A cat may spend 200,000 yuan in a lifetime, the business secrets of cute pets

   What does a cat’s life mean? Is it a lifespan of more than ten years? Is it the happy time of the “shit shovel officers”? When people are attracted by the appearance of cute pets, the speed and scale of the industrial chain behind pets are far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Behind a cat, there are gold nuggets from breeding, food, daily necessities, retail, medical care, insurance, cleaning services and even the funeral industry.
  A cat breeder who spends 5 million yuan a year
   As a professional cat breeder, Qian Zheng works almost 365 days a day, and needs to keep an eye on the cats at home 24 hours a day. Even so, there is no guarantee that the cats bred will meet the requirements. If it is a cat or dog with good innate quality, it will participate in the competition. After winning the prize, both the breeder and the participating cats and dogs will be recognized by the industry, and their value will double. “The price of purebred cats ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the breed and appearance.” Qian Zheng told reporters.
   It seems that purebred cats are expensive, so are breeders making a lot of money? “Not necessarily. In general catterys, 5 to 6 breeding cats need to be imported, with an average of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per cat, and an investment of more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan is required, and then the place for breeding, supplies, food and basic medical care, etc. At least 100,000 yuan. Participating in competitions requires costs. It may cost hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan every year. I once spent 5 million yuan a year, but I may not be able to breed successfully every time. In the past 20 years, I The investment is greater than the income, and the overall loss.” Qian Zheng made a calculation for the reporter.    Clothing, food, housing, and transportation for cute pets In the
Suzhou Dog Road Pet Products Store, the reporter saw that there are a wide variety of pet products ranging from food, toys, clothing, strollers, cleaning and care to photography services, and there are also pet sales and paid cat care shops in the store.
There are many subdivisions for each category, such as food is divided into dry food and wet food, food of different age groups, drinking fountains, grain feeders, etc. Toys are even more diverse, and there are also acoustic toys that are limited to cats and dogs, outdoor strollers, grooming supplies, cat litter, cat scratching posts, etc.
   According to feedback from some pet owners, the annual basic expenses of a cat include food, supplies, health medicines, cleaning and care, physical examination, etc., ranging from more than 5,000 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan, of which food can reach more than 3,000 yuan, washing and care 500 yuan, Physical examination and vaccines are about 2,000 yuan, as well as other daily necessities and toys. If pets are frequently or seriously ill, the annual expenses can reach tens of thousands of yuan. According to the purchase price of about 10,000 yuan for cats and dogs, if the lifespan of cute pets is about 15 years, it is calculated based on nearly 10,000 yuan per year, plus Serious illnesses, especially senior care expenses in old age, may cost the owner 200,000 yuan or more in the lifetime of a pet cat.
  High-priced and high-investment pet medical treatment
   Entering Shanghai Shenpu Pet Hospital, the reporter saw that the classification of internal medicine, surgery, stomatology, ophthalmology, and inpatient department is very detailed, and cats and dogs are different areas for consultation. In the pet hospital, the reporter saw that the price list showed that according to the different treatment subjects, the price ranged from tens of yuan for infusion to 100,000 yuan for surgery.
   “We have a total of 5 hospitals with a caseload of 3,000 to 4,000 cases. Many people think that pets are expensive to see a doctor. This is because pets can’t speak. We need to use various machines for diagnosis, and the investment in medical equipment is high. For example, CT and other machines cost hundreds of thousands to hundreds of yuan, and the investment of our general hospital has reached more than 10 million yuan. The most common neutering operations and vaccinations for most pets are not expensive, basically in Hundreds of yuan. The cost of ICU in the inpatient department will be a little more expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan a day; the cost of physical examination ranges from several hundred yuan to 1,000 yuan. According to the income and expenditure, a small clinic takes about 3 to 4 years It can pay back the cost, while large pet hospitals need 8 to 10 years to pay back the cost.” Guo Yimin, general manager of Shenpu Pet Hospital, explained to the reporter.
  How much do you know about pet insurance and funeral services?
   Pets also come to an end in their lives, and they also involve insurance and funerals. It is understood that the current animal deaths in pet hospitals will be uniformly sent to special animal incineration sites. The pet hospital will charge the pet owner a service fee of 200 to 300 yuan, including the cost of refrigeration before cremation. Pet owners can also choose to contact the animal incineration site themselves, which can greatly reduce the cost of payment. The price of one-stop pet funeral services on the market ranges from 500 to 1,000 yuan, including cremation, gift urn, blessing, hair preservation, disinfection and cleaning, paw print commemoration, express delivery and other services.
   Yang Qiqing, president of the Shanghai Pet Industry Association and director of Shanghai Lovers Pet Hospital, told reporters that pet funerals are also a relatively fast-growing industry. For example, there are also specialized third-party agencies that provide separate cremation service channels. “However, these personalized services are still in a policy gray area, and further support from relevant policies is needed in the future.”