Who remembers us

  Who will move you in the spring breeze, who will miss you in the
  autumn night , who will write you down   , and   become a
legend It is a matter of course to get the love of anyone. There is no need to wait. A little sadness will bring a surprise to the next stop. When you realize that you can only love one or two people deeply in your life, and the people who love each other slowly and irreversibly walk away, you will realize that your time has passed, and you will silently doubt, have you really loved in this life? Why doesn’t it seem like it has started yet? , has already closed to give up the stage to younger faces. What is going on in this life? When I can think of this question, I feel tired. No matter the scenery, the long wait or the long pain, who knows that we have been here, lived, loved, and are reluctant to leave?   The spring of 2010 was cold and uncertain. There are headline news everywhere, a generation of porn stars passed away due to physical organ failure, at the age of 65, a sexy woman, starring naked, the cemetery is beautiful, and it is adjacent to the cemetery of many dignitaries. The pages are full of reminiscences of the past and recent comments. Her name is Dina, formerly known as Liang Pianxin. She was born in 1945. When she became popular in Hong Kong, our generation had not yet been born. We are just chasing her footsteps and sighing her journey. On April Fool’s Day, her friend surnamed Chen announced her death. When she was dying, she said that she would not hold any funeral ceremony because she didn’t want to say goodbye like this. . It is this woman who passed away at the age of 65, who still cherishes every feather like a girl. Compared with a woman with a dull life like us, Dina’s life is rich in legends, and there is always an end to the legend in her life, and the end of the legend is always ordinary and dull. Ordinaryness is the bottom and face of the legend, which deeply wraps the legend and keeps the mystery of the legend forever.


  Dina was born in a scholarly family, her father was a university professor, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, so Dina never bothered to take the second exam, because the teacher wanted to deduct her points so that she could not keep the first, so she dropped out of middle school. 16 or 7 years old came out to be a movie star at a young age. In her prosperous age, she was really beautiful and stunner. Even with today’s eyes, she has big breasts, a perfect golden ratio body, thick lips and almond eyes. Make her not sexy. She has been in film for 13 years, and has made 54 films, and one of them is a completely nude performance in “The Great Warlord”, which has kept her in the air of people’s tongues, because the nudity at that time challenged the conservative society to the greatest extent. Even if she passes away now, people still talk about the sexy process of stripping, and the subsequent process seems to have never existed because she is not a star. When she was 17 years old, she was pursued by the younger brother of the Prime Minister of Thailand and invited her to make a film in Thailand. When she arrived in Thailand, she realized that the man who was madly pursuing her was the father of two girls.
  Dina on the acting road, I am afraid that such a man has read a lot, but he has never recorded what Dina has said or done. She seems to be indifferent to it at a young age. These men, they love you and chase you, but they are tired, and they can’t give up these things for money and profit, and come to follow you. I suddenly remembered that there was a female colleague in Beijing. In the newly married, she met her classmate from that year. The classmate was also married. Faced with a large proportion of the property being divided, the female colleague would make troubles, breaking up and cutting her wrists at the same time. In the end, the man did not get divorced. She did not make trouble for the time being, and happily carried her wife behind her back. Seeing the female colleague being filled with righteous indignation, the little bird fell in love with her for a while, and then burst into tears, scolding this man or some woman, and would stand beside her with a glass of water and slowly think, why are women here in this world? Love, do not want to lose, so sometimes it is inevitable to be vicious. But Dina has never been like this, at least not by anyone.
  This is the endless world of life. I came here alone. No matter how beautiful she was, one day she will go again. We never know what she was thinking, and what kind of support she had in the situation where she was talked about with great interest. Choice and forbearance. We only know that at the peak of acting, she stopped acting and quit the entertainment industry. She once hosted a TV show, and her natural tongue made her quickly become a pillar. It was also at this time that she created a love triangle that caused a sensation in Hong Kong. After that, she turned to go into business, but soon filed for bankruptcy. She was the first person in Hong Kong to file for bankruptcy. And 4 years after filing for bankruptcy, she made money back to revoke the bankruptcy ban. No one knows how she did it, but the end is there. No one saw her crying, no one saw how she was, and people only saw Dina who couldn’t fall. If there must be a trace, when she was pursued by the younger brother of the Prime Minister of Thailand, she knew and made friends with dignitaries from all over the world, and listened to them talking about political strategies intentionally or unintentionally. The records that can be found are that in the early 1960s, Thailand’s “political dignitaries” accumulated huge wealth by dictatorial means, but died suddenly at the end of 1963. When the “political dignitary” died, his younger brother lost power, and a lot of property under their name was handed over to Dina to manage it. . Precisely because this fund was well managed by Dina, it also won her many other opportunities. Therefore, no success is obtained in vain, there must be a source, or bitter or secret.
