True fairness

  The fairness we call for is the hope that the world is the same for everyone.
  But when it comes to self, I hope that the world can be different to myself.
  The former is man’s cosmic consciousness, and the latter is man’s self-consciousness. For the vast majority of people, what is presented in lyricism is often cosmic consciousness, and what is agitated in the distribution of interests is often self-awareness.
  A person whose self-awareness and cosmic awareness are parallel is a fair person. A person whose cosmic consciousness is greater than his self-consciousness is a selfless person. The real fairness of human beings is the product of the system, the product of belief, the product of morality, but in the final analysis, it is the product of human heart. In true fairness, what you finally see is the nobility of human nature.
  A selfish person always regards fairness as a kind of power. He asked the world to give him justice, and whether he could be fair or not was another matter. Just like a poor man, when he gets rich one day, he doesn’t necessarily want other poor people to get rich too.
  My understanding of fairness is that when you ask for fairness, you need to understand that you are no different from other beings in order to restrain yourself from getting something extra. When you get justice, you still have to understand that you are no different from other lives, so that others can get the same rights as you.
  That’s what fairness should be.
  You talk to a person seriously, and he looks around with a look of absent-mindedness on his face. At this time, no matter how much you want to say, you don’t have to say it.
  The core of the other party’s lack of seriousness is that they don’t care about you at all.
  If this person is an ordinary person, you can talk less or not with him. If this person is a friend, the fault lies with you. Because, you shouldn’t be friends with such people at all.
  The best friend must be: when you speak seriously, he listens attentively; when you speak, he is sincere; when you are happy, he is happy; when you suffer, he is compassionate.
  Essentially, he is another you.
  In other words, you long for the equal understanding and respect from this person. In this sense, one of the fates of human beings, sometimes, is not to win the world, but to meet the most precious person.
  When you meet someone you know well, say hello in your direction, and you are ready to meet them. As a result, it is not you, but the leader who is not far away from you.
  At that moment, you were embarrassed and sad, not because he didn’t say hello to you, but because the other party separated the ordinary and the power so clearly.
  If you quickly forgive this person instead of blaming him, it is because, on the one hand, you understand the world too well, power means value, and usefulness is king. On the other hand, you know very well that if you were the other person, you probably would too.
  Of course, if you are tired of this person, you can understand. On the surface, you are not used to being inflamed, but in essence, you cannot accept yourself. On the one hand, you hate yourself for being incompetent; on the other hand, you hate yourself for being powerless in this inflammatory world.
  More often, your feelings are intertwined, you sometimes understand him, and sometimes you get tired of him. Sometimes, that person is you. Sometimes you are clearly above that person in character. In my opinion, the nobility of a person lies not in seeing his own advantages in the advantages of others, but in discovering his own shortcomings in the shortcomings of others.
  Yes, it’s not easy to admit that you have a problem. Because of this, the one who thinks about my body every day is holy, and the one who can see the insufficiency of self from time to time is almost a god.
  Looking back on it, the person who is swaying is real, and the self who has an attitude towards such a person is also real. Faced with the truth of the self and the truth of the world, there is no need to be exacting about who is right and who is wrong. Everyone, working hard to be yourself, is to make this truth move towards beauty and perfection.