81-year-old vegetable seller

  The stall at the end of the row on the east side of the vegetable market is an old man with a blessed body—no variegated short white hair, slightly curly; no age spots are absent, and the dots seem to just want to remind the age. Throughout the year, she wears festive red clothes most of the time. The white hair and red clothes, at the very end, added the smell of pressure.
  A small pile of red and white radishes with leaves, the leaves are dazzling; the thin roots of the spread coriander are very long; the few Chinese cabbages that are wrapped firmly, the big leaves are so green that you are embarrassed to call it “Cabbage”; slender thread spiced, twisted and said that it is not easy to grow up; a few cucumbers, which are rarely seen nowadays, can evoke the childhood memories of many city people who have worked hard from the countryside…
  There are not many varieties of dishes for the elderly. According to the old man, there is a backyard in the suburbs, and there has been no house built. “Growers, I feel distressed when the land is deserted.” They planted a backyard vegetable for the children to eat, and the children could not eat much, so they began to sell it for many years.
  The more I buy, I will be familiar with the elderly, and I will speak more than the vegetables I buy.
  ”How much can I earn, and I don’t rely on this to support my family. I sell vegetables with a wide-eyed view. I don’t panic when I look at the south and north.” The old man raised his chin again and pointed to the front diagonally, “Girlfriend The home is in that building, and the meal is delivered when it’s time for the meal. The old man can’t help but can’t sit and eat and wait to die…” The old man seems to have a childish temper, and the more he talks when he feels right. She suddenly leaned forward and asked me in a mysterious voice, “Do you know how old my mother (in dialect, refers to my father) lived?” Before I could guess, she smugly revealed the secret: “All alive More than ninety!” Later, she said like a scripture: “People have to move constantly. When you move, the parts on your body will not rust. Just like the old houses and rotten houses in the countryside, as long as people live, the doors and windows are open every day. It is ventilated and can last for many years. No matter how good the new house is, it does not live in people, and the doors and windows are tightly closed. It will collapse in a few years. “I
  like to listen to the old people. Her words are like light, bright and warm. In retrospect, it was the first time that she was attracted by the “white hair and red clothes” to buy food from her, and asked her curiously about her high life. Knowing that she was eighty-one, she couldn’t help sighing that she was so energetic.
  When he met a customer who compared her dishes with the dishes at the stall next to her, the old man said frankly: “Don’t compare it, buy him, I’m fine to join in the fun.” The stall owner next to him was also very funny, and continued with the conversation. Er said: “It’s still buying for the elderly. It’s not easy to sell vegetables when you are so old.” At this time, the grocery sellers, as well as those watching the excitement, laughed.

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