A map for America to abandon isolationism

   In September 1939, Germany occupied Poland with lightning speed, kicking off the “World War II”. Subsequently, the German army launched a “blitzkrieg”, successively captured the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, and then successively defeated Norway, Spain and other countries, and approached the United Kingdom with a fierce momentum.
  Churchill’s plea for help was rejected
   In July 1940, hundreds of thousands of German troops gathered in the English Channel, preparing to cross the English Channel. At the same time, Hitler concentrated more than 2,000 fighter jets and bombers to launch the “British Air War” brazenly against Britain. Under the round-the-clock bombing of German warplanes, Coventry, the center of the British aviation industry, was razed to the ground overnight, and major cities such as the capital London were also bombed.
   British Prime Minister Churchill urgently asked US President Roosevelt for help. However, when Roosevelt put the bill to rescue Britain to the US Congress, it was collectively rejected. Roosevelt conveyed this resolution to Churchill, saying that he himself could not help.
  Fake map angered the United States
   Churchill was worried all day after hearing about it. If the United States does not provide troops to assist, once the German army crosses the English Channel, the United Kingdom can only follow the footsteps of France and be defeated and occupied by Germany. How to do? Churchill looked at the map of the world hanging on the wall, and suddenly came to his mind.
   Churchill secretly invited a cartography expert, instructing him to draw a map of Central America published in the name of the German government, and then instructing British intelligence to subtly “fall” the fake map into the hands of American intelligence officers.
   In October 1941, at a conference to celebrate the United States Navy Day, Roosevelt, who did not know the truth, made this fake map public. After seeing it, the US Congressmen were filled with indignation and scolded Hitler for “deceiving too much”. The U.S. Congress then agreed to repeal the Neutrality Act of 1935, which authorized U.S. forces to take action against German submarines in the North Atlantic, escort Britain’s transport fleet, and aid Britain and other European countries invaded by Germany through the Lend-Lease Act. On December 8, the Pearl Harbor incident broke out and the United States officially declared war, which marked a major turning point in World War II.
   It turned out that this fake map pretending to be drawn by the German government redrawn the boundaries of 14 countries in Central and South America. It not only expanded the territories of Argentina and Brazil, but also merged Venezuela, Colombia and Panama, which are either rich in resources or strategically important, into a country called “New Spain” firmly controlled by Germany. Bring the Panama Canal and all of Latin America, closely related to American interests, into Germany’s sphere of influence. In other words, judging from this fake map, German bombers will fly over Florida at any time.
   Churchill’s fake map not only swept away the serious isolationist sentiments of the US congressmen, but also made the American people realize their responsibilities and began to engage in the world anti-fascist war, thus greatly strengthening the strength of the anti-fascist front. Thanks to U.S. aid and intervention, Britain quickly turned the tide, repeatedly hitting the Germans hard. Completely reversed the trend and ending of “World War II”.