A happy time before going to bed

Night is the end of a day, but I define it as the beginning of a new day. Lying on the soft and comfortable bed, letting my thoughts fly freely, is my most comfortable time. I would like every day to start with comfort.

Once the heat in the capital is over, the night will no longer be sultry, and it is very comfortable to sleep with the window open. The poems sung by the autumn insects and the music of the autumn rain on the window are all intoxicating. The rain “crashed, crashed…” flowing along the eaves, like a river quietly beating against the embankment, this night I wandered to the beautiful Songhua River.

My grandma, who loved me so much, lives there. I will come here as scheduled during the summer vacation in previous years. This year, it was shelved because of the epidemic. Although I talked on the phone from time to time, I was always touched by the scene at a certain moment. I was stunned for a while, imagining what would happen if I was at my grandma’s at this moment. I know this is called miss.

My grandmother’s family lives by the river. Every morning, what wakes me up from my dream must be the shout of the ferry boat: “Three yuan one way, five yuan round trip, sail immediately!” The voice did not fall, “Beep…” A long and low sound of the boat whistle awakened the whole city. It is strange to say that the sound is so close to my window, but it never makes people feel noisy.

The river in this city is gentle, like a girl in the cardamom years, kindly treating those who are sailing against the current. I was lying in the bed, closing my eyes as if I could hear the fish in the river playing freely among the water plants. The cool river breeze played a rustling “sound of tranquility” through the screen windows, and I could not help but stretch out my body. The joints made a small sound of “cluck, cluck”, and the whole body was transparent.

The symphony in the grandma’s kitchen has already begun. The shovel is stir-fried in the pan “Ding Ding Dang”; the egg jumps into the frying pan “Zi La Zi La”; the pressure cooker sighs impatiently… My sister “chuckles” The ground was running all over the house, it must be her mother who was going to catch her again to wash her face and brush her teeth. Grandpa was drinking tea at ease while listening to the radio: “Listen friend in front of the radio, opened your eyes this morning, do you feel happy?”

Those pleasant life trivial pieces are pieced together in my mind, yes, I feel happy. Not only opened my eyes, but even before going to bed, I rushed into happiness together.