of academic impetuosity and utilitarianism, he chose to despise chasing, he pursued excellence, and advocated scholarship.” It seems that the brain of this “great god” is true It is different from ordinary people. Perhaps, the so-called success of the world is not worth mentioning in his eyes.
  Wang Xiaocong is also a “trick” person. His “trick” is not only reflected in dress, but also in terms of eating. When eating in the cafeteria, he usually only plays vegetarian dishes. Every morning, he only eats two egg cakes and a bowl of black rice porridge; at noon, the average boy ’s meal is two plates, he only eats one plate, and he eats It’s very clean, he will melt some hot water and pour it into the rice to eat together. What’s more exaggerated is that once at a meal, a student actually saw Wang Xiaocong seriously licking the plate! The classmate put the photographs in his class group, which caused an uproar. “University teacher licks the plate … I’m drunk too!” “This style is so weird!” “I didn’t expect Teacher Wang to have this stunt, ha ha ha …” When everyone was vomiting, they suddenly saw a line of bold The big words popped out: “You talking about anything! Do you know why Teacher Wang is so stingy? Most of his salary is used to subsidize several poor students in the school. You are still laughing at him here, is it interesting? “It turned out that this was the truth … the crowd suddenly fell silent. Then, everyone’s speech style changed abruptly: “The gesture of licking the plate is so handsome!” “Ms. Wang is a well-deserved ‘great god’.” “Isn’t this the” sweeping monk “written by Jin Yong?” “Worship Teacher Wang!” A classmate sent Wang Xiaocong’s information to a famous public account. A few days later, an article called “This” Boiler Worker “who ate and licked a plate was actually a sweeping monk who went to Peking University when he was 14 years old.] On the Internet, Wang Xiaocong was completely confused by accident.
  Wang Xiaocong was completely unimpressed by this, “I never had a high degree of consciousness and ambition. I just wanted to do what I like, only to do my best to do it well, live casually, simply, at ease, and keep what I was Old, “he said lightly in class.
  Yes, casual, simple, perhaps, this is the most comfortable look of a pure soul.