  After she started business, she publicly expressed her support for the Communist Party in Hong Kong for a period of time, hoping to return to China to serve as a “screw”, and perhaps it was such an opportunity that she returned to China to start business in the 1980s, giving her a green light, and she Undoubtedly a woman who knows how to run a business. That’s how Hong Kong’s porn star was in China in the 1980s. It is said that she promoted the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, and her business has achieved the mainland aviation business and participated in the construction of artificial satellites. She used her satellite positioning system in Chinese airports. She just faded out of everyone’s sight and achieved her own career. No one knows how she did it, what she experienced, what she thought about, whether she struggled, and wanted to give up. grace. She even re-entered the TV circle, hosted “Rise of a Great Power” and participated in the selection of Miss Hong Kong. When asked about the nude filming that year, she replied: Every life has a different stage, just like today’s stage is different from yesterday. When she passed away, her net worth was more than one billion, which is considered a successful career. A woman who is financially independent has the right to decide how many times she is in love, because she does not have to rely on men to live in each one. But before she died, she wrote the manuscript “The Movie – My Absurdity”, and it seems that she still minds it, and she also persuaded other porn stars that the price of becoming famous is a lifetime that cannot be washed away. Think before you take it off.
  Such a beautiful woman, in order to show that she does not love money, married a swimming coach, but this marriage only lasted for 5 years, and no one knows whether they have been happy. Dina gave birth to a daughter. Looking at the photo of her holding the little girl, she felt really beautiful. It was the perfect fusion of the girl’s coquettish, low-key sexy and maternal compassion. She was willing to believe that it was the most beautiful expression in her life. She named her daughter Ma Tianai, but when she became an adult, she became a male and changed her name to Ma Tianru. Dina strives to accept her daughter’s life choices calmly, but the one who really accompanies her in the final journey of her life is her flesh and blood, who has changed from a daughter to a son. In 1999, Dina’s ex-husband Ma Yizhang clarified that he had no blood relationship with Ma Tianru. And this statement is another koan case with no end. It was broken, no one knew the truth, and slowly no one was pursuing it. Dina’s life is rich in love history, and she has fallen under Dina’s skirt. Except for her ex-husband swimming coach Ma Yizhang, Li Yunzhong who committed suicide for her, married husband Liu Jiajie and a famous painter, Dina hosted the show with her partner Liu Jiajie and producer Li Zhizhong. The triangular relationship was a sensation, and it was said that Li Zhizhong once committed suicide for Dina, and Liu Jiajie abandoned his wife for him. Thinking about it, this is disreputable, but now that it has disappeared, who still remembers the grievances and grievances. If you stand in such a position, the so-called love, unswerving, is an instant persistence and struggle, because everything will eventually pass, and eventually you will let go or have to let go. So, perhaps, the charm of life is constant, and it is no different from being alone. Dina also realized this, and then pretended not to know, smiled, and continued her life, until her end came naturally?
  She herself said that even at this age, there are still many suitors. Maybe this kind of life is not lonely, maybe it’s too lively, maybe it complements each other, has she found her joy and happiness among these men? No one knows, only that she was chased by people all her life, and who was she when she died Take her hand, don’t be afraid, baby. Life and death are just a journey, the living are like a message, and the dead are like a home. At the last moment of her death, was she willing to smile and die?
  Such a woman, although we didn’t know each other when she was born, has nothing to do with her after death, but the news of her death has affected our numb nerves. Her death was listed on the entertainment page, alongside the active stars. Is entertainment worth reporting? Dina, the legend of Hong Kong history, how many people can repeat Dina’s legend in today’s entertainment circle? At 11:10 am on March 31, 2010, Dina stopped heart beating in Hong Kong , at the age of 65, completed her own life. Born in the mid-1940s, in the 1960s, she was the sexiest star in Hong Kong; in the 1970s, she owed a huge debt of HK$700,000 in business, and quickly repaid it in just 4 years; in the 1980s, she ran around in the mainland, In the 1990s, she entered the satellite navigation system into 52 airports around the world; in the 21st century, she did not stop to participate in the development of the European Union “GALILEO” (Galileo) global satellite navigation Positioning system, countering American technological hegemony, and then hosted a talk commentary festival on TV. She likes to be called “Miss Liang” all her life, which is an unforgettable title, no matter who she was, she is her own “Miss Liang” in the end.
  I slowly flip through the photos of Dina on the Internet, from young to old, from sexy to grand, looking at her smiling, pleasing, pouting, indifferent, dignified, compassionate, she has always been beautiful, although Namiri has a natural sensuality. She is a woman who has had too many loves in her life. In my opinion, she is not lucky, because after her divorce from her only husband, she has never held hands with someone for a long time, no matter how much love history she has. She may have been happy, but there is no destination or she has surpassed this stage, she no longer needs the care of a man to complete her life, all this is a mystery, even after her death, it seems that this mystery is unusual.
  I just want to end with a few words, if the best is like water, you can return slowly. Will Dina hear it? Will anyone who has ever been associated with her hear it? Dust to dust, dust to dust, rest in peace. Still alive and peaceful, needless to say, we just remember ourselves.