Wet Strength Agent

Wet Strength Agent
Wet Strength Agent

I. Product Introduction:

This product is polyamide surface chloride alcohol cationic resin, which is suitable for paper making, which can significantly improve the dry and wet strength of paper making. Since being put into production, GHB01 has been applied in many paper plants and paper species, which has proved that its wet strength effect is obvious, stable performance, and can improve other physical performance of paper, which was highly praised by users.

II. Specifications:

Appearance: Light Amber ropy liquid

PH value: 4-6

Content: 12.5±0.5%

III. Characteristics:

1, GHB01 is used for household paper: napkins、wet tissues 、makeup paper and facial tissue .

2, GHB01 is used for functional paper: tea package wipes, disposable tableware paper, photo paper, stamp original paper, packaging paper or cardboard, industrial filter paper, outdoor stickers, wall paper, seedling paper or cardboard paper, etc.

Since PAE is cationic resin, a wide range of PH and non-toxic than melamine wet strength agent, the paper produced with wet strength agent can be used for all aspects of production and life, the wet strength effect on paper is particularly obvious, and the dry strength can also improve 20, the most suitable PH is 7-8.

IV. Packages and storage:

Package in 200KG, 1000KG plastic bucket, store in cool and ventilated place, hold for six months, transportation to prevent violent impact and avoid leakage.