7 secrets to happiness

  Pursuing happiness and happiness is the goal of many people, but life is unsatisfactory. Even people who are successful in their careers and satisfied with life will have times of depression and unhappiness. In order to prevent the spread of grief and find happiness, you can remember the following 7 secrets.
  1. Look farther. “If you want to get a good mood, you can’t be too entangled in your immediate presence.” said Robbe Vickers, the author of “Follow the Situation”. Everyone is frustrated, but this only means that your plan has not been realized for the time being. It does not mean that it will never be realized, nor does it mean that your life has failed. When encountering setbacks, take a step back, accept the reality in front of you, and hopefully look for other opportunities. Also remember that there are many things you cannot control. You can only change your mindset about this matter. Try to think about “5 years and 10 years from now, is this matter still important?” You may be relieved a lot.
  2. Learn to meditate. The famous American writer Elizabeth Gilbert said in her autobiography “Food, Prayer, Love” that a divorce plunged her into deep pain. Later, she meditated in an Indian temple for several months and finally recovered from Come out in distress. We may not have the conditions and time to do like her, but we can temporarily turn off the computer and mobile phone to give ourselves a room to think. Meditation allows you to deal with difficult situations more flexibly and open up your mind when solving complex problems. A study conducted by the American Journal of Psychological Science showed that those who persisted in meditating for 3 months had more sustained attention and performed better when doing fine work.
  3. Enjoy music. Beautiful music can stimulate the human brain to release endorphins, which is a hormone that makes us feel happy. Some tunes can remind us of the past and relive the happiness we have felt in the past. A study by the University of Seattle in the United States shows that music can be said to be a panacea, not only can reduce tension, lower blood pressure, but also relieve pain. Treat music as a hobby, play your favorite music when you are depressed, and enjoy a song easily.
  4. More meetings and exchanges. You may send text messages to family members, email colleagues or clients, update your circle of friends, and Weibo every day. However, when was the last time you had lunch with a friend? Social networking on the Internet is a good way to connect with each other, but simply relying on the Internet is not enough. It cannot achieve the intimacy of face-to-face communication. In the end, your sense of outlier will be deeper. So don’t let real-life relationships be left out by the development of technology. It is recommended to date friends at least once a week.
  5. Be kind to others. Whether it’s taking a colleague who has encountered misfortune to eat out, or helping a friend to take a child for an hour, as long as you spend your time and energy on helping others, you will be enriched and more confident. With compassion and willingness to help others, you can realize that you have various potentials and feel happier for your own wealth in life.
  6. Back to nature. A study in the journal “Environmental Psychology” found that being in nature, even for only 20 minutes, will make you feel relaxed, energetic and energetic.
  7. Forgive and forget. The easiest and most effective way to deal with someone who drives you crazy is to think about the possible reasons why they are acting unreasonably. When a person rushes to you while driving, it may be that he is sending his pregnant wife to the hospital; your boss speaks coarsely, possibly because he is having trouble with the company budget. When others treat you badly, you may not actually be targeted. If you think about it in this way, you will forgive and understand each other, and you will be free from worries.