Travel separately

  After reading “The Reader”, I actually wanted to cry.
  The DVD jacket is printed with a very emotional translation, called “Life and Death Reading”, which makes people think of the sentence “Life and Death”. There will be more lingering sorrow in general. I prefer to translate it literally as “reader”, which is not emotional, vague and uncertain, just like the feeling this movie gave me, and my desire to cry has nothing to do with “life and death”.
  The beginning of the movie is quite awkward. 15-year-old Misha falls in love with 36-year-old Hannah. The relationship between the two is deformed and unequal. Even if there are very literary and fresh plots such as “bicycle trip”, the essence is still the same: he can’t consider her past, and she can’t participate in his future, just like an impromptu affair in a ridiculous trip , Seeing each other as dazzling and fragile beautiful things, they want to hold this thing in their arms all the time, and they seem to be so heartless that they can give up when they say give up.
  They are destined to be only passing companions, heading in opposite directions. How did they meet? It was just an accident, or to put it bluntly, it was just an impulse. Sex is an instant experience, but love is a long-lasting memory. Hannah always asks Misha to read to her, and he reads it aloud for her. A lively and fragrant episode was extradited to the other side of what was suspected to be love.
  After writing the above sentence, I began to laugh at myself, it’s so vulgar, as if everything can be linked to “love”, and I also deny that “The Reader” is a romance film. I just have this weird feeling, I can’t define it: is it love? Not sure. Is there any reflection? No result. Will it be forgiven? I don’t know. Can it be redeemed? Not sure. Just like Hannah’s vague concept of right and wrong, when she was brought to court as a Nazi war criminal, she seemed to be a child who only knew the truth and accidentally brought out a hurtful sentence. Even the survivors of the original concentration camp can’t describe Hannah’s strangeness. She seems kind, but she is indeed doing the most cruel thing. She takes special care of young and frail Jewish girls. She asks them to read to her, and then sends them to school Death Road, because a steady stream of people are sent in every day, and one of her duties is to make room for the newcomers. As a caretaker, she meticulously adheres to order and responsibility. She would rather watch hundreds of lives burn to death than go against the original intention of her profession. What she avoids is chaos, no matter how bloody the cost. She asked the judge, if it were you, what would you do?
  I think, is this the “collective unconscious” of the Germans?
  What is the charm of Hannah? Or, she was so infatuated by Misha just because she appeared in a Is there a special and pleasant time and place? Hannah, who was sitting on the court seat with a dull shape, still made Misha burst into tears. At this time, he was no longer a clumsy and enthusiastic little boy who could use all his sincere energy. Coming out to send flowers, write love poems, and the young man’s thoughts about pure love no longer exist, but he still seems to care a lot. How much do you care? How long do you care?
  I put countless question marks on “The Reader”, and finally found that there was no solution, and I could only come up with 8 words: the elephant is invisible, and the sound is loud.
  Some people also say that its invisible and hopeful voice is another form of incompleteness, including the decolorization of the Nazis, the war, and the trial. I’m not that deep, I’m just always wondering, which ones deserve to be highlighted? Which ones are worthy of the deepest sympathy and care? In a 124-minute movie, what truths can be clearly explained?
  Besides, back to Misha, he seems to be able to move forward as well. He approached other girls and finally chose one to marry, but I suspect that Hannah’s back is still stubbornly entrenched and haunted. Under the intervention of this ghost, Misha finally changed from “Young Werther” to a gloomy lawyer. Does he hurt?
  He continued to read aloud to her, and the tapes were sent to prison in boxes, while Hannah fell asleep with a voice in her arms. At that time, Misha was exiling the people around him one by one. Those women who are eager to enter the soul of Misha, his ex-wife, girlfriend, daughter, do they feel pain?
  And Hannah, she can numb the fact that she used to be the executioner for the SS, but only She thinks that she is innocent, but in order to keep this secret, she would rather spend her life slowly in prison. Hannah finally said: “It doesn’t matter how I feel. It doesn’t matter what I think. The dead will never come back to life.” Does her pain hurt?
  Everyone has pain in their heart, and these pains also It is never trivial because there are other greater and more pitiable pains in the world, and part of the reason why we are reluctant to tell our pains to hang out in the sun is to feel ashamed, that perhaps our own. Pain is not enough. But what others may seem to be insignificant pain, to ourselves, is still absolute, concrete, and enormous, an experience that is real and unique.
  So I thought of another word: redemption.
  ”Redemption” is a word I especially hate right now. This word is actually quite innocent, but it has been abused by too many hypocritical people, and it is redeemed at every turn, and it is also redeemed.
  Has Hannah ever thought of “redemption”? I guess she may not be so hypocritical or so literary. But Hannah in prison did give birth to another childish gesture: receiving Misha’s tape and hearing the voice read aloud again, she pressed the stop button in a panic, at a loss; she asked Misha to help She reads more romance novels; Misha sits across from her, and her first reaction is to stretch out her hand and say, “You little kid has grown up.” As for the final reaction of that hand is to withdraw it, it may make her feel that all forms of connection between the travelers who have traveled together have ended, and the road of redemption that is comforted in memory and worthy of fantasy has finally come to an end.
  Speaking of which, what do you still feel about “Homecoming”? I was really uncomfortable when the ending song sounded. In fact, life and death are just ordinary things, but what really makes people sigh and mind is the fact: here and now, We must say goodbye completely and travel separately from now on